overcome panic attack

Yogic Breathing for Panic Attacks | 7-11 Breathing Technique

If you are looking for yoga techniques on how to treat panic attacks, the 7–11 breathing technique is the perfect choice. This method involving thorough and complete inhalation and exhalation, at a particular rhythm, is very effective in calming your mind. As an added bonus, it also helps in developing your mental focus and concentration.

Practicing yoga for panic disorder is an excellent way to not only counter the everyday stress and strain of life, but is also an effective tool to deal directly with panic attacks and anxieties when they being their assault.

It will help to soothe your nerves and relax your mind, in the process helping you tackle difficult and panicky situations with calmness.

As it is such an effective calming technique, 7-11 breathing also brings about better sleep for those having trouble with insomnia.  All in all this technique is excellent for taking back control of a mind running amok during a panic attack, as well as effective in allowing you to develop your inner poise so you can better deal with stress and anxiety.

This technique has also been added as a separate chapter to the Free Online Yoga Breathing Exercises (Yoga Pranayama) E-Book.

overcome panic attack

Below the video I have provided the entire transcript as well, in case you prefer to read the transcript to watching the video.

Yogic Breathing for Panic Attacks

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Transcript for Yogic Breathing for Panic Attacks:

Namaste my friends!

Today, we are going to teach a breathing technique, that is excellent for combating anxiety and panic attacks. It is great to help you destress it is great to do if you’re having trouble falling asleep. It is also useful for building your concentration and focus if that is what you need to do before participating in some activity that requires you to be calm and focused. The breathing has two important aspects that you need to pay attention to. One is on the inhalation. Make sure you fill your lungs to capacity and on the exhalation, you exhale completely. That is important for triggering the parasympathetic nervous system. A lot of breathing exercises that deal with stress and anxiety do not indicate that aspect and that’s a very important aspect of doing these exercises and making them more effective and second, when you breath out, you’re going to breathe out through puckered lips and you’re going to breathe in through your nose.

Here is the rhythm at which you’re going to do this particular breathing exercise. When you inhale, you’re going to count slowly from 1 to 7 as you are inhaling and when you exhale through puckered lips, you’re going to count slowly from 1 to 11 on the exhale. So again, inhale, count up to 7. Exhale, count up to 11. Inhale completely, exhale completely. Thus, the exercise is done as follows. You can have your eyes open or closed it doesn’t matter. You can do this technique anywhere it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that it works.

So, I am going to breathe in completely to the count of seven and I breathe out through puckered lips for count of 11. Please do try this breathing technique for yourself and see how effective it is.

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Thank you everybody. God bless you all.

7-11 Breathing Technique Conclusion

Among yoga for panic attacks, the 7–11 breathing technique is effective in countering extreme stress that leads to panic. By relaxing and calming your mind, it makes you a more confident person who is able to take on challenging situation without becoming nervous.

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