reasons to meditate

Why Meditate? The Only Reason to Meditate

Why Meditate?  There are undoubtedly enormous benefits to meditation and all these are of course reasons for taking up the practice, but meditation is far more important than you realize, and the real reason for meditating is something that may not have occurred to you yet. In the video below we will explore this most important reason for meditating and why it should be the primary reason for taking up this profound science.

The common benefits of meditating include the following:

    • Enlightenment
    • Greater joy and peace
    • De-stress and induce relaxation
    • Health, healing and well-being
    • Greater intelligence and better brain
    • Greater awareness and mindfulness
    • Increased concentration and mental focus
    • Better sleep
    • Psychic Powers

reasons to meditate

But believe it or not, none of the above are the real answer to the question, Why Meditate? And furthermore once you deeply understand why you must meditate, you will also be highly inspired to take up this practice and will realize the urgency of doing so. In addition, this understanding will itself transform you into the being that you might be hoping meditation will help you become.

Before jumping into the video, I do want to point out that such discussions are not casual. We are going to address a very important topic and one that has tremendous implication for humanity and our future. So it is important to be in the right frame of mind for such an exploration.

You will have to be at your best and ready to do the hard work needed to understand difficult teachings such as this. You will have to have energy and be sharp so we can journey together into this topic. Although understanding the subject intellectually will be of some value, if you can really see and feel such truths for yourself, then they are transformative in themselves. Then the very knowledge and your perception has the power to change you directly and spontaneously.

So together let us journey into this question “Why Meditate?” and discover for ourselves the Truth behind the answer…

Why Meditate – The One and Only Reason to Meditate

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Now that you are understand the importance and urgency of meditating, here is a free online collection of meditation techniques to get you started and also, you will find a free online meditation class here.  Please do share with others so we can transform ourselves and the world.

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9 replies
  1. Karla Stennett
    Karla Stennett says:

    Hi, Anmol and thanks for giving us reasons to meditate on an everyday basis. I have purchased a crystal from here and it helps to relax the overactive mind, attain calmed emotions, and achieve deep sleep. I am in love with it. I will meditate every morning because I have got an instinct that mediation and my crystal will make a great pair and give me a lot of solace to live with.

  2. Missy
    Missy says:

    Yes, we must escape the mind (the “mined” information) which presents itself as the Truth, but is just a movie production that makes no money, makes just inescapable suffering to listen to it’s insanity of “mined” rocks of despair. Escape the time essence and we can escape the mental meanderings and lies of the mind.

  3. Gary Faber
    Gary Faber says:

    Greetings Anmol
    Yes! A sovereign being free of the collective human conditioned mind requires deep investigation, inquiry and 24/7 meditation is elevated to non-thinking self aware consciousness. You are correct that enlightenment and deep peace are by-products of this divine grace. Thank you for encouraging other to go deeper into seeing the light of divine consciousness as their true essential being. Great blessings to you.


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