Introduction To Guided Meditation & Kundalini Yoga Class Syllabus – Course #101

Online Meditation and Kundalini Yoga Class

Introduction to Guided Meditation and Kundalini Yoga Class – Course #101

Welcome everybody to the  Free Online Introduction to Guided Meditation and Kundalini Yoga ClassAll the material for this class is available via the links on this post and you can start anytime you wish.  The course covers 2 weeks, but you are of course welcome to continue on.  In this post I will provide the class objectives, class details, course syllabus and participation guidelines.  Please read through everything carefully so you will be able to get maximum benefit from the class.   I am glad you all have taken advantage of this opportunity to deepen your spiritual practice and I hope you will make full use of it.  There is, without a doubt, no material equivalent to the rewards that this path bestows.

To register please just leave a comment on this post that you are going to start the course or just send me an email at so I know what kind of participation there is.

Guided Meditation

You can read the original post here (Free Online Guided Meditation and Kundalini Yoga Class) for when the class was first introduced.  Please note that the class is now ongoing and you can start anytime.  I and other experienced practitioners will field all questions and issues on this feedback post in the comments section below.

PLEASE ALSO READ THE FAQ below.  It addresses many of the common questions about the online classes:

FAQ For Free Online Guided Meditation & Kundalini Yoga Classes

Class Objectives:

  1. Pranayama Breathing exercises to build your energy and awareness.
  2. Kundalini Yoga Kriyas for an overall workout and building your core abdominal strength.
  3. Guided Meditation Techniques to promote peace, joy and insight.

Class Details:

Class Structure: 

Each class/session will consist of 3 sections: Breathing exercises (pranayama), Kundalini Yoga Kriyas (sets) and Guided Meditation Practice.  There are a wide range of students participating, from beginners to experienced yoga practitioners, so the exercises are designed to allow you to pace yourself.  The total time will be 45 minutes / day.  Most important, walk the middle path with regard to each session.  DO NOT OVERDO OR OVER STRAIN and at the same time don’t have it be excessively easy either.

Required Reading:

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga
10 Important Guidelines to Kundalini Yoga Practice
Legal Disclaimer

Course Syllabus:

The following describes the 3 sections comprising the 45 minute daily yoga and meditation session for week 1 and week 2.  The approximate total times for each section and set are also given.  Take more rest if you need to, or if you feel comfortable do the poses and exercises a little longer within the alloted time.  Each breathing exercise, Kundalini Yoga Kriya and Guided Meditation technique below is a link to the article with all the details you need.

Week 1: Each day of the first week do the following…

Breathing Exercises Section (Pranayama):  Total time 5 Minutes

Kundalini Yoga Section:  Total time 20 minutes

Guided Meditation Section:  Total time 20 minutes

Week 2: Each day of the second week do the following…

Breathing Exercises Section (Pranayama):  Total time 5 Minutes

Kundalini Yoga Section:  Total time 20 minutes

Guided Meditation Section:  Total time 20 minutes

Participation Guidelines

Following are the guidelines which I suggest we follow…

  • Please post all comments, questions and feedback of a public nature in the comments section of this post.  This way all will benefit from the discussion.  Feel free to ask questions or discuss issues, as that is one of the main reasons for this particular class format.  Of course, you are free to email me as well if you would like the discussion to not be public.
  • If you like, you can indicate with a comment that you have completed your daily session.  Could be as short as “did it”, or of course could be questions, issues or more detailed feedback.  The hardest part with a daily yoga and meditation practice is establishing consistency and regularity and I think having to acknowledge that you completed your daily sadhana (spiritual work) will help in facilitating that.  In addition, your comments could inspire others as well. 
  • I will post all information regarding the class in the comments section below as well, so please check periodically for updates.
  • Before starting your daily yoga and meditation session, take a moment and tune in to your higher self for guidance and protection.  At the end of every session, visualize yourself and the world as you would like it to be.
  • Do the best you can and modify the class as you require.  It is more important to do something, than be overwhelmed or not do anything at all.
  • I wish you all a wonderful learning and transforming experience.

