Find a Certified Meditation and Yoga Teacher or Center Near You

 Below you will find certified teachers who have successfully completed the comprehensive Mastery of Meditation Teacher’s Certification Program and are fully qualified to teach Meditation, as well as Gentle Yoga for Meditation and Pranayama (Yoga Breathing Exercises).

If you are interested in learning Meditation, Pranayama or Yoga please feel reach out to any of these certified meditation instructors or visit their centers for more information.  Their contact information and meditation center address is also provided below.


1.  Joseph Caldiero

Email: kensho.zazen@yahoo.com

Mailing Address:

2119 Royal Coventry Ct 20
Salt Lake City, Utah 84121


There are many forms of meditation and many places to go to learn the process of these forms. The practices of Mindfulness Meditation are simple and very beneficial. The reasons to mediate are many. You may be looking for a form of relaxation, becoming more in tune with your spiritual self, or to improve your general health.

Meditation has been linked to many of these benefits.

Though nothing is guaranteed, learning to meditate will help you gain a clearer view of yourself and with some effort on your part other benefits will eventually come.

For more information about our no cost classes please inquire at  kensho.zazen@yahoo.com.

2. Patricia Rose Barnett

Email: patriciarose@postmaster.co.uk

Yoga and Meditation Center:  www.yogaandlaughter.co.uk

Mailing Address:

16 Dome Hill Peak,
Surrey CR3 6EH


I will be teaching meditation classes in Dorking, Surrey; Caterham, Surrey; and I teach meditation and yoga one-to-one.

3. Robin Lynn Kremer

Email: robinkremer@msn.com

Meditation and Wellness Center:   Healing Souls Ministry and One Spirit Ministry

Offering private spiritual sessions.  Free weekly group meditation.  Many spiritual groups and workshops.

Mailing Address:

Healing Souls Ministry and One Spirit Ministry
4701 Briarpark Drive
Lincoln, NE 68516

Phone: 402-761-3239

4. Helen Sköld

Email: info@andningspunkten.se

Meditation and Wellness Center:  Andningspunkten.se

A Swedish site about breathing, meditation and intuition.

Mailing Address:

Helen Sköld
Thyras väg 36
SE-231 68  Trelleborg

5. Sirisha Gavvala

Email: ksiri2003@yahoo.co.in

Mailing Address:

2219 Crossing Way,
Wayne, New Jersey 07470

6. Sean T. Everett

Email: ensomeditationsociety@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

627 B Westover Hills Blvd.
Richmond, VA 23255


Sean T. Everett is the founder of Enso Meditation Society as well as the lead instructor at the Enso Meditation center.  Beginning the practice of meditation at the age of 3, when taught by his father, the practice of awareness of breath, he is more than experienced in the meditative arts.  Thirsty for more knowledge of these great techniques, Sean set out to find a qualified teacher.  Finding Geshe Jampel Thardo a Tibetan Buddhist monk sent to the United States by H.H. the Fourteenth Dalai Lama to teach the dharma.  Geshe Thardo proved to be a greatly compassionate person and held more wisdom than the salt in the ocean, this match was meant to be.  Learning a staggering amount in a matter of a several years under his teacher’s direction Sean was ordained a Buddhist by Geshe Thardo in the Gelug-pa tradition.  Several years later Geshe Thardo passed away causing Sean to have to make serious decisions about where the path would lead next.  Giving this gift to others was the only sensible choice.  Now at Enso Meditation Society, Sean wishes to start a new type of living standard for all to live by.  By bringing clear compassionate non-judgmental awareness to our everyday activities slowly we can cultivate happier minds.  Happier minds makes happier people, happier people makes happier families, happier families makes happier communities, and happier communities can make a happier world.  Enso Meditation Society is non sectarian multi-denominational group.  All are welcome!


7. Reshanaa Roopnarain

Email: reshanaar@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

17 Oak Street, Ext 3,
Lenasia, 1829,
Gauteng, South Africa


Certified to teach Meditation and Yoga. Meditation Center coming soon.

8. Claudia Magro

Email: kensho_om@hotmail.com

Yoga and Meditation Center:  www.Tuinamalta.com


My website is about TCM  with an emphasizes on Tuina massage, which is an important branch of chinese medicine.Being a therapist,my website gives alot of information about various health conditions and how chinese medicine can help in treating such conditions.My website belongs also to the Shen Yi clinic I work with as a TCM therapist.

9. Christine Tsintarakis

 Email: tsintarakis@yahoo.com

Yoga and Meditation Center:  Coming Soon.

10. Clarisse V Gomez

Email: cjosephine@msn.com

Mailing Address:

1425 Ne 56th St Apt 5,
Fort Lauderdale
Florida 33334


Meditation center coming soon.

11. Christine Penner

Email: christine_penner@yahoo.ca

Mailing Address:

73D 22C, Mirdif, Dubai, UAE
PO Box 19282



12. Amy M. Geldner

Email: moonmommy07@yahoo.com

Mailing Address:

1015 Summer Lane
Pleasant View, TN.  37146


Meditation center coming soon.

