Survey Results: What Do Relationships Need Most?

Relationship Research

A few weeks ago we ran the interesting survey “What is the Most Important Trait You Look for in a Partner?”  Today I want to share these results with you and here they are…


Survey Results
Value Count Percent %
Kind/Loving 24 68.57%
Sense of Humor 6 17.14%
Intelligent 4 11.43%
Good Looking 1 2.86%


As you can see from the above, Kind and Loving was the overwhelming choice of readers when deciding what was the most important trait in a partner and here is an interesting way to look at these results.

What Do Relationships Need

If Kind and Loving are indeed what most people want in a partner, I guarantee that if you embrace these two traits, your CURRENT relationship will improve dramatically.  What the survey is telling us is that we are looking for partners who are compassionate and nice, and if you are having a difficult time in any relationship, just try this approach.  Consciously be kind, loving, affectionate, forgiving and giving.  It is very likely that your partner will all of sudden feel that they are indeed very lucky to be in a relationship with you and this approach can transform the entire complexion of your relationship.

In the article, 5 Principles for Living an Enlightened and Good Life, affection was principle number 3, and in that article I indicated that the real challenge of being nice, was to be nice when things were tough.  So see if with your partner, spouse, children, colleagues, friends, and enemies too , you can be nice regardless of how difficult it is.  That is the basis of Loving Kindness Meditation and the basis of living a Godly life. 

To understand more about the power of forgiveness and love, read The Time I Met God – Good News and Bad News

PS: Due to a technical problem I had to take the original survey article offline.  Hopefully I will have this corrected in time for the next survey .  Thanks for your understanding.

PPS: I am currently making some technical changes to the blog as well.

1. I am removing some of my stat collectors as the site is now too big and there is too much traffic for the product I was using .  This should help the performance and loading speed.

2. I am finally trying to fix the pop-up for the newsletter subscription that would come up too often.  Hopefully this will make your stay here on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga more enjoyable.

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3 replies
  1. Matt
    Matt says:

    Sometimes I think about participating in Yoga on a regular basis…How would I find out if the instructor is qualified and whether or not he or she believes Yoga can supplement one’s spiritual practices…Is there a website I could check out for references or reviews?

  2. Debra
    Debra says:

    Hi everyone,

    I didn’t see the survey when it was first presented and therefore did not participate but I am very happy to read the results. It seems we are a community of like minded people. I would have prioritized the four qualities in the same order that the survey reflects that you do. Not superficial folks here! Anmol, notice who is attracted to your wisdom and thank you for bringing us all together.

    Best, Debra


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