10 Bodies of Light Yoga Numerology

Sample Master Number & Life Path Readings

The 10 Bodies of Light Yoga Numerology is really an astonishingly accurate system for understanding yourself and providing you with the answers you need in order to live a successful and fulfilling life.  Here is a sample reading to help you understand what Yoga Numerology reveals and how it helps guide you.

As I explained in the Numerology Service Offer, this system is based on your date of birth from where it derives your master numbers and life path, which is then understood using the 10 Bodies of Light model.  The reading below is my report using my date of birth August 10, 1967 (08-10-1967).

Anmol’s Numerological Analysis:

Date of Birth: 08-10-1967 (August 10, 1967)

Soul Number: 10

Originally my teacher Ravi had done my analysis and when he explained my Soul Number and what it indicated to me about my inner path, I was really amazed by it’s accuracy.  A soul number of 10, which is the Radiant Body, means my inner path is that of a Warrior Saint and I can’t express just how true that is for me.  The path of a warrior saint, are like those of Kundalini Yogis and Shaolin Monks, and ever since I was a child this approach has appealed deeply to me.

Knowing my Soul Number made it abundantly clear that for deep fulfillment I needed to embrace strong Yoga practices, like Kundalini Yoga and also live a life in which my noble qualities and desire for challenge could be expressed and satisfied.  As you can see from the Mastery of Meditation & Yoga website, I have integrated these aspects into my life, and I can honestly say that the blog is one of the most satisfying aspects of my life.

To further build my Radiant Body, Archer Pose is indicated, which also happens to be one of my favorite Kundalini Yoga exercises, no surprise there .

Karma Number: 8

My Karma number indicates what lessons I planned for myself to learn on this go around in life.  Number 8 relates to the Pranic Body, which is the ground for fearlessness and energy.  Fearlessness and energy both have their roots in breath and prana.  Let me tell you, this is my life challenge for sure.  For those familiar with Ayurveda, my constitution is that of Vata and anxiety, nervousness, fear were all challenges I had to cope with heavily in my life.  The solution of course has come through meditation and kundalini yoga, but I know very well that the lesson of fearlessness remains my biggest challenge to face and overcome.

To help me with developing my Pranic Body, several yoga pranayamas are indicated including Sodarshan Chakra Kriya.  As soon as I began doing this Kriya, I knew it was going to become an essential aspect of my life and practice.

Gift Number: 4

If I was not already shocked from the revelations of the numbers above, my gift number really floored me.  It is 4, which is the Neutral Mind or Yogic Mind.  This is undoubtedly my strength and comes most naturally to me.  Having a Neutral or Yogic Mind, means to be able to have a dispassionate, non-reactive, intelligent approach to problem solving and life.  The drawback is that one can end up becoming overly intellectual and lose sight of one’s heart.  The key for me was therefore to embrace my gift, utilize my Neutral Mind, while not allowing over thinking to trespass on the space of the heart.

The best way for me to keep my gift flowing is of course through the practice of meditation, specially the insight meditations such as Zen Meditation Technique, etc.  Well, that’s the kind of homework I love to be given .

Destiny Number: 5

The number 5 is the Physical Body, and one’s destiny number is what is one’s limiting factor in this life and in lifetimes past.  Why do you think I took up Kundalini Yoga in the first place?  I knew the tendency of my body being my roadblock and my mental impression of my body leading to more anxiety and worry.  Thus taking up yoga and embracing exercise was the best way for me to push ahead and overcome the limitations that the physical body can create in spiritual growth.

All exercise, but especially a regular yoga and exercise routine is absolutely essential for me to be successful in this life.

Path Number: 5

This is the most important number for you in this life.  The path number is what you were meant to do, what you were meant to be, what role you were meant to play in the divine plan.  For me, well here we go again it is number 5 – The Physical Body.  So I was lucky here in my view.  My destiny (what I needed to work on) and my Path number (what work I came here to do) were one and the same.  So for me if became absolutely clean that I needed to work on developing my yoga and pranayama practice.  It not only was the means to overcome my roadblocks but, it also was the way for me to live the life I was meant to live.

The number 5 is also the path of a teacher and healer, and teaching and helping others is obviously my first love.  So, having it reaffirmed by my numerological reading, only motivated me further to continue on this noble career path.

My Summary & Your Numerological Report:

So overall what did my numerological reading say about me and my life.  Here it is summarized for you in one sentence:

Anmol has the soul of a warrior saint, he is noble and powerful with a strong mind, whose challenge in life is to master the body and develop the courage to live freely and energetically.

My 40 day program for transformation was the practice of Sodarshan Chakra Kriya and Zen Meditation, along with a vigorous Kundalini Yoga & Pranayama Program.

Your reading will give you the same level of insight into yourself and your life, and I will also propose techniques and practices to help you work on your challenges and help you be successful in your life.  In addition, I will provide the answers that numerology provides to your questions.  Finally, you will have the opportunity to discuss with me further your report and analysis, so that you can be clear on the path ahead.