13. Enrique Gonzalez-Prats

Email: coshe2002@yahoo.es

Mailing Address:

Avenida de Oviedo,
4—Bloque 1—Apt. 9A
Playa de San Juan
03540 Alicante


Meditation center coming soon.

14. Evan M. Braedon

Email: hlaprogram@live.com

Mailing Address:

221 West Saginaw
East Lansing, MI 48823


Meditation center coming soon.

15. Teresa Post

Email: cherrymoon2@aol.com

Mailing Address:

12972 Leonard Lane, Poplar Grove, IL 61065

Yoga and Meditation Center: Mystic Tree Reiki and Meditation – http://mystictreereiki.com


The website is dedicated to holistic healing practices for the body, mind, and spirit. Reiki and meditation are the main focus.

16. Pat Tomczyk

Email: firepreventing@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

119 Jims Road, Blairsville, GA 30512
# 706-994-0414

Yoga and Meditation Center:  Pat’s Yoga and Tai Chi for Health


The center teaches Meditation, Yoga and Tai Chi which improve all aspects of Health.

17. Steven Thibault RN

Email: steventhibault@yahoo.com

Mailing Address:

11415 Seminole, Redford, Michigan 48239


18. Kubilay Akman

Email: kubilayemail@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

PK 310 Beyoglu 34431 Istanbul / Turkey


19. David Salo

Email: davidsalo@hotmail.com

Mailing Address:

2113 NE 81st Pl, Seattle WA 98115


20. Sasa Ibrahimbegovic

Email: bgmatador@hotmail.com

Mailing Address:

Europe, Austria 1200 Vienna Wehlistrasse 35/2/10

21. Christine Shaw

Email: lapun.mama@bigpond.com

Mailing Address:

42 Renecol Avenue, Rasmussen, Townsville, Queensland 4815 Australia

Yoga and Meditation Center: 


22. Ravi Sandhu

Email: rvisandhu@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

11235 87 ave Delta BC V4C 2Z6, Canada


23. Aneaj J. Deletra

Email: balidation@hipdrop.com

Mailing Address:

3316 North High Street, Suite B, Columbus, Ohio 43202

Yoga and Meditation Center:  www.hipdrop.com or www.jeanagogo.com and www.balidation.com


“Balidation is a method in dealing with the stresses of our hectic lifestyles of today. The session given are for body, mind and spirit. Balidation sessions help when we are tired or feel stressed or are ill and can bring deep relaxation, a reduction in stress, and a sense of calm and well being.”

“The first is the studio website, the second is my hoop dance website, I am going to incorporate meditation (trataka) with hoop dance.”

Location address is Hipdrop Studio, 3316 N. High Street, Suite B, Columbus, Ohio 43219. #614-946-2726

24. Arlette Earwood

Email: cvholisticfitness@yahoo.com

Mailing Address:

Holistic Fitness, 2881 Castro Valley Blvd #2, Castro Valley, CA 94546

Yoga and Meditation Center: Holistic Fitness –  www.holisticfitnesspilatesyoga.com


The site is not yet finished, but it will be studio schedule, links, advice, humor and astrology. We practice meditation, yoga, Plates, belly dancing, taichi etc. at the studio I opened in 2004.

I teach a weekly Simple Meditation class ($10 suggested donation). Tuesday 7:15pm at the Studio located at the above address. #510-962-4567

25. Denitza Kamenova

Email: Denitza_kamenova@yahoo.co.uk

Mailing Address:

Bulgaria, Sofia 1612, kv. “Lagera”, bl. 4, ent. 2, app. 9 (DO POISKVANE)

Yoga and Meditation Center:  Coming Soon

26. Morgana Braveraven

Email: heymorgana@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

15 Cambridge Street, Victoria, BC Canada V8V 4A7

Yoga and Meditation Center: Laughing Buddha Studio – http://laughing-buddha-studio.com


The Laughing Buddha Studio offers regular workshops and classes in meditation, laughter yoga/meditation, and theater arts and on occasion, other creative workshops such as clowning and creative writing.

27. John Newton

Email: imagine1being@yahoo.com

28. Alex R. Teixeira

Email: AlexRTeixeira@comcast.com

Yoga and Meditation Center: Website and Meditation Classes Coming Soon!!

29. David E. Dorgan

Email: David.Dorgan@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

642 Bella Vida Blvd, Orlando, Florida 32828

Website and Meditation Classes: Coming Soon

30. Anastacia Koulouris

Mailing Address:

Lykourgou 40, Gylfada 16675 Athens Greece

Yoga and Meditation Center: Amber Link – www.amberlink.com



Amber Link is a Youth programs that works with young people and musical productions.

Address is Aigyptou 40, Ano Glyfada 16675 Athens Greece

31. Kalif Abkar

Mailing Address:

37 LaBelle St. S.E>, Grand Rapids MI, 49507

32. Damon Chase Nelson

Mailing Address:

525 Cottonwood St. Apt #5, Missoula, MT 59801  #(208) 221-6462

33. Michael J Pascoe

Mailing Address:

34 Pikes Hill, Epsom, Surrey, KT17 4EA. England

34. Kristi Nimmo

Email: engkkn@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

43544 Tuckaway Place, Leesburg, VA 20176

Website and Meditation Classes: A Stone Speaks: Inspired Meditations – www.astonespeaks.com


A Stone Speaks helps people access inner wisdom for personal growth.

