1 Minute Stress Buster | So Hum Mantra Meditation Video

If you are looking for a potent stress buster, then you must try this timeless meditation technique.  It is called So Hum Mantra Meditation and just 1 minute of doing this wonderful exercise is enough to rapidly reduce stress and bestow deep mental and emotional peace.

As this meditation can be done anywhere and anytime, you can use to reduce stress and anxiety whenever required.  

So Mantra Meditation for Stress ReliefResearch has shown that periodically reducing stress throughout the day is one of the best ways to prevent the wide range of issues that chronic stress can cause.  So taking a 1 minute stress buster break is a great way to feel relaxed, rejuvenated, centered, calm and ready for taking on the next challenge.

So Hum Mantra Meditation, uses mantra, mindfulness, breath and mudra to work it’s stress relief magic.  You don’t have to apply the mudra to benefit.  Simply do the mantra and breath awareness, and in 1 minute you should feel Stress Free :-).

You can get more details about So Hum Mantra Meditation in the following article – here.

Stress Buster So Hum Meditation

So Hum Meditation for Stress Relief Video:

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1 Minute Stress Buster:

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As I have been doing lately, I am providing the transcript of the video along with the video itself.  That way you can either watch the video or read the transcript.  You will find the full transcript below the video.  Choices are good :-).

Practice the following meditation for 1 minute.

Stress Busting Technique – So Hum Mantra Meditation

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Transcript for Stress Busting So Hum Mantra Meditation:

So Hum Introduction:

Namaste, my friends!

Welcome to the ongoing video series here on Anmolmehta.com. So, are you feeling a little stressed out today? Are you feeling a little anxious?  Do you have too many worries going on in your mind? We have the perfect antidote for these conditions and it is so effective that just about one minute of doing this particular mantra meditation is sufficient in helping you calm down, helping you de-stress and bestowing peace and tranquillity.

How to Practice So Hum for Stress Relief:

So, let’s get right to it.  I want you to sit up nice and straight, whether you’re sitting cross legged or on a chair does not matter, I want you to come into Gyan Mudra, which is to have your index finger and thumb tips meeting.  The other three fingers are pointing straight ahead.  You can rest your wrists gently on your knees, have your spine nice and straight, and you’re going to close your eyes for this meditation and do all the breathing through the nose.

As you inhale, you’re going to think the sound “soooo”, and as you exhale you’re gone think the sound “hummm”, so you’re going to chant mentally, So-hum, So-hum.  As you inhale slowly and deeply, and as you exhale completely.  Again, you’re simply chanting mentally.

What this particular mantra means is “I am that” and by “that” or “thou” it is referring to the Universal Consciousness.  That you and Universal Consciousness are indeed one and the same.  Therefore drop your worries, drop your stressing, drop your anxiety and merge with infinite consciousness.

Keep your abdomen, nice and relaxed. Breathe with your diaphragm as you do the slow, deep breaths, chanting “Soooo” on the inhalation and “Hummmm” on the exhalation.  Let’s do that together now.

It is absolutely wonderful technique. Keep that in your toolbox.  Whip it out whenever you need to relax, de-stress, and feel peace and calm.

1 Minute Stress Buster So Hum Conclusion:

Do try this meditation for 1 minute and see how it works for you.  Besides being a potent stress buster, So Hum of course bestows a wealth of other benefits.  It is great for developing concentration, promoting self-healing and helping one realize their True Divine Nature.  If you plan to make So Hum your fundamental meditation practice, then you should build up to 20 minute sessions.

Do share your experiences with others in the comments section below.

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