Meditation for Success

Why Meditation Brings Success The greatest key to success, regardless of which field you are in, is the ability to do the hard things when the moment demands it.  We all know in our hearts what needs to be done, the problem is that we are unwilling to do these difficult things in a timely

Powerful Pranayama for Mystical Experiences | Transform Consciousness

Happy to share with everyone today the following 2 yoga pranayama techniques from my personal yoga practice, which when combined together can radically transform ones consciousness and bring about transcendental and mystical experiences. These 2 pranayamas are very beneficial in their own right, but done together they truly become magical.  The combination, I have found,

How Nature Helps Us Overcome Loneliness and Find Happiness

Importance of Nature in Ending Isolation Loneliness is not the same as Aloneness.  Aloneness is the power to stand apart and have a direct connection with life, while Loneliness is feeling disconnected and depressed. Loneliness is the result of a life spent endlessly caught in the web of egocentric thinking.  Eventually these ever isolating thought

How to End Endless Desire

Effortless Effort and the Ending of Desire Desire is root cause for suffering, that becomes obvious to those who deeply inspect and understand the human mind, but how is one to go about and end desire?  How is one to be free from seeking and the feeling of constant insufficiency that it brings.  If you