35. Candance O’Donnell

Mailing Address:

9013 Terramore Dr., Orangevale, CA, 95662

Website and Meditation Classes: Candance O’Donnell

http://candanceodonnell.blogspot.com;  http://www/blogtalkradio.com/intuitive-meditations


36. Gordon Scott Davis

Mailing Address:

3465 New Lebanon Road, Campbellsville, KY 42718

37. Tara Burner

Email: tara@taraburner.com

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 849113, Pembroke Pines, FL 33084

Website and Meditation Classes: Tara Burner


The site offers inspirational coaching and programs, inspiration board workshops, meditation.

The Meditation Center is located at The Inspiration Spot, 38 S. Federal Highway #3, Dania Beach, FL or will travel to the client.

Phone #954-822-4342           email:info@theinspirationspot.com

38. Alexander Dreamson

Mailing Address:

1787 N. Rock Cress Path, Crystal River, FL 34429

Website and Meditation Classes: Coming Soon


Alexander is also a Certified Personal Trainer. Email:EssentialHealth4You@gmail.com

Specializing in Nutrition-Weight Loss-Fitness. Email:MyMission4Nutrition@gmail.com

39. Rihards Buks

Email: Rihardsbuks@yahoo.com

Mailing Address:

Flat 1, 272 Ladbroke Grove, London W10 5LP

Phone# 079 0206 2621 (London, UK)

Website: www.bestyogafitnesstips.com


This website is about various styles of Yoga and includes all the information about Elite Yoga Classes. Also gives you access to free Yoga and Pilates videos, Yogi’s Forum and allows you to purchase DVD’s, e-books and yoga gadgets.

40. L.J. (Jaqueline) Kamad-Wollbaum

Email: otor@telusplanet.net

Mailing Address:

Calgary AB Canada

Phone# (403) 880-4629

41. Anthony Candolfi

Email: acandolfi@aol.com

Mailing Address:

New York, USA

42. Diane Johnston

Mailing Address:

11 Ballygunaghan Place, Dromore, Co Down, Northern Ireland, BT25 1LP

Cell Phone#  079 1234 6921


43. Kristin Peoples

Email: Kristinpeoples@aol.com

Mailing Address:

1213 Springwater Court, Cincinnati OH 45215

Website: Passionate Lotus


Meditation Classes \ Reiki Healing \ Tarot

44. Margaret-Kelly Frechette

Email: Kelly@frechetteOasis.com

Mailing Address:

57 Parkview Road, St. Catharines, ON L2M 5S3

Phone# 905 327-4465

Website: Fréchette

Description: This site offers Meditation, Reiki and all Natural bath and body products

45. Kimberly M. Santos 

Email: Kimberely@healthwholeself.com

Mailing Address:

128 Maple Ave. #1, Barrington, RI 02806

Website: www.healthywholeself.com


46. Kimberly Mathews

Email: Kittyshard5@yahoo.com

Mailing Address:

60 Fenton Street, Suite 11, Livermore CA 94550

Website: Kimberly Mathews Massage Therapy


47. Joella Notte

Email:  Joellanotte@hotmail.com

Mailing Address:

46 Clearwater Crescent, Dryden ON, P8N 3H9 Canada

Website: coming soon


48. Jami Lee Hamby

Email: Asanagirl31@aol.com

Mailing Address:

111 Persimmon Drive, Palm Coast, FL 32164

Phone# 386-868-8367

Website: www.jamisyoga2go.com

Description: This site offers Information on Natural Health, Wellness and Yoga


49. Marguerite Bedard

Email: Megbanas@yahoo.com

Mailing Address:

2558 Cross Village Drive, Miamisburg, OH 45342

Phone# 937-581-0420

Center + Website: My Peace and Quiet

Description: This site brings the message of the benefits of meditation to people from all backgrounds. Soon to come; guided meditation downloads.

Address for the Meditation Center: 1615 Alex Road, West Carrollton, OH 45449


50. Barbara Szymanska

Email: Megbanas@yahoo.com

Mailing Address:

40 Asquith Ave., apt 1630 Toronto, ON M4W-1J6

Description: Barbara is Certified to teach both Yoga and Meditation.


51. Shanna Williams

Email: Williams_shanna@hotmail.com, shanscollections@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

Creighton c/o Morne Jaloux po, St. George’s, Grenada, West Indies

Phone# 1-473-417-9123 also 1-473-410-6449

Center + Website: Shan’s Hollstic Health Clinic

Description: Provides Holistic Health Therapies.  Yoga Center opening in July 2011.


