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It has been a few months since I ran the last carnival here on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga and boy it is great to see the wonderful response with so many great entries below .  I am especially happy at seeing so many of my fellow spiritual and personal development blogger friends again and I hope your blogs and websites are doing well.  You all have so much wonderful wisdom and inspiration to offer and below is just a small sample of all the wonderful work that is out there.

I invite my readers to browse the selection below and visit these great websites and blogs.  You will be find a huge variety of great knowledge and information, which I am sure will help you in your journey in reaching your highest human potential.

mind full of thoughts


I am happy to report that Mastery of Meditation and Yoga has developed into one of the most popular yoga, meditation and spiritual sciences blog on the internet and is considered a high authority site by Google (PR5) and other search engines now.  So I would like to extend a hand of friendship to all my blogging friends out there and invite you to become guest authors on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga if you like.

If you are interested in submitting a guest post on the blog, please insure it meets the criteria below.

1. Must be an original post, not one that you have already posted or submitted elsewhere.

2. Must be related to the topics of this blog.  Which are Yoga, Meditation, Non-Duality, Zen, Ayurveda, Enlightenment, New-Age, etc.

3. Should not be an advert, product promotion or press release or anything like that.  It should be an article that adds value to the life of those who read it.

4. Needless to say, it should be of the highest quality.

All guest posts will of course be given full credit including links back to their website.  Currently there are nearly 10,000 RSS readers and 300,000+ Pageviews/Month for AnmolMehta.Com, so you will be able to reach a wide audience, get great link-love and increase your website traffic.  If you are interested please email me at anmol@anmolmeht.com.

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Below, in addition to the great yoga and meditation articles, you will find lots of information on fitness, diet, weight loss, positive thinking, mind power, faith, confidence, money, manifestation and more.  I really hope you enjoy the collection of articles, and find some to help you with your personal development and spiritual growth.


Kara-Leah Grant presents How to connect to other people while holding your centre – a new loving-kindness sadhana | Prana Flow NZ posted at Prana Flow NZ, saying, “Can a simply four-line loving-kindness meditation (in english no less!) change the way you experience the world? Can it open your heart? Find out here!”

axel presents Insight Meditation Techniques posted at axel g.

Jessica Nagel presents Summer is in the Air! posted at Sustainable Halo.

Toby Clarke presents Meditation – Holiday Treat? posted at GuidedMeditationsNow.com Blog, saying, “An article on the benefits of meditation and guided meditation to help calm you down at the beggining of a holiday!”

Frankie Minus Johnny presents Meditation and Excitement posted at Frankie Minus Johnny, saying, “A meditation practice is a crucial part of my efforts to live more in the present. Feelings of exuberant excitement have made meditation difficult for me in the past. Here, I talk about how to overcome this blockage in my meditation practice.”

Steven Handel presents Sky Gazing Meditation | The Emotion Machine posted at The Emotion Machine.

Vellum presents Regimen 1, part 1: A week of meditation posted at 12 Hour Pills, saying, “12 hour pills is a blog about all around contentment with life. It doesn’t seek to give dogma, but to talk and be listened to. It is not meant for the practice of zen only, but seeks to help a wide variety of people from different walks of life. It is also snarky at times.”

monkjoe presents 5 Simple Steps to Meditation posted at MonkMe.com, saying, “Thanks for reading our article and having the opportunity to be featured in your blog. I hope you and your readers will benefit from it.”

Jimmy Camut presents Why You?re Guilty of Meditation posted at ManifestWell.com.

Susan Liddy presents Coaching Tip: Walking Meditation… Glide Through Your Day | Secrets to Ultimate Living! Blog posted at Secrets to Ultimate Living! Blog, saying, “Not all forms of meditation need to be done flat on your back. Here is a simple way to actively bring meditation into your life and to get to enjoying all those calm and peaceful benefits right away!”

Lucky Balaraman presents Find Happiness 20: Inner Peace and Letting Go | Calm and Cool posted at Calm and Cool, saying, “The Parable of the Rope”

eric klen presents How Strong is Your Attention Muscle? | Dharma Consulting posted at Dharma Consulting.

Bob Fraser presents 50 Inspiring Blog Posts for the Beginner Meditator posted at Nursing School Search Blog.


Benjamin Langley presents Hand Yoga: How To Awaken Your Palms… posted at Peaceful Prosperity, saying, “Hope you enjoy it!”

Nigel Coates presents The Secret Benefits of Guided Meditation posted at Guided Meditation, saying, “We all know you feel good after meditation, but the secret benefits are the result of Homeostasis. That is when all of the systems of the body are working towards balance. This free guided meditation MP3 will help.”

Allan Caulfield presents Where to Get Yoga Teacher Certification posted at Yoga Tips Library.

