The GOLDEN Rule for a Happy Life

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” – Aristotle

The secret and golden rule of being happy is discovering the gift you have been blessed with and living it without concern for security and safety.

golden rule to lead a happy life

Despite being one of the most desired goal in human life, happiness might seem elusive to some. We often get deluded thinking a nice job, a plush house or a new car is enough to make us truly happy. However, it’s the living of your passion which brings true deep happiness.

There are numerous messages about life, peace and happiness out there available to all of us, but the answer lies within us.  It is not about achieving goals or chasing outward rewards, it is about being true to our purpose and living the life we were meant to live.

Below the video I have provided the entire transcript as well, in case you prefer to read the transcript to watching the video.  Choices are always good :-).

The GOLDEN Rule for a Happy Life

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Transcript for The GOLDEN Rule for a Happy Life:

Namaste, my friends!

Today, I want to share a bit of wisdom with you to help you live a joyful and meaningful life and that piece of wisdom is that it is imperative that you discover your gift, discover your true passion.

Each one of us has this gift, has this passion, and then you find the courage to go ahead and live that passion. This will allow you to live your life independent of society because you would have discovered doing something for its own sake, you would have discovered something of your very own and you will not need the results and rewards of society in order to find joy and peace, for your joy, peace, and happiness will just simply come from doing.

If you do not discover this and you live for simply the rewards that society has to offer, fame, power, material rewards, prestige, etc., you will forever end in discontent, for those things are all junk. For a time, a brief time, they will satisfy you and then you will seek more again and seek more again, and it will be a never-ending cycle of just feeling deficient and just simply seeking. You must notice this in your own lives, that no matter what you have achieved is still trying to achieve more and more and more.

The way out of this cycle, the way to live a life that is meaningful, joyous, and full, is to discover your talent, discover your true passion and live it regardless of what society says, live it regardless of whether it reaps rewards or whether it makes you rich or whether it makes you powerful, etc. Just find it and give your life to it and see what happens. This way you will have no regrets when you reflect back on your life and you would have sung the song you were meant to sing.

Thank you, everybody. God bless you all.


We may succumb to pressure, we may get over-worked, we may feel over-stressed, and so do you. The intricacies of life cannot be handled single-handedly without batting an eye. But you can embrace the most simple rules for a happy life and make sure we keep on improving and developing further. Living life is all about examining it through a proper reason, which is undoubtedly nature’s greatest gift to humanity.

It’s simple, you must make sure that you don’t get so caught up in making a living that you forget to live your life.

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