Ten Gifts to Buy a Friend That Meditates

by guest author Geeta Yadav, The Art of Living Foundation

Gifts bring a smile to our face, a sparkle to our eyes and usher us to live the beautiful moment fully. Once the gift unfolds amidst childlike excitement; we feel on top of the world. Amazingly we are in the present moment with a gift in our hands. We cradle not the gift but the moment that gave us sheer joy. Perhaps this is the reason that a gift is also called a present.

My spiritual friend would wave off all my good intentions to buy a gift for him with, “Nature caters to all our need but not greed.”

Although his thoughts formed the solid bed rock of my life but still I researched enough to know what would bring a smile to my friend’s face. Here are some suggestions that may help you do the same.

Gift #1: A Bell

Yes! Although this may sound strange but when the bell chimes it makes us forget the clutter in our mind for a moment. In temples we ring the bell because it brings us to the present moment. This is done in many spiritual centres before seekers begin with a meditation session or group meditation. So if you gift a bell to your meditator friend, they can experience the peace at home.

Gift #2: Meditation Lamp

There are many types of meditation lamps, but a unique gift is a two piece punched lamp. A lit candle is kept at the base of the lamp and the open top is covered with a small pot that contains water. Few drops of aroma oils create an ambience and bring in relaxation.

Gift #3: Fragrances

Fragrances are mystic in nature and dwell in our subconscious minds as memories of people, religious places like temples, mazars and even churches. Nowadays scented candles are a lot in vogue. You may buy a diffuser, perfumed candles, incense sticks or simply aroma oils. If lavender arrests stress then sandalwood belongs to the divine and is a guide that helps in enlightenment. Bay and lemon grass deal with removal of negativity and purify. 

Gift #4: Meditation Cushions

We need to ensure a good erect posture as we sit to meditate. Here comes the coveted role of a soft meditation cushion. You may personalize it with embroidered initials of your friend’s name or paint ‘Ohm’ to make it meaningful. 

Gift #5: Meditation Books

Meditators are essentially seekers of knowledge. A book from a spiritual master like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of the Art of Living becomes a guide for the seeker. There are many reflective discourses by him.  The Space Within by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is truly inspiring. You can keep yourself updated with the latest on meditation by subscribing to  the monthly Rishimukh magazine, published by the Art of Living Foundation. 

Gift #6: Meditation Mat

Yoga makes meditation deeper especially if it precedes meditation. For this a Roll out and roll in mat makes the experience comfortable and enjoyable.  One can even opt for a soft mat that can be folded and kept aside.  Mats serve a two-in-one purpose as they promise physical and mental well being when used daily. 

Gift #7: Sahaj Samadhi Course

Sponsoring a meditation course to a stressed out buddy is perhaps the best virtue in action. It’s like a life time key to good mental health and quality life. The Art of Meditation Course (traditionally known as Sahaj Samadhi Meditation) is a simple yet most effective way to make a journey within to realize the beauty of the self and life. It is a mantra based meditation. It is an effortless way to de-stress and get rid of uncomfortable queasy feelings that accompany jet lag or a sleepless night. 

Gift #8: A Meditation Shawl

Who wouldn’t like the warmth and comfort of a soft cashmere shawl while meditating? It is like being enveloped with a cozy sheath that helps to slip into deep meditation.  

Gift #9: A Guided Meditation CD

A guided meditation CD promises the heavenly experience in our comfort zone. You can gift your friend CDs that introduce the world of peace through meditation. 

Gift #10: A Sponsored Spiritual Journey

This is an exciting journey that promises great ambience in the lap of nature and takes a person to a spiritual destination. It promises an inward journey that introduces us to peace and happiness. 

Happy Gifting

Anmol: If you have other good meditation gift ideas do share them with us in the comments section below.

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  1. Debashis
    Debashis says:

    Interesting. Anything that helps a seeker along his/her path (while not making him too comfortable to meditate!) should be welcome. I esp. like # 5 (books), #7 (course) & #10 (tour).


  2. Ravisha
    Ravisha says:

    Interesting to know that we have so many things to gift our meditator friend. I would mostly fall out of choice to buy something for my friends but this gives me just the right advice.
    Thanks :)


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