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436 replies
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  1. Johann Edward Strerath
    Johann Edward Strerath says:

    Good morning Abnol. I found your introductory videos on u-tube about opening 3rd eye chakra very enlightening. I want to start this course in order to gain spiritual matureness, happiness and wealth. I am convinced that your material will guide me to reach my objectives, which I am deeply greatful for.
    Best Regards,

  2. Amechi Nwosu
    Amechi Nwosu says:

    I have started this class and am looking forward to the benefits and the flexibility that come also thank you for the assistants!!!

  3. Koko
    Koko says:

    Great site. I have spent about 4 hours looking through it today. I plan to start this course tomorrow morning. I look forward to it.

  4. Nathan Plumb
    Nathan Plumb says:

    Hi Anmol, I have read every thing I can about this class and I believe that if Kundalini Yoga is as greatly beneficial as meditation has been for me than it will be a wonderful addition to my sadhana. I have let go of my addictions a few weeks ago with the help of meditation and I look at every thing much differently than I used to. I am 100% devoted to these spiritual practices and am ready to progress on my journey. I also just want to say that this site is one of the best, truthful, and most extensive I have ever been to. I really appreciate the knowledge you’ve made available here, thanx so much.

  5. steve bickel
    steve bickel says:

    Hi Anmol,

    I am looking for yogis to be in meditation and Kundalini videos. Your site is nice. I was wondering if you live near me in california?


    Yoga Video and DVD guy at

  6. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hey Chis,

    1. Absolutely, the Navel center responds best when attacked by a variety of approaches. Nabhi Kriya is certainly also very good for developing this center.

    2. The course has other meditations designed for doing after the set, so I placed SCK before. If you are just doing a physical kriya and SCK, you can end w/ SCK and then rest up.

    If you can sit for longer periods they you can do set, SCK, rest, then other meditations given above as well.

    Great having your input on the website.


  7. Chris C
    Chris C says:

    Hey Anmol,

    thank you for this glorious website.

    I have a few questions regarding morning sadhana:

    1. What do you think about a day to day shift between Nabhi Kriya and your “Core Abdominal Power Yoga Exercise” for attacking the Nabhi Ckakra?

    2. Is it not better to do Sodarshan Chakra Kriya after the Kundalini Yoga Set?

    (My SCK practice is around 11min)

    Kind Regards,

    Chris C

  8. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi Amy,

    Were you doing Breath of Fire with some of the exercises? If so that can take some time to master. 2 suggestions…

    1. Stop Breath of Fire and switch to normal breathing if you feel dizzy. Slowly work Breath of Fire into the exercises. For exercises w/o Breath of Fire make sure you are tune the inhalation and exhalation down a bit till you become more comfortable.

    2. Slow down and do less at first and build up slowly.

    Although it is understandable you are feeling a little dizzy, I would rather you modify the breathing and intensity to a level where you don’t feel dizzy and then work your way up from there.

    Your capacity will improve rapidly over time though, it always does so don’t worry about that, just go at a comfortable pace initially.

    Let me know your progress.


  9. Amy
    Amy says:


    I just watched the spinal warm-up video and followed along and had one question – most of the exercises caused me to feel light-headed or dizzy, is this normal for a beginner? Is it possible I was doing something wrong?

    I’m really interested in doing the 101 class. Thank you for posting all of this information!


  10. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi Beth,

    Hope you found everything to be clear. If not please feel free to ask any questions you run into. Any other feedback is also most welcome.

    All Good Wishes,

  11. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hey Charly,

    Yes, the blog and classes certainly do require a lot of love and attention… glad though to see others finding this resource and taking advantage of it. Let me know how the class is working out for you.


  12. Beth
    Beth says:

    Thank you for your efforts in making this material available to all.
    Today, I have prepared myself to begin the course, printing out the materials which I will need to follow along, as well as reviewing the videos to ensure that I understand the proper procedures.
    As it is already noon time, and I have much yet to accomplish today, my intention is to begin this practice tomorrow morning.

    Again, I thank you and bless you for sharing your gifts.

    Learning to fly with the angels daily,

  13. Corinna
    Corinna says:

    Hi Anmol,

    I would like to join class 101. Thanks for providing all this great information!

    Best wishes,



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