52. Christofer Erin

Email: Cloudmeditation@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

7850 N. Silverbell Rd. #114, PMB 296, Tucson, AZ 85743

Phone# 520-344-3364

Center + Website: Cloud Meditation (website coming soon)

Description: Cloud Meditation emphasizes just a few core principals with regard to meditation and spiritual practice, one of these is;

“To meditate is to awaken” the words of Dogen (1200-1253), founder of the Japanese stream of Soto Zen Buddhism, expresses our primary mission. Cloud Meditation emphasizes the simultaneity of practice and awakening.


53. Fred Grillo

Email: Poweredbyfruit@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

34 Norwich Westerly Rd., North Stonington CT. 06359


54. Daniel Jeffrey Sude

Email: djsude@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

7129 Westmoreland Rd., Falls Church, VA 22042


55. Anais Wenstop

Email: geena412000@yahoo.com

Mailing Address:

Kyprou 27, 16675 Glyfada, Athens, Greece


56. Suzanna Owens

Mailing Address:

865 W. Red Bank Avenue, West Deptford, NJ 08096

Phone# 609-744-7756

Center + Website: Mind Body Spirit Center

Description: Holistic Center for well-being, Reiki treatments, Meditation classes, Reiki Certification Classes and Life Coaching. Personal and Group meditation classes are available in West Deptford, NJ.


57. Edit Lak

Email: elak@unwired.com.au

Mailing Address:

4 Kelmscott Way, St. Clair NSW 2759 Australia

Phone #: 614 1823 5844

58. Angela Khouth

Email: imperfectyoga@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

4512 Quail Ave N, Robinsdale, MN 55422

59. Rev. Dr. Chris J MacDonald, HHP,DD,MH.D

Email: cjmacdonald@greenwaysmetaphysicalinstitue.org

Mailing Address:

325 N. Quincy Ave., Sedalia, MO 65301

Phone# 417-365-0127

Center & Website: Greenways Metaphysical Institute  – www.greenwaysmetaphysicalinstitute.org

Description: We provide Yoga, Prananyam, Meditation facilitation & training, Usui Reiki treatments & training, Accupresuure, EFT, Hypnotherapy, Qi Gong and many other Energy healing modalities, Metaphysical/Holistic/Spiritual Healing & Counseling.

Shamanic/Native Healing & Ceremonies are also offered.

Rev. Dr. Chris is a Hatha, Kundalini, Raja and Kriya Yogi

Board certified by the AADP as Holistic Health Practitioner

60Y. Sanju Narayan

Email: sanjunryn@yahoo.com

Mailing Address:

610 San Bruno Av. E, Apt 71, San Bruno, CA 94066

Phone# 415-999-7792

61Y. Raphael Doukkali

Email: raphael.doukkakli@yahoo.fr

Mailing Address:

229A, Impasse du Chateau, F-67150 Hindisheim, France

Phone# 417-365-0127

62. Bangorn Foster

Email: orn_yungcharoen@yahoo.com

Mailing Address:

519 E Chocktaw Ave, Mcalester, OK 74501

Phone# 918-917-3824

63. Navrose Bains

Email: navrosebainscmi@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

181 Pier Place, New Westminister, British Columbia, Canada V3M 7A2

Land Line# 604-544-3273    Cell Phone# 778-321-1444

Center: A Journey To The Soul

64M. Paulina Linkiewicz

Email: info@gobeyondillusion.co.uk,   fifipl@yahoo.com

Contact Information:

Phone# (+44) 7956523809

Center & Website: www.gobeyondillusion.co.uk

Description: MRS/Holistic Therapist

65M. Destiny Ollie

Email: dr.destiny@wedjadestinyinc.com

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 92652 Atlanta, GA 30314

Phone# 404-345-0569

Center & Website: Wedja Destiny Inc.

Description: Dr. Destiny is also a certified Meditation teacher.

66. Katherine Lavigne-Mason

Email: Lavignekk@yahoo.com

Mailing Address:

10512 Richardson Road, Independence, LA 70443

Phone# 985-974-3541

Center: Kathy’s Care

Description: Practicing and Studying the art of Yoga, Chakra Balancing and Meditation since 2006.

Louisiana Licensed Esthetician, “Health, Beauty and Skin Specialist”: Microdermabrasion Certified.


67MY. Raymond Lawrence, Ph.D.

Email: rlawrence8@cfl.rr.com

Mailing Address:

3293 Cloudberry Pl, Melbourne, FL. 32940

Center & Website: Universal Energy-Medicine

Description: The website introduces courses given by experts in a particular area of energy medicine. Raymond publishes a FREE beginners course for each field that concentrates on self-healing and have an affiliate’s link to the expert site.

68. Valeri Esta

Email: v33esta@yahoo.com

Mailing Address:

200 Indian Creek Drive, Lucedale, MS 39452

Description: Valeri is a certified Meditation Teacher.

69. Sandra Dolores Becker

Email: sdoloresbecker@yahoo.com

Mailing Address:

Rua Anita Garibaldi, 500/209, 90450-000 – Porto Alegre – RS, Brazil, S.America

Center & Website: The Wakened Alder

Description: “Understanding Life’s Path” – a site not complete yet but visible. It will deal with the understanding how things come about in life (Clinical Philosophy); has a page on Meditation Insights and links. It is to calm the mind.