Health and Wellbeing

Jessica presents Random Ways To Feel Healthier Today posted at Jessica’s Health Tips, saying, “Seven easy to implement ideas to make your life a little healthier.”

Mesquite Pete presents Protect Yourself from Mosquitoes While Backpacking posted at Mosquito Basics, saying, “If you are going hiking or camping, you will want to make sure you are protected from mosquitoes.”

Caterina Christakos presents Covert Pain in Hypnotherapy | Trance You Out posted at Trance You Out.

Mark Donovan presents Basement Home Gyms posted at HomeAdditionPlus, saying, “In this article, Mark Donovan of www.HomeAdditionPlus.com discusses creating a basement home gym. In particular he reviews the key items that should be considered when designing a home gym.”

00FF00 presents Idle Musings posted at ooffoo, saying, “A member of the ooffoo community takes time out from idling to ask whether it’s true that the devil make work for idle hands and to suggest (quietly, gently!) that we might all benefit from learning why and how to slow down.”

Betty Truitt presents Anxiety ? A Portal To Pure Enlightenment posted at Sane Advice, saying, “This is a rather long post detailing how stress and extreme anxiety can actually be a the driving force behind a spiritual growing period and hopefully one day to pure enlightenment.”

Aparna presents Clean your tongue to avoid bad breath posted at Beauty and Personality Grooming, saying, “dentists suggest that brushing and flossing should be accompanied by tongue cleaning also in order to thoroughly cleanse your oral cavity. The bacterial count on your tongue can be drastically reduced (as much as 50% in one day) with effective tongue cleaning.”

Charles Chua C K presents 10 Tips for a Simple and Peaceful Life posted at All About Living with Life.

Susan Liddy presents Coaching Tip to Create Mindfulness | Secrets to Ultimate Living! Blog posted at Secrets to Ultimate Living! Blog, saying, “So often as we age we embrace an adult mind that is filled with lists of ToDo’s, worries and sometimes regrets. This article discusses how to embrace the child like mindset and in doing so create more mindfulness of yourself.”

Jessica Paulk presents What you can do right now to have more abundance and prosperity. posted at Going Free.

New Age

eye4art presents METAPHYSICAL MIND » Tasha Teachings 4 posted at METAPHYSICAL MIND.

Personal Development

Jon Beebe presents Manifesting Intentions Quickly posted at DevelopMinds.com Blog, saying, “The five most important aspects of manifesting your intentions quickly and effectively.”

Scientific Living presents Fearlessness posted at Scientific Living.

Taylor Coburn presents Time for Change Movie posted at Motivia, saying, “Maybe we dwell on the past, and at times maybe we live for the future. The truth is, there is only now. Now is the time for change. Enjoy this free inspirational movie.”

Beth Jukuri presents Tending Reality posted at Imperfect Lady.

Ben presents Want to Get the Best Solution to Your Problem? Use Intuition posted at Self Help Gold.

Kathleen Gaga presents Participating in a marathon is like growing a business posted at Street Smarts Marketing & Promotions, saying, “The fact is, it is in the moment by moment choices we make we either create our success or create our failure. Simple as that. Cake or vision. Television or walk. Sleep in or fundraise. It’s the same with business.”

Barbara Williams presents 25 Great Thinkers Every College Student Should Read posted at Learn-gasm.

Chris Akins presents Living in the present posted at ChrisAkinsdotCom, saying, “Living in the present is not about wearing blinders. It’s about focusing on what is important right now, and accepting reality for what it is right now. Doing so allows us to focus and connect intensely to our current situation, without the distractions of the past and future.”

Effortless Abundance presents Life coaches and being alone posted at Effortless Wealth and Abundance.

Ryan Parenti presents Alternative and Spiritual Healing Blog posted at Alternative and Spiritual Healing Blog.

Broderick Durisseau presents Prioritizing Values Exercise posted at Personal Growth From the Bottom Up.

Scientific Living presents Judging By Potential posted at Scientific Living, saying, “Judging others by their potential, and not judging ourselves.”

Eliza Fayle presents The importance of saying No posted at Silver and Grace.

RagsToRich presents Awakening to your life posted at The Real Mind, saying, “An observation of the lack of consciousness of many people I see day-to-day inspired me to write this post. It may be a little hard-hitting in places but I know that it has been appreciated.”

Chris presents Interview with an Intuitive Warrior posted at Martial Development, saying, “Intuition is a phenomenon most widely associated with women and mothers–but what about soldier’s intuition? Read our exclusive interview with intuitive Navy SEAL Michael Jaco.”

Bert Meert presents Live Truthfully posted at Life, Blogging and The Pursuit of Personal Growth.

