Powerful Lord Shiva Mantra | Mahamritunjay Mantra Free MP3 Download

Lord Shiva Mantra

Maha Mritunjay Mantra Free MP3 Download

Lord Shiva Picture
Lord Shiva Picture

Recently I launched the new mantras series, in which I bring you the greatest and most powerful mantras to help you with your spiritual growth and life evolution.  The first of these great mantras was of course, the Gayatri Mantra, considered the most powerful mantra from the Hindu Vedas.  Today I want to present to you another mantra which is of almost equal stature as the Gayatri Mantra, and is considered no less powerful.  It is the timeless and profound Mahamritunjay Mantra (Maha Mritunjay).  The mantra devoted to Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva is known as the Lord of Yoga, Lord of all Three Worlds (Bhuh, Bhuvah & Svahah) and he is also considered the Lord for those who are Jyana (Gyan) Yogis, or those who follow the yogic path of Insight & Intelligence.  This particular view of the One Lord, serves as a motivating and encouraging source for those who practice Yoga and Jyana Yoga in particular.  Lord Shiva is symbolically known as the Destroyer, and that which he destroys is of course ignorance (Avidya) and attachment to the false sense of separate self.  My love for Lord Shiva is obvious in the fact that my son is named Shivum .

The Mahamritunjay Mantra is a prayer in praise of Lord Shiva, requesting him to free us from disease, bondage, ignorance and attachment, and bless us with liberation and enlightenment.  The full benefits of this mantra are enumerated in the “Benefits” section below.

Picture of Shiva
Picture of Lord Shiva


Mahamritunjay Lord Shiva’s Mantra

Tryambakam Yajamahe
Sugandhim Pushti Vardhanam
Urvarukamiva Bandhanat
Mrytyor Muksheeya Mamritat

Although there are several interpretations of this mantra, with subtle differences between each, the one that I like most is the following…

Mahamritunjay Mantra English Translation

O Great Three Eyed Lord of All Worlds. You are the sweet fragrance of life.  You are the creator and sustainer.  Free us from the terrible diseases of ignorance, attachment and weakness.  Deliver us from the cycle of birth and death to freedom and ultimate liberation.

You can get more information and translations at the Mahamritunjay Mantra Wiki Page as well.

Benefits of Mahamritunjay Mantra:

This mantra has been known for ages to bestow the following benefits.  In short, it is the mantra for protection, health and liberation.

  • Cures diseases, heals and bestows optimum health.
  • Protects one from accidents and misfortunes.
  • Offers protection from negative forces, both seen and unseen.
  • Helps one breaks free from attachments, destroys ignorance and reveals the True Nature of Reality.
  • Helps one conquer the fear of death.
  • Delivers one from the cycle of birth and death to freedom and liberation.

1. Mahamritunjay Mantra MP3 Download:

Here is the Lord Shiva’s Mantra chanted by yours truly.  I was not able to commission my wife this time, but I plan to and I will upload her beautiful voice soon as well.  Till then you are just going to have to live with what I can do .  [Got Her – Uploaded Now ]

Right click link below and chose “Save Link As…” to save to your computer.  Traditionally a mala (bead necklace) is used to chant this mantra.  The mala has 108 beads and this mantra is chanted 108 times using the beads to keep count.

Free Mahamritunjay Mantra MP3 Download

(Chanted by Anmol)

Free Powerful Mahamritunjay Mantra MP3 Download 

(Chanted by Trupti) 

2. Mahamritunjay Mantra Video:

Here is also an excellent Mahamritunjay Mantra video from YouTube which I really like….

Lord Shiva Mahamrituyjay Mantra Video

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  1. miheer
    miheer says:

    hi it is miheer again.Sorry for the questions.But please include in your answers to me how to increase intelligence and to remove schizophrenia via yoga postures or any other method.Thank you.

  2. miheer
    miheer says:

    hi there Anmol and Trupti.I must thank you guys for suggesting the exercises for entity removal.The eagle pose and aura poses are quite powerful and i already feel a big difference in only two days.I hope that my prayers will be answered.Can you nominate a time period as to when the entity will leave? Also,your jesus pose says that it can remove others karmic debt.Can i nominate my parents or is it just general population debt removal.Also, what postures can stimulate hair growth on head and beautiful skin on the face.Please reply.I thank you guys once again.

  3. miheer
    miheer says:

    what can be done to remove an evil spirit from your body.Also, how can one protect oneself from it ever returning. Please help as i had this thing from childhood.

    Thank you

  4. vikram singh
    vikram singh says:


    i want to know is there any difference between marityunjay & mahamarityunjay mantra… and i am not able to download from above link… kindly help me


  5. partho
    partho says:


    Do you have kaal sarpa mantra, would it be possible for you to send it to my mail ID.Thanks Parho

  6. Manish
    Manish says:

    This Mantra is very powerful to destroy any kinds of black magic if recited regularly in night upto 40 days:
    “Hung Hanumate Rudratmakaye haung Phat swaha.”

  7. Meera
    Meera says:

    Thank you so much for this mantra.i love lord shiva. who ever is running this website would be blessed by lord shiva.I’m having so much of problems in my life only he’s helping me to come over it.pray him all the time truly he’ll answer any of you.

  8. sharad
    sharad says:

    hi myself sharad , I am web solutions provider , I liked this mantra and the site . If anyone want this type of site or anyone want me to re-design such website it will be my pleasure . thanks once again .. OM NAMAH SHIVAYA


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