70Y. Renay Matthews, CSN, D.A.Hom

Email: renaybridget@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

5236 Colodny Drive, Suite 100-C, Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Center & Website: Elite Wellness Path

Description: Creating Wellness Paths for Individuals and Families.

71Y. Carla A. Cochran

Email: ana197004@yahoo.com

Mailing Address:

102 Burnt Run, Yorktown, VA 23692

Phone# 262-880-4844

Center & Website: No website currently available.

Description: Carla is a certified Yoga teacher

72Y. S. Arathi Ma Tonti

Email: arathima@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

78-23085 118th Avenue, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 3J7

Center & Website: Seeds Of Life

Description: Master Healer and Certified Yoga teacher.

73Y. Jennifer Moore

Email: jennymo@hotmail.co.uk

Mailing Address:

33 Glebe Court, London Road, Mitcham, Surrey CR4 3NE, England

Center & Website: No website currently available.

Description: Jennifer is a a Certified Yoga teacher.

74MY. Rita Khanna

Email: yogashaastra@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

Plot 23, Second Floor, Suman Housing Colony, West Marredpally, Secunderabad-500026, India

Cell# +919849772485      LandLine# +91-40-65173344

Center & Website: Dr. Rita Khanna’s Yogashaastra Studio –  YogaShaastra Studio

Description: Dr. Rita is a certified Meditation and Yoga teacher.

75Y. Joanna Cowper

Email: joannacowpermoore@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

21 Park road, Pateley Bridge, Harrogate, North Yorkshire HG3 5JS, England

Center & Website: JoannaCowper

Description: Joanna is a certified Yoga teacher.

76MY. Gregory Phillip Clarke

Email: gclarke_1@hotmail.com

Mailing Address:

26 Banool Circuit, Ocean Shores, N.S.W 2483, Australia

Center & Website: No website currently available.

Description: Creating Wellness Paths for Individuals and Families. Gregory is a certified Meditation and Yoga teacher.

77M. John Magilke

Email: gmagilke@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

413 E. Johnson Avenue, Stockholm, SD 57264

Center & Website: SevaSimran Yoga-Meditation

Description: A gathering place for information and ideas pertaining to the integration of Yoga and Meditation into our busy lives. John is a certified Meditation teacher.

78M. Raychelle M. LeBlanc

Email: shenotes@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

95 Webster Ave. #3F, Jersey City, NJ 07307

Center & Website: Cake Everyday Coaching Circle

Description: The site was designed to share different ways that we can celebrate our lives on a daily basis. It is a life and wellness site that assists in creating balance in our lives. Raychelle is a certified Meditation teacher.

78MY. Paramjit Kaur

Email: pparam13@hotmail.com

Mailing Address:

602 N Oaks Blvd., North Brunswick, NJ 08902

Phone# 732-429-5906

Center & Website: No website currently available.

Description: Paramjit is a certified Meditation and Yoga teacher.

79Y. Akasa-Lidia Johnston

Email: akasichealing@yahoo.com

Mailing Address:

Pl. Niepodleglosci 15/65, 18-400 Lomza, Poland (Lidia also has a base in England)

Cell# Poland +48609374811             Cell# England +447551806053

Center & Website: Coming Soon

Description: Akasa Lidia is a certified Yoga teacher.

80Y. Brenda Johnston

Email: breesyoga@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 52, Powell, MO 65730

Center & Website: No website currently available

Description: Brenda is a certified Yoga teacher and gives private lessons.

81M. Penny Mann

Email: theedge@cablelan.net

Mailing Address:

Box 103 Chase, BC V0E 1M0

Center & Website: The Edge Fitness

Description: Penny is a certified Meditation teacher.

82Y. Holly Marie rios

Email: bhaktibaja@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 9011, #344 – Calexico, CA

Center & Website: No website currently available.

Description: Holly is a certified Yoga teacher.

83Y. Jan E. Ordoyne

Email: myhighernature@yahoo.com

Mailing Address:

RR 1 Box 2064 Dora, MO. 65637

Phone# 417 -261-1066

Center & Website: My Higher Nature  and New Age Bookstore

Description: Jan is a certified Yoga teacher.

84Y. Yachna Tyagi

Email: yytyagi@yahoo.com

Mailing Address:

Westminster, CO

Phone# 678-644-1297

Center & Website: YachnaYoga

Description: Yachna is a certified Yoga teacher.

85MY. Dr. Davide Moiso

Email: davidmoiso@yahoo.co.uk

Mailing Address:

C/O Claudia Cellerino, via Claro 15, Alessandria – 15121, Italy

Description: Dr. Davide is a certified Meditation and Yoga teacher.

86M. Rupa Bhatt

Mailing Address:

5498 Whispering Meadows Ct., Sanford, FL 32771

Phone# 407-792-3707

Description: Rupa is a certified Meditation teacher.

