Video of the Greatest Devotional Vedic Mantra (Prayer)

Summary: My lovely wife, Trupti, sings my favorite devotional mantra, Tvameva Mata in both Sanskrit and English for you.  This mantra is perhaps the greatest devotional and gratitude mantra coming from the ancient Hindu scriptures, the Vedas.  Enjoy the videos.

For as long as I can remember I have loved the following devotional and gratitude Mantra.  It is called Tvameva Mata and ever since I first heard it, it has been a part of my daily prayers.  In my opinion, it is one of the greatest devotional mantras and still today, whenever I hear it sung with love, it gives me the chills.

The origins of Tvameva Mata lie in the ancient Hindu scriptures, the Vedas, and it is frequently chanted at the end of Hindu prayers (havan).  This mantra essentially, praises the Lord as being everything.  It is a beautiful prayer and for those looking to incorporate gratitude and devotion into their heart and lives, you may wish to try this mantra for yourself.

Here is the original Sanskrit version of this mantra, below that I have provided the English translation.

Greatest Devotional

Sanskrit Version of Tvameva Mata: 

Tvameva mata cha pita tvameva,
Tvameva badhu scja sakha tvameva.
Tvameva vidya dravinam tvameva,
Tvameva sarvam mama deva devah.

English Translation of Tvameva Mata:

You are the mother, you are the father,
You are the family, you are the friend.
You are all wisdom, you are all treasure,
You are my everything, My Lord My Lord.

Below are 2 videos of Tvameva Mata mantra being sung, one in the original Sanskrit and one in English.  Don’t fear, I am not singing it :-P.  In fact, you are all in for a special treat, as I managed to wrestle my lovely and talented wife away from our two little boys, just long enough for her to sing this amazing mantra for you all.

I hope you all enjoy this mantra as much as I do.

Trupti Mehta
Trupti Mehta


Video of Tvameva Mata Mantra
Sanskrit Version

Sung by Trupti Mehta


Video of Tvameva Mata Mantra
English Version

Sung by Trupti Mehta

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  1. jimmy C utom
    jimmy C utom says:

    Thank You for a wonderful website! I’ve been learning yoga for 10 years now. Haven’t quite get the mind-body-spiritual connection right yet.
    You have my fan vote here in East Jakarta, Indonesia.
    God Bless You

  2. rk
    rk says:

    Hi.. Thanks for this informative article. I really liked it. I also came across this similar site with nice articles and videos on vedic prinicples –

  3. Rakesh
    Rakesh says:

    Namaskar Anmol Ji,
    This is a pleasure to see how beautifully you are bringing back our old heritage and culture to the common people like us. The simple way you are educating us with these powerful yoga techniques is beyond words. I am greatly moved by your act in today’s world when most of have become materialistic.
    I pray to GOD for you and your family to have health, happiness and peace so that you continue to guide us.

  4. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi Avni,

    My two little boys are also being taught this prayer. The fact that it is daddy’s favorite means they have little choice :-D… actually they love putting on a show for us.

    Will certainly be working on getting Trupti to do more mantras for us in ’09.


  5. AVNI
    AVNI says:

    Hi Anmol…

    I m soo touched to find this prayer here! As a child a remember reciting with my parents, not that i m too old now:D. But yes, unfortunately the fast pace of my life, took me away from this prayer. And now, as I hear it…i feel connected to my roots again. Thanks again:)and please tell Trupti, She has a very warm voice:).we’d like to hear more of her as well…
    Will make sure, tomorrow first thing is to teach my daughers.. ‘Twamev Maata…’.


  6. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Dear Vikram,

    Thank you for your kind words, which are so very encouraging and inspiring.

    You are spot on with regard to both, your view on Hinduism and specially with regard to this Mantra. It is absolutely a prayer of surrender, and to this day is my favorite mantra :-D.

    I certainly plan on providing more mantras and videos of them and be on the lookout for these in the very near future.

    All Good Wishes,

  7. vikram
    vikram says:

    dear Anmol, you r doing really wonderful job of spreading the indian treasure of real knowledge throughout the world via your website!!

    really wonderful and quite helpful to all who go through your site once, get to understand the mostly hidden aspects/ secrets of hinduism [ which is not a religion or cult, instead it is a constantly flowing stream of good thoughts expressed by rishis, maharishis and saints in last thousands of years] in its real sense.. let me say nobody goes back empty handed and empty minded!!

    carry on Anmol!!

    one request, pls. provide such good ancient mantras on your site. in fact, the prayer you have shown here is the real prayer of total surrender [of your ego] to Lord Almighty – the Creator, Sustainer and Saviour of multi millions of universes and the beauty is that it can be done by the followers of other religions also being most beneficial prayer if done with full faith in the heart keeping the image of jesus, mohammed, buddha or krishna, whatever religion or cult you believe in, with guaranteed results.

    may God bless you always,


  8. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hey Marthi,

    I have managed to convince her to make some more… she coincidently showed up right when I was reading your comments too. I think you made her day :-D.

    Thanks a lot for your support and love.


  9. Marthi
    Marthi says:

    Hi Anmol,

    You are truly a blessed man to be of such beautiful origins. I always wished I could sing like this. =) And to your wife Trupti, please tell her she is also so blessed because it sounds like she has much love. Oh and tell her Thank You for doing this for us! :) God Bless

  10. shobha
    shobha says:

    During the time period between studying, I was able to relax my thoughts, just by knowing that God is there for me (a teenager’s reaction to listening to this devotional Mantra). We watched this video together as a family and have enjoyed it a lot. It is sung with tons of devotion and love.


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