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Central New Jersey Free Yoga and Meditation Classes | Online on YouTube Live

Join us for Live Yoga and Meditation Class Online or In-Person

Dear friends very happy to announce the start of Free Online Gentle Yoga and Meditation classes in Central NJ at our Silent Mind Meditation Studio in Manalapan. The classes will also be streamed live on our YouTube channel AnmolMehtaCom at the link below:


The class will be held every Saturday from 11am – noon EST and everyone is welcome to join us.  The class will consist of 3 primary practices, Pranayama, Gentle Yoga and Meditation.  Meditation will be a central focus of the class.  I will lead the class and they will be free of charge of course.  Donations are welcome and all donations will be used to spread the light of yoga and meditation as always.

We held our first class today and it was a great success.  Below you will find the YouTube Live video of the entire class.

Central New Jersey (Manalapan) Free Yoga and Meditation Class

Direct YouTube Link –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLSAWVYP03Q&t=3152s


How to Register for Free Yoga and Meditation Class:

I encourage those of you in New Jersey to attend the class in person.  Although it will be live streamed, in person there is a wonderful energy which we can share together.  If you are planning to join in person please email me at anmol @ anmolmehta (.com).  This way I can ensure we have space to accommodate all those interested. Or you can leave a comment below.

If you are panning to join our live stream you may simply do so using the link I posted above.  After the class I am happy to answer any questions you may have, either via Chat or in person.  We had some great questions in today’s class which I think benefited everyone.

Adding More Meditation Classes for Your TimeZone:

If this class timing is not suitable for you due to your location, and you are interested in joining the live classes please let me know in the comments section below or email me.  If there is sufficient interest I am happy to hold additional classes for you at a more convenient time.

Today’s Yoga Class in Manalapan:

In the class today we practiced some excellent breathing exercises, yoga stretches and Zen Meditation.  We began the class with tuning into the present moment, after which we did segmented breathing to charge up our energy centers.  We then used this energy to work on warming up the back and spine.

After doing the spinal warmups we worked on particular stretches which facilitate sitting for long periods in meditation.  We followed up these stretches with doing some work on our core and abs.

Then, to prepare the mind for meditation, we did one of my favorite pranayama combos which helps settles the mind down and integrate all your senses.

Finally, we practiced Zen Meditation (Breath Awareness / Zazen) together.  For the more advanced practitioners we did a variation of Zen Meditation which included drift analysis and thought perception.

Benefits of Yoga and Meditation Class:

The benefits of today’s class are wide and varied.  The exercises and meditation we did will not just promote good health and wellbeing, but will also help you discover spontaneous joy, peace and love.  This type of practice is also ideal for stress reduction and bestowing deep relaxation.

Updates of Free Classes:

If you are a part of Meetup.com, I have started a new Yoga and Meditation Group there where you will also find information about our classes.  Here is that link:


I will also be posting any updates about the classes on our Facebook Fan Page.  So do join that if you would like to be stay informed.  Here is that link:


I hope you all benefit from the class video above and I look forward to you joining us for the next class online or in-person.

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