87MY. Agnese Mandetta (Karma sannyasin Agnidevi)

Email: agnishantidevi@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

C. Sant Josep 3, 2º Figueres 17600 Spain

Description: Agnese is a certified Meditation and Yoga teacher.

88Y. Nikolaos Parameritis

Email: nikospyoga@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

Lavriou 116-118, Alsoupolis, Nea Ionia, 14235, Athens, Greece

Description: Nikolaos is a certified Yoga teacher.

89Y. Brian Stracner

Email: chicohypnosis@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 5150 Chico, CA 95927

Center & Website: North State Hypnosis

Description: Brian is a certified Yoga teacher and his center provides Hypnosis for therapy and entertainment, neuro-linguistic programming, emotional freedom technique, Reiki, Meditation and Yoga in Chico, California.

90MY. Alex Leong Yee Kuan

Email: leong1208@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

No. 2-3-03, Block 2, Astana Mutiara, Jalan BRP 1/10A, Bukit Rahman Putra, 47000 Sungai Buloh, Selangor

Description: Alex is a certified Meditation and Yoga teacher.

91M. Liz Hill

Email: liz@yogachica.com

Mailing Address:

Almeria, Spain

Center & Website: YogaChica

Description: Liz is a certified Meditation teacher and offers relaxed Yoga holidays in Spain.

92Y. Danielle Ardella Mincey White, Ph.D.

Email: Drdamwhite@yahoo.com

Mailing Address:

4250 Tatum Drive #104, Fayetteville, NC 28314

Center & Website: The O.C.E.A.N. Method

Description: Dr. Danielle is a certified Yoga teacher and has a life coaching blog based on The O.C.E.A.N. Method for Lasting Life Change. The”Method” if founded on a 3-in-1 philosophy based on Ayurveda; i.e., incorporating mind, body and spirit as the way to experience optimal health and wellness throughout all areas of life.

93M. Frank H Detrick

Email: earthsescape@live.com

Mailing Address:

13219 Greentone, San Antonio, TX 78249

Website: Earth’ Escape

Description: Frank is a certified Meditation teacher and his website provides Holistic and Natural healing.

94M. Tiphanie “T.K” Jamison Van Der Lugt

Email:  Tiphanie@TheYayMeUniversity.com

Website: The Me I Choose To Be

Description: Tiphanie is a certified Meditation teacher and offers Life, fertility, Dating and Relationship Coaching.

95M. Maha Huneidi

Email: mahahuneidi@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA

Website: www.empowerment-and-kids.com/index.html   and  Facebook+Store

Description: Maha is a certified Meditation teacher and author.

96MY. Kathy Duncan

Email: kd@kathyduncan.com

Mailing Address:

Parachute, CO, USA

Center & Website: Kathy Duncan

Description: Kathy is a Wellness Professional as well as a certified Meditation and Yoga teacher.

97Y. Scott Wayne Jessup

Email: shalomviola@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

10305 Devin Lane, Hurst, TX 76053

Phone# (H) 817-684-8552  or  (C) 817-437-0792

Description: Scott is a certified Yoga teacher.

98Y. Carolyn Dekle

Email: caroldek7@msn.com

Mailing Address:

16541 Kellog Circle, Apt# 2, Huntington Beach, California 92647


Description: Carolyn is a certified Yoga teacher.

99MY. Jamaal Hakeem (Khafre Amen RaHotep)

Email: khafre.hotep@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

3918 W 118th PL, Hawthorne, California 90250


Description: Jamaal is a certified Meditation and Yoga teacher.

100Y. Sonja Renee Ams

Email: info@wellnessandwealth4life.com

Mailing Address:

11105 North 115th Street, #1042, Scottsdale, AZ 85259

Center & Website:  Wellness and Wealth for Life

Description: Sonja is a certified Yoga teacher.

102Y. Clancy Okeke

Email: clancyokeke@live.ca

Mailing Address:

81-19 Kneeland Av., Queens, NY 11373


Description: Clancy is a certified Yoga teacher.

103Y. Briana Yohnke Morrison

Email: brianaaimee@yahoo.com

Mailing Address:

Briana is currently located in Burnaby, British Columbia (Canada)

Description: Briana is a certified Yoga teacher.

104M. Jane Mabel Morales

Email: Jane@empowerpeace.com

Mailing Address:

Empower Peace Meditation, Main Highway, Coconut Grove, FL 33134

Phone# 305-323-8973

Center & Website: EmpowerPeace

Description: Jane is a certified Meditation teacher.

105MY. Tara Zafft

Email: twzafft@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

Tara is currently located in Astana, Kazakhstan

Description: Tara is a certified Meditation and Yoga teacher.

106Y. Narasimhan Sundar

Email: nsvaradhan@yahoo.com

Mailing Address:

11 Jyothi Lakshmi Apartments, Lakshmi Nagar 4th Stage,

East Main Rd., Nanganallur, Chennai 600 091, India

Mobile Phone # +919840009772

Center & Website: No Center or Website yet

Description: Narasimhan is a certified Yoga teacher

107MY. Cassandra Huff

Email: cassandrahuff@att.blackberry.net

Mailing Address:

3111 River Road

Decatur, Dekalb County, Georgia 30034-4712

Mobile Phone # 404-219-6129

Home Office # 404-212-8900

Center & Website: No Center or Website yet

Description: Cassandra ia certified Meditation and Yoga teacher. She has a Phd in Counseling from Capella University, Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Sciences and is an advanced doctoral academic researcher.

