cure stiff shoulder with yoga

Open Tight Shoulders | Kundalini Yoga Shoulder Exercise

This Yoga Video is going to teach you an excellent exercise to help you open up tight, stiff shoulders and help relieve shoulder pain.  In addition to opening your shoulders this technique will also tone and strengthen your shoulder and deltoid muscles.

This exercise, which is from the school of Kundalini Yoga, has other benefits as well.

It is very good for opening up your heart center is also good for your respiratory system. It helps your level of fitness and if you push yourself when doing this exercise, it can also help build character and willpower.

If you are one of those people who store tension in their shoulders, then this exercise is a must do in order to dissolve the stored up stress and open up the shoulder region.

cure stiff shoulder with yoga

Kundalini Yoga Exercise to Open Tense, Stiff Shoulders

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This exercise is going to use a particular movement with the shoulders and arms. In addition, it is going to use a mudra called bear grip and it’s going to use a particular lock towards the end that’s going to help open up your energy channels further.

You can get all the details, benefits and practice steps for this exercise in the following article as well – Excellent Kundalini Yoga Shoulder Exercise.

Shoulder See-Saw is a key yoga exercise for the health of the shoulders.  Here on Mastery of Meditation & Yoga, it will be part of the following 2 free online e-books: Free Yoga Videos and Online Kundalini Yoga Exercises.

Kundaini Yoga Bear Grip:

Kundalini Yoga Bear Grip for Shoulder Exercise

Here is how to do bear grip, which the exercise uses.  Please see the illustration above for clarity as well.

  • For doing better grip, you’re going to bring your right palm towards you and you’re going to bring your left palm away from you and you’re going to clasp your fingers together.
  • The right thumb is on top and the left thumb should be on the bottom.
  • Next you’re going to apply some pressure as in trying to pull your arms apart.
  • Your arms are about six to twelve inches away from your upper chest.
  • Your arms should be at about shoulder level.

This is Bear Grip, and we’re going to use that for this shoulder exercise.

Kundalini Yoga Root Lock:

In addition, at the end of this exercise, we’re going to apply moolah bandha or root lock.

Moola Bandha is the contraction of three particular muscles, the rectum, the sex organ, and the lower abdomen.  You’re going to pull those three muscles up and in and you’re going to hold them tight, and that’s going to help drive the energy up the sushumna or central energy channel.

You are going to do Root Lock with both, breath held out and breath held in at the end of the exercise.  Pay particular attention to the pulling of the arms apart as that helps target and open up the shoulder area.

Guided Yoga Shoulder Exercise to Tone Your Shoulders:

  • So let’s now come into bear grip, right palm facing you left palm facing away.
  • Clasp your fingers together, try to pull your arms apart to apply slight pressure.
  • Now as you inhale, you’re going to move your left elbow up, right elbow goes down.
  • When you exhale right elbow, left goes down, inhale, left up, right down.
  • You will notice the shoulders, of course, moving up and down along with this movement.
  • Start off nice and slow.
  • As you feel your shoulders warming up you can start to increase the pace.
  • Increase the intensity and pace of this exercise slowly.
  • Pretty soon you’re going to feel a slight burning your shoulders.
  • Don’t stop at the first sign of discomfort. Keep going!!

To end…

  • You’re going to pull your arms apart. Inhale deeply and apply Root Lock.
  • Next, as you exhale, hold your breath out. Again, apply Root Lock and pull your arms apart strongly  with your breath held out.  Feel the pressure in your upper back and shoulder region.
  • To end release and relax.  Allow all all tension and stiffness in the shoulder region to dissolve and dissipate.  Feel relaxed and soft.

Cautions for Yoga Shoulder See-Saw:

When you do root at the end with your breath held in and then your breath held out it’s important not to overdo it.  Only hold for as long as it’s comfortable.

Also, although I’m encouraging you to push yourself in the video, again, don’t overdo it. Do listen to your body as you practice. Don’t injure yourself.  You can build up your capacity systematically over time. That is the right approach to yoga.

You can include this exercise as a warm up before doing your set, or you can include it in an upper body set that you wish to do.

Of course if you have a particular yoga set you do to strengthen your shoulders or a Kundalini Yoga Kriya to help you open and relieve stress in your shoulders, you should certainly include this technique in your set.,

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