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How to Attain Enlightenment

Spiritual Enlightenment

Meditation For Enlightenment

Can enlightenment be attained?  Is there something that can be done to bring it about or are you altogether at the mercy of chance and luck?  Do you simply set the stage and wait, or can you be more proactive? In fact, can you be proactive to the point of actually bringing it about?  I think the answer is probably going to surprise some of you.  The answer is both.


No Mind No Thoughts Simplicity Meditation Technique

No Mind Meditation Technique

Insights from Advanced Meditation

Continuing with the series on Insights During Advanced Meditation Practice, I would like to provide the quote below that I noted after such a session.

No Mind, No Thoughts, Simplicity Meditation

Nothing is required of you.  This is the most important point to understand.  You need to do nothing, and not even that.

Simplicity is the absence of the cognitive mind.  We are constantly moving around in the complexity of the mind.  Simplicity is the rejection of this whole dimension.


Insight Meditation Tips – The Power of Urgency

Insight Meditation Tips

The Power of Urgency

Without a doubt, abiding passion is a cornerstone of a successful, longterm meditation practice, but not far behind in the list of requirements is the need for urgency as well.  It is almost as if the abiding passion creates the atmosphere for meditation to be practiced and then urgency, provides the necessary catalyst for insight to explode.


3 Simple Tips to Invite Enlightenment

3 Practical Tips for Enlightenment Experiences

Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

The vast majority of humans go through life without ever experiencing Reality beyond what the ordinary dualistic mind projects.  Bound tightly by the ego-centric mind, they live their entire life stuck in mediocrity, mostly struggling for this or that, while experiencing a few fleeting joys.  One of the things that I hope to accomplish on this website, is awaken in you a passion for the Supreme, for the highest, and to that end, I think having an enlightenment experience or two can go a long way.


Role of Money, Pleasure & Career in Spirituality

Money & Materialism on the Spiritual Path

Financial Security on the Spiritual Path

It is easy to get entangled in the endless pleasures of materialism.  The propaganda machine of commercialism is a finely tuned, highly developed and very effective system for getting you to believe that to be happy you must buy, buy, buy and have more, more, more.  Lately, even I was feeling it’s tentacles reaching closer and closer to me.  So what did I do… I did what any courageous, highly evolved, intelligent person would do… I ran away :-D.


Kundalini Awakening Symptoms

Symptoms of Kundalini Awakening 

Real Life Experiences & Descriptions of Kundalini Rising

Are you going through a kundalini awakening episode or experience?  Let’s find out… 

Kundalini awakening symptoms are truly a very intriguing subject.  Really there is no correct answer to the question, “What are the symptoms of Kundalini Rising?”, as thankfully, each of us is absolutely unique and thus, on a unique trajectory on the path to Kundalini Awakening.  That said, there are some common kundalini experiences that are often reported, which I would like to share with you in this article.


The Yogic Mind – The Perfected Mind

Summary:  In Kundalini Yoga the Yogic Mind, is called the fourth spiritual body, and for those of us drawn to meditation, this is the mind we look to have emerge and persist during our meditation practice and beyond.  This mind is also called the Neutral Mind and it’s development leads to enlightenment.

Insights from Advanced Meditation Practice

The Yogic Mind

This series is about insights that occur during advanced stages of Silent Mind Meditation.  These are insights that emerge due to direct perception of that which is taking place within the inner walls of the human mind.  The quote below are the notes put down after such meditation sessions.


The Secret to Enlightenment

Summary:  The mind is a shopping mall.  For the mind, it is always Black Friday.  There is always a great sale on within us and we are constantly buying into what is being offered.  You may be able to get out of the machinery of consumerism, but can you get out of the machinery of the mind and find enlightenment?  I will show you how. 

Insights from Advanced Meditation Practice



How to Discover Your Soul, Atman or Higher Self

Summary: Atman, Soul, Higher Self, Christ Consciousness, Buddha Nature is something you find referenced repeatedly in spiritual texts, but, how do you come to know this True aspect of yourself?  In this article we explore this very interesting question of how to realize and recognize your Divine Nature.

How to Discover Your Soul, Atman or Higher Self

Often times I receive some excellent questions from readers via email and as I set out to answer them (sometimes a few days later than I would have liked :-), I feel that the discussion would be well worth sharing with you all.  So I am starting this new series where I will share the answers I give to some of these terrific questions.


Insights From Advanced Zen Meditation Practice – The Mind is Useless

Summary: In this part of the insights from advanced Zen Meditation practice the futility with regard to trying solve the problem of desire with the instrument of the mind is discussed.  The mind and logic have inherent short comings which essentially render them useless when it comes to the question of freedom and enlightenment.