Yoga Boat Pose for Stomach and Tummy

An unhealthy lifestyle, matched with bad eating-habits and lack of exercise not just increases your stress levels, it also unfortunately increases your stomach and tummy as well :-).    Of course as your stomach and waist grow and widen, so do the risks to your health and wellbeing.  However, there aren’t any shortcuts to get rid of a flabby abdomen.  A proper diet, combined with a fitness routine, are essential for reducing belly fat and shaping the stomach.

yoga boat pose for toning stomach

This is where “yoga” comes into play. Yoga not only helps decrease your abdominal fat, but also instills you with the positivity and character to help you maintain your hard earned flat tummy.  So, its worth learning the best yoga poses to work on your core along with doing your crunches and other exercise routines.

One of the best poses for targeting your stomach is Yoga Boat Pose or Nauk Asana.  Boat Pose will help strengthen your core and tighten and firm your belly muscles.  Done regularly you will soon find your tummy firming up and along with a proper diet, you should find the fat melting away and helping you achieve the shape you want.

Below the video I have provided the entire transcript as well, in case you prefer to read the transcript to watching the video.

Yoga Boat Pose for Stomach and Tummy

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Yoga Boat Pose for Stomach and Tummy

Namaste, my friends!

Continuing with our free yoga and meditation videos here on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga.

Today we’re going to learn “Naukasana” or Boat Pose. This is perhaps the best pose for working on your abdominal muscles and your core strength. Great for toning your abs as well as shaping your stomach.

So, it’s a great pose to learn to use towards this end or to include in other sequences that work on your abs and core. If you are going to include this pose and other sequences, I suggest doing it at the end of your abdominals sequence as this pose takes quite a bit out of you. So, if you do it early it may disrupt your ability to do any of the other exercises.

So, to do Boat Pose, you will come on to your sec room, I will teach the full version and a modified version of this as well. Once you come on to your sec room, you’re going to lift your legs up, point your toes, keep your eyes open, use your hands to balance yourself, and then when you feel you have achieved good balance, you can raise your hands up and continue to stare at your toes while you’re holding this posture.

For those who are familiar with breath of fire, you can do breath of fire, with this pose as well. If you find it difficult to hold the pose, if it is too tough for you, you can hold onto your knees or upper thighs as a modification, and you can also move between the pose and holding onto your knees as it offers some relief to your abdominals. You can hold this pose for thirty seconds onwards, up to a minute, and you could even build up to eleven minutes. Yes, eleven minutes of Boat Pose that’d be quite tough, but you can build up to that. Again, a great pose to do for your core, your abdominals added to your set and reap the benefits of this wonderful yoga posture.

Thank you everybody. God bless you all.


As you keep practicing the “naukasana” or boat pose, you will also be bringing your core muscles into play, which will provide a more balanced posture. Even if you can’t hold the pose for a long amount of time, don’t lose hope, stick with it, use the modifications and soon you will find your endurance and fitness improving.

However, along with performing the step by step guide to boat pose yoga for reducing belly fat, remember it’s very important to develop healthy food habits.  The combination of Yoga and diet, with meditation thrown in, are the perfect combo for living a healthy, happy and holy life.

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