108Y. Christine Lischke

Email: khiaras@juno.com

Mailing Address:

20035 S.W. Santa Rosa Ct.

Aloha, Oregon 97007

Center & Website: No Center or Website yet

Description: Christine is a certified Yoga teacher

109M. Ausar Paumam’ki

Email: ausar31@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

131 Boerum St. Apt 2 Brooklyn, NY 11206

Center & Website: Fitness By Ausar

Description: Ausar is a certified Meditation teacher. The center provides Holistic health Qi Gong Personal Training and Meditation/Gentle Yoga.

110Y. Ajithkumar Chandramouli

Email: ajithkumar@ajithkumar.org

Mailing Address:

708, Arcadia Dr., Apt 4, Bloomington, Illinois 61704

Center & Website: Alternative Medicine

Description: Alternative Medicine Wiz has information about various common ailments and Alternative Medicine, home remedy and natural cures to treat those ailments.

111MY. Sandra Jean Adgar

Email: transformyourlife.cogeco.ca

Mailing Address:

23 Oarsman Crescent St Catherines, ON L2N 7S7

Center & Website: Transformational Bodywork with Sandra Jean Edgar

Description: Holistic services of Reiki, Esalen Therapeutic Massage, Lymphatic Massage, Breathwork, Holistic Facials, Natural Nail care, Yoga and Pilates classes, Meditation, and Janssen skin care products.

112M. Lex Ronin

Email: dallasronin@yahoo.com

Mailing Address:

2005 Verlaine Dr, Carrollton TX 75007

Phone# 214 702 8131

Center & Website: Ronin Fitness DFW

Description: Ronin Fitness provides Personal Fitness Training, Self Defense, Nutrition and Meditation.

113MY. Avani Pandya

Email: avanipandya66@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

1249 Scott Ridge Drive, Adrian, MI 49221

Center & Website: Meditation and Gentle Yoga

Description: Avani is a certified Yoga and Meditation teacher.

114M. Mario A Posani

Email: mrposani@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

1974 Pony Place, Marysville, Ohio 43040

Phone# 614-600-8614

Description: Mario is a certified Meditation teacher.

115Y. Mark Putzer

Email: mark@mypureland.com

Mailing Address:

N9417 Sam Crest Lane, Pickett, WI 54964

Phone# 920-345-2122

Center & Website: Pureland Meditation and Yoga Center

Description: coming soon

116Y. Denise M Manguse

Email: manguse44@verizon.net

Mailing Address:

650 Suncrest Ln., Englewood, FL 34223

Center & Website: Denise Manguse Yoga meeting at Englewood Sports Complex

Description: Denise is a certified Yoga teacher

117Y. Heather Smith

Email: roxywiles@yahoo.com

Mailing Address:

625 Dogwood St., Panama City Beach, FL 32407

Description: Heather is a certified Yoga teacher

118Y. Edwin G Everly

Email: edwineverly@yahoo.com

Mailing Address:

111 Seaver St., Rantoul, Illinois 61866

Other: edwineverly/twitter

Description: Edwin is a certified Yoga teacher

119Y. Abigail Elizabeth Phillips

Email: bapipixie86@aol.com

Mailing Address:

1301 S. Wolff St., Denver, CO 80219

Description: Abigail is a certified Yoga teacher

120MY. Henry Paul Szypulski

Email: hankalexnicole@yahoo.com

Mailing Address:

P O Box 4981, Clifton Park, NY 12065

Center & Website: coming soon – under construction

Description: Hank is a certified Meditation and Yoga teacher

121Y. Stephanie Brandt Cornais

Email: stephanie.brandt.love@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

3801 Piney Grove Drive, Tallahassee, Fl 32311

Center & Website: Mama and Baby Love

Description: Helping women feel happier, healthier and less overwhelmed about their journey through motherhood. Stephanie is a certified Yoga teacher.

122Y. Susan Mary Pryor


Mailing Address: 

The Cottage @ Tanekaha Farm, 51 Hukerenui Road, RD2, Hikurangi 0182 Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand

Center & Website: Butterfly Hill Temple

Description: Massage – Yoga and Meditation Center. Susan is a certified Meditation and Yoga teacher.

