lower back side plank

Strengthen Lower Back with Side Plank Pose

If you are keen on strengthening your lower back, toning your abdominals and developing core energy, then Side Plank Pose is an exercise that must be part of your yoga routine.  To learn this very helpful pose watch the video below.

Recently I uploaded a video for Yoga Plank Pose, which challenged you to do this excellent exercise for 1 minute as a test of core and lower back strength. I got mixed reviews regarding your success, but hopefully you are all inspired and are still working at it to build up to the 1 minute mark, which is a good benchmark for evaluating your level.  Side Plank is from the same family of yoga poses and can even be considered a variation of plank.

If you found Plank Pose challenging, you will certainly find side plank more difficult to do. That though should not deter you from including this asana into your practice. Side plank is very unique in that it works on the side abdominal muscles and really helps improve the strength of your lower back and hip muscles.

lower back side plank

These areas are not ordinarily engaged and, especially for those suffering from lower back pain, working on these muscles can provide enormous relief. Of course for those looking to tone and strengthen their abs, and develop a slim waist and a 6 pack, this pose is a must do.

Unlike normal plank pose, you should hold side plank pose for less time as it is more difficult to do. I would suggest starting out with whatever you can do and building up to 30 seconds. From there you can push to 1 minute and if you are really keen to work your obliques and lower back, you can work your way up to 3 minutes.

Important to hold your body up as you do this pose and not let it sag. If you are new to the pose take frequent breaks as well and be sure to switch sides between the iterations.

Beginner’s should do long deep breathing while holding the posture, if they get dizzy just switch to normal breathing. Others can practice Breath of Fire while holding the pose, to increase the intensity of the asana.

Side Plank position is a key yoga pose, and is part of most schools of yoga.  Here on Mastery of Meditation & Yoga, it will be part of the following 2 free online e-books: Free Hatha Yoga Poses & Online Kundalini Yoga Exercises.

Side Yoga Plank for Lower Back Strength:

a. Instructions for practicing  Side Plank Pose:

  • As demonstrated in the video, support yourself on your elbow, which is directly underneath your shoulder, and your feet which are close together.  You should be facing sideways.
  • For side plank pose be sure to keep your body in a straight line, like I have demonstrated.  Don’t allow the hips to sag.
  • There are also the two typical eye position variations.  You can keep the eyes open and fix your gaze steadily at a point in front of you (typical of Hatha Yoga), or you can do this pose with your eyes closed (kundalini yoga).
  • Breathing is normal, except if you are doing a particular Kundalini Yoga Kriya, which might require you to do Breath of Fire while holding Side Plank Pose.

b. Duration Side Yoga Plank Pose:

  • 10 seconds – 3minutes / per side.  Alternate each side and do 3 cycles total.

c. Benefits of Side Yoga Plank Pose:

  • Strengthens your lower back.
  • Develops your core strength and obliques (side abdominal muscles).
  • Strengthens and repairs your hip joints.
  • Helps alleviate lower back pain.
  • Good for improving your nervous system.

d. Practice Tips for Side Plank Pose:

  • This pose is harder than normal plank pose, so keep that in mind as you develop your capacity.
  • If you have a back injury be sure to over strain as this is a challenging pose to do.

Side Plank Pose for Strengthening Lower Back

YouTube Direct Link –> https://youtu.be/_ExVi06-shM

Please do share with those suffering from lower back pain or those working on jobs where they have to sit for long periods of time.  Side plank pose is a must do for them.

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