Taylor Coburn presents Some Things Just Take a Little Time posted at Motivia.

Susan Liddy presents 6 Empowering Questions | Secrets to Ultimate Living! Blog posted at Secrets to Ultimate Living! Blog, saying, “Everyone says that they want to feel empowered, yet what does that specifically mean? How do you know when you feel empowered and what does that look like for you? Practicing this mindfulness meditation and then answering these 6 powerful will take you a long way to connecting with your powerful True Self.”

Madoline Hatter presents 15 Fascinating Facts About Your Dreams posted at MRI Technician Schools.

Shannon Wills presents 20 TED Talks That Will Make You A Better Person posted at Online Christian Colleges, saying, “These lectures can inspire audience members to look inwards and explore what they stand for and how they hope to uphold these values. By knowing themselves, they can better understand the best routes towards expressing love to others and making both the individual and the world just that much better.”

Shoeb Khan presents The Emancipation of The Common Man posted at The Passive Pundits.

Spiritual Growth

Akemi Gaines presents The True Nature Of Reality And Life posted at Yes to Me.

Storm presents The Beauty of Simplicity posted at Ways To Simplify.

Ross – Tolemac presents Law of Attraction – Methods and Techniques: Part 2 posted at Tolemac’s Metaphysical Blog, saying, “More tips and techniques to improve the way you use the Law of Attraction.”

Suzanne presents Happiness in 7 steps: Step 4 – Is this it? posted at Without Dash.

Joe Tichio presents The Greatest Intention Quotes posted at Inspirational Quotes Blog, saying, “A great collection of inspiring quotes on intention.”

00FF00 presents 16 Guidelines for a Happier, More Meaningful Life – Guideline 2 – Patience posted at ooffoo, saying, “A member of the ooffoo community continues a series on sixteen “guidelines for living”, this week focusing on the cultivation of patience. What IS patience? What can we do to cultivate patience? And how could more patience bring us more happiness?”

Daylle Deanna Schwartz presents Law of Attraction in Action: Excuses posted at Lessons from a Recovering DoorMat, saying, “A big block to manifesting is making excuses for why you can. But you can change those thoughts to send a more positive expectation to the Law of Attraction.”

Thailand Breeze presents Buddhist Alms Giving (Part 1) posted at Tip.

Hannah Lokiec presents The Fool’s Journey posted at Blogging the Spirit.


Caterina Christakos presents Learn Stage Hypnosis – How to Get people onstage | Trance You Out posted at Trance You Out.

Drew Tarvin presents Collaborating Through Yes And posted at Humor That Works, saying, “Collaboration through a more open view and improve perspective.”

Vera Nadine presents Do you have “the sight?” posted at Awaken to Light, saying, “Someone wrote and asked, “When did you first know that you had the sight?” Good question. I, of course, do not have a very simple answer. Firstly the sight is ofttimes a complete misnomer as many psychics do not actually SEE anything…..”

Ferrari Dude presents Top 50 Blogs by Divinity Students posted at Masters in Divinity, saying, “This post has managed to cull 50 top blogs written by divinity students across the U.S., categorized by degree and a bonus category filled with groups of students who blog.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of meditation, yoga and spiritual growth carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

Please do email me if you are interested in being a Guest Author on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga.

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  1. ken
    ken says:

    I will put great power into these words and make these words immovable irreversible, my son pinael gland will stabilize normalize within the next 8 hours I will call in solar purifying energy to cleanse his third eye throat chakra crown chakra, I will drop one of my tears into his heart for a water cleansing. MY son Joshua will start coming to his senses in the next 48 hours and anchoring himself. his left and right pole will go into harmony. As he goes into balance he will start coming back to thus physical reality and begin to realize all the mistakes he has made and how serious of situation he is in and how he has effected his family. I will place a strong shield to protect his mind/spirit for future attacks and all the cracks in his inner arch will heal as well quickly. the delusions internal stimuli will go away. He will have a very strong will to to resist smoking cannabis or any other mind altering substance. His urges to use mind altering substances will greatly diminish he will realize that it is the root of his issues. I will close off his ears to internal and external stimuli of the ghost realms. He will have a very strong motivation to remain spiritually healthy. I will also put a protection the will destroy demons spirits people other beings who try to work against my word this protection will be made of fire and Sea water it will adapt to the type of threats that try to work against my word. This fire will be the fire of the lake of fire at its core heat and the deepest abyss sea water that demonic negative beings dread and fear it will embalm him globally I seal these words and healing protection spell.

  2. Eliza
    Eliza says:

    Hi there. I just realized what a small, but wonderful world blogging is. I went through the list of fellow carnival bloggers and realized I knew quite a few of them.

    “Hi gang!” :-)

    Thank you for including my post amongst this wonderful group.


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