123Y. Abigail Elizabeth Phillips

Email: babipixie86@aol.com

Mailing Address:

1301 S. Wolff St., Denver, CO 80219

Description: Abigail is a certified Yoga teacher

124Y. Nizar Saab

Email: nizar_sb@yahoo.com

Mailing Address:

Center & Website: FaceBook Page: Nizar Saab Life Coaching

                            Twitter Tag: lifecoachingdubai

Description: Nizar is a certified Yoga teacher

125Y. Mary J. Doyal

Email: maryshouse@clearwire.net

Mailing Address:

6270 Rio Vista Lane Carson City, NV 89701

Description: Mary is a certified Yoga teacher

126Y. Mariah L. Menges

Email: mariahlove66@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

310 Lance Dr., Apt #4, Twin Lakes, WI 53181

Description: Mariah is a certified Yoga teacher

127Y. Ace Merriweather

Email: 2cool2cryyoga@gmail.com

Mailing Address & Phone:

310 Lance Dr., Apt #4, Twin Lakes, WI 53181


Center & Website:

2Cool 2Cry Yoga & Meditation

Jefferson Park Recreation Center, 1431 Norman Berry Drive, East Point, GA 30344

Description: Ishwarjot Kaur Ace is a certified Yoga Teacher. Please Call or email him for class schedules and rates.

128Y. Jane M. Mann

Email: mannjaneyoga@gmail.com

Mailing Address & Phone:

Center & Website:  Right Foot Yoga

Description: Jane is a certified Yoga teacher.

129MY. Travis Sweeney 

Calcutta, India

Email:  travissweeney@gmail.com

Mailing Address & Phone:

2nd Floor, 22A Bondal Road, Calcutta 700019, India

Phone #9523328119

130MY. Shireen Sayed Abdellatif Khalil

Email: sherrysherry95@yahoo.com

Mailing Address & Phone:

38 Gazerat Badran Street, Rod El Farag, Cairo, Egypt


Center & Website:

Transformation Spring for Training and Consultant

38 Gazerat Badran Street, Rod El Farag, Cairo, Egypt

Description: Shireen is a certified Meditation and Yoga teacher. She is a Reiki Master in Islamic Reiki and the Usui Method. She is also a Skill Development Trainer.

131MY. Mohamed Ahmed Lotfy


Mailing Address & Phone:

38 Gazerat Badran Street, Rod El Farag, Cairo, Egypt



Center & Website:

Website: Master Mohamed Ahmed Lotfy

Transformation Spring for Training and Consultant

38 Gazerat Badran Street, Rod El Farag, Cairo, Egypt

Description: The center provides Training and Consultation on Reiki, Meditation and Yoga. Psychology and Family Consultantation and Human Development. Mohamed is a certified Meditation and Yoga teacher. He has a Masters Degree from the University of Metaphysics and is the Founder of Islamic Reiki. He is an Associate member in International Metaphysical Ministry. He is also a NLP Advanced Practitioner.

132Y. Amany Sayed Abdellatif Khalil


Mailing Address & Phone:

38 Gazerat Badran Street, Rod El Farag, Cairo, Egypt


Center & Website:

Transformation Spring for Training and Consultant

38 Gazerat Badran Street, Rod El Farag, Cairo, Egypt

Description: The center provides Training and Consultation on Reiki, Meditation and Yoga. Psychology and Family Consultantation and Human Development. Amany is a certified Yoga teacher.

133Y. Altea Milada Leszczynska 

Altea Leszczynska, Poland

Email:  artofkundalini@gmail.com

Center & Website: 

Kundalini Art




Description: Site about Kundalini Yoga, Tarot and Angel Healing.

134YM. Simin Kaabi 

Ladera Ranch, California

Email:  chakratreats@gmail.com

Mailing Address & Phone:

8 Dennis Lane, Ladera Ranch CA 92694

Website and Center:

Chakra Treats

My name is Simin Kaabi, creator of Chakra Treats.   All the products on my website were made by me with love and good intention

135Y. Prince Zyarhon Jones

Mailing Address & Phone:

16 Madison Street, Bridgeton New Jersey 08302

Center & Website:

Facebook: facebook.com/9zyarhon

Instagram: @Triple9Prince

Twitter: @PrinceZyarhon



136Y. Nayana Patil

Mailing Address & Phone:

14607 NW Benny Drive, Portland OR 97229

Center & Website:

Holistic Yoga and Ayurveda.  Teaching Pranamaya as well.

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    visit the website says:

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  2. deborah
    deborah says:


    I am in the UK and just want to know if participation and qualifying with your course will allow me to obtain insurance and instruct groups of people…

    Locally to where I live there are a few places offering yoga at a great cost and I have a group of people eager to take up yoga at the low cost I have offered… the person who was going to run the group has bailed out hence I am looking to take up this role but not an instructor and don’t want to disappoint the group

    I look forward to your response


    • Anmol Mehta
      Anmol Mehta says:

      Hi Deborah,

      Yes you should be able to get insurance and teach in the UK with this certificate. Many others are already doing so. If you need 200 hours explicitly written into your letter of recommendation, in order for insurance please let us know.


  3. Suhani Karandikar
    Suhani Karandikar says:

    Hi Anmol I would like to enroll for the teacher training course. …how do I make the payment as I am in India and I dont use credit card but yes do use a debit card….

  4. DAWN
    DAWN says:

    Namaste! I can’t say enough how happy I was to have taken this course. There is a ton of information and video sequences. The certificate and letter of recommendation are beautiful. Thank you so much for the experience.

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