Top 5 Meditation Myths Busted

Meditation Myth #1

Meditation Requires the Mind to be Still

This is the number #1 Meditation Myth.

Although it is indeed the most incredible state which reveals the True Unfragmented Reality that lies beyond thoughts, meditation does not require the mind to be still.  This is one of the biggest myths of meditation.  In fact it is our very thoughts which provide the atmosphere where the ever-present activity of moment to moment learning takes place.

The First Law of TantraThis learning, born out of intelligence and awareness, is the core of meditation.  Thus you can now understand when we say meditation is not just the formal practice done while being seated, but is a practice which can continue throughout the day and night.

If thoughts are moving, as is the nature of the mind, then meditation can bring awareness to them.  So is a still mind then a possibility and where does it fit in, given that it is such an exalted state?

Stillness comes in one of the following ways.  At night, especially if awareness throughout the day has been maintained, after the day’s work is done, if one’s practice is strong, or immediately when the mind sees itself as the root cause of suffering during an intense meditation session.

So the lesson here is not to be disappointed if your mind is moving during meditation, just keep watch.  Which means keep understanding the mind and thoughts from moment to moment.  The benedictions that come from holy silence will descend on their own.

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Meditation Myth #2 and #3

Meditation is Complicated and Hard

I will address Meditation Myth #2 and Meditation Myth #3 together.

These are both myths.  Meditation has been complicated by those who do not understand what it is.  They have created all kinds of activities under the banner of meditation, mostly so they can package and sell it.

Fundamentally meditation is your capability to be a light unto yourself.  It is the potential of the mind to observe and understand itself in action.  That is the core of meditation.

So it need not be made complicated.  It requires your interest and your application.  Find a quiet moment and witness the thoughts taking place within.  Neither indulge them not condemn them, just watch and understand their stories.

So why is this hard to do?  I say it is not.  Thinking meditation is hard, is just a way for the mind to make excuses and continue on its lazy way.  Yes, watching each thought, very closely, and instantly digesting it, requires energy and intensity, but it is also great fun.

You have to try it to find out for yourself, but certainly don’t let the Myth that meditation is complicated and hard stop you from embarking on this transformative journey.

Here is where you can get started in your meditation journey:  Free Online Beginners Meditation Program

Meditation Myth #4

You need a Guru to Practice Meditation

If you understand the horror which authority creates for the mind and realize authority is the root cause of your misery you will completely reject the idea of a guru immediately.  I think it is essential to understand this topic in order to make progress in your spiritual journey.

Authority establishes the ideal and the ideal, which is unachievable, creates the seeking, which prevents us from seeing the absolute perfection of the moment.  There are many article and videos on this site which deep dive into this very important subject, so I encourage you to explore those…

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The basic fact is that you have all the necessary tools in order to discover the Truth.  You do not need another and in fact, if the other is placed in a position of authority, it will actually make it harder for you to find the Truth.  Yes, you can be inspired and guided by others, but Enlightenment requires you to make the journey yourself.

Have confidence in yourself and follow you inner guidance.  And, don’t worry, if you put your trust in life, she will be there to help you whenever you need.

Meditation Myth #5

Meditation’s Goal is Stress Relief

What!?  You really think men and women who have dedicated their entire lives to meditation were just trying to get stress relief?  Meditation is the greatest gift humans have been given and yes stress relief is one of the side benefits of meditation, but the true purpose of meditation is Enlightenment.

It is absolutely fine if you take up meditation in order to reduce stress, in fact, no matter what the reason for your taking up meditation, I am just delighted that you started.  Once meditation enters your life, basically then you enter life.  Until then you are simply living in your reactive mind.  In order to touch life directly, you need to discover meditation, and if you end up spending your life only in your mind, never touching life, that then is the greatest of tragedies.

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Top 5 Meditation Myths Conclusion:

Meditation is the key to achieving the highest purpose of human birth.  It is very important to not be dissuaded from taking up this wonderful art due to the many myths that surround the practice.

Don’t get deterred because you have been told it is too hard or because you feel your mind is too active.  And most certainly don’t fall for the myth that you need to have a Guru.  That is the most dangerous of all the myths as it allows you to be taken advantage of by fake Gurus.  In fact, these days I am seeing even dead “Gurus” being used to steal money from vulnerable people.

Finally, understand that meditation is more than just for relaxation.  You will get all the side benefits of meditation if you practice seriously, but most importantly you will realize Oneness and discover the bliss of Divinity.

So go forth and Meditate !!

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