This Meditation Class Will Transform You

We all know meditation has the power to completely transform you and your life, and I would like the share the video from this morning’s online meditation class with you, as I feel this class specifically can bring about this transformation.

Sometimes everything comes together and makes a class which is  truly inspiring, uplifting and transformative, and the energy in today’s gentle yoga and meditation class I feel made this class all that and more.  So I would really like to share the class and techniques we practiced with you.

Meditation Class to Transform You

These free classes are held every Saturday from 11am – noon.  I am also providing the links to the yoga poses, breathing exercises and meditation techniques that were taught so you can learn them in detail and extract their full benefit.

Here is the video of the entire class, which I have broken down below and provided links to all the wonderful techniques we practiced:

Meditation Class To Transform You

Direct YouTube Link –>

Complete Structure for Meditation Class to Transform You

Beginning Pranayama:

Powerful Pranayama to Transform Consciousness:  Although both these techniques were used in this class, the first pranayama is what we started the class with to charge up and energize.

Warm-up Set:

We following up with the Spinal Warm-up series which is excellent for your back and spine.  This set also warms up the entire body and charges up the central energy channel essential to drive energy up the spine into the brain and higher centers.

The other great benefit of the Spinal warm-up series is that it helps you sit straight in meditation.  You might have noticed your posture being impacted by long hours on the computer or phone, so working on your back will help reverse some of the damage done by this behavior.

Yoga Stretches for Meditation:

As the focus of this class is meditation, the next set we did was yoga stretches for meditation.  This set has excellent poses for stretching your groin, hips, hamstrings, glutes and thighs.  Stretching these muscles and joints really help in sitting in meditation for long periods of time and is a must for serious meditators.

Pranayama for Meditative Mind:

We then went back to using the power of pranayama to help settle the mind down and prepare for meditation.  The combination we used here was Kapalbhati Pranayama and then followed it up with Step Breathing which is the second breathing technique from the Transformative Pranayama Set above.

Beginner Meditation:

Don’t be fooled by the fact that I am calling this a Beginner Meditation.  Zazen or Zen Meditation has been proven to have a boat load of benefits and consistent practice will most definitely bring enormous changes in you and to your life.  Just work towards doing 20 minutes 2/day as that is the magic number for this meditation to transform you.

Intermediate Meditation:

Once you get comfortable with Zazen, then begin to really develop your witnessing consciousness and brain power by practicing Drift Awareness Technique which is explained in detail in this article: Amazing Meditation for Increasing Brain Power.

Advanced Transformative Meditation:

We also introduced Advanced Meditation in this class, which is the highest form of meditation and is the key for those looking for transformation and Enlightenment.  The technique is described in the following article: Silent Mind Meditation Technique.  You will find videos of how to do these advanced meditation in the following article: Free Advanced Meditation Videos.


So there you have the entire script for this wonderful class.  If you are interested in meditation and spirituality, then utilize the techniques in this article to create a program which will completely transform you and your life.  It does not matter with what name you call Enlightenment; Samadhi, Nirvana, God, Non-Duality, Oneness, Kundalini Awakening, Heaven, Self, Consciousness, Reality, Otherness, Shunya, Is-ness, Silence, etc., the key is to apply your full potential and learn to comprehend your thoughts from moment to moment via direct perception.

When you awaken this level of intelligence and awareness, then the mind is able to realize that it is the obstacle itself and therefore ceases itself.   When this happens that which lies beyond the projected mind comes into being.  That is real transformation as now you find a new way to exist and live.  Now you have discovered the Truth, and with it Love, Beauty, Divinity and all else that comes with it.

Do join us for these classes and let’s journey together.  Here is my YouTube live link:

See you there :-).

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