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By Master Yogi & Meditation Expert Anmol Mehta


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“The beauty of Ten Body Numerology is that it will help you understand very clearly exactly what you need to do to live effectively and fully.” Ravi Singh (my teacher).

Client Testimonials:

Rebecca says, “WOW, this was an excellent reading and intuitively I knew there was greatness within and that is why I am feeling so eager to reach it.  Thanks again for the tools to help me along my path and I am so blessed to have been presented to you as a guide for me, you will always be in my thoughts as a teacher and coach on my path.”

Gurtej says, “I cant thank u enough to have WOKEN ME UP with ur reading about me…… i am STUNNED to say the least……. i didnt expect this numerological reading to be so precise. U have told me exactly what i needed to know to grow and glow in my life…….. Thank u so very much …. i have started my transformation programme from 1st of this month.”

Anca says, “Thank you so much for this analysis, the words sounded so deeply inside me that it made me cry ;-).  I definitely could use the Zen Meditation ;-).  I started your program today and I am very confident in my path now”.

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What is 10 Bodies of Light Yoga Numerology:

The 10 Bodies of Light Yoga Numerology is a fantastic tool for gaining deep insight into your life and soul.  It is an ancient mathematical science which uses your birth date to compute various aspects of your being, based on the 10 Bodies of Light model.  These insights then point out exactly what you need to do in order to maximize your success and potential in life.  The science is so powerful that an intuitive and proficient teacher, once having done the numerological analysis, will often know more about the student than the student themselves!

Today quantum physics and other advanced mathematical systems are shedding more light into the connection between numbers and the subtle, spiritual universe.   This connection and vibratory value of numbers was known long ago to the yogis and saints of ancient India.   The 10 Bodies of Light Yoga Numerology can be considered this bridge between mathematics and the multi-dimensional, spiritual being.

Numerology Answers Questions Like Below:

  1. Why does life feel meaningless and empty?
  2. Why can’t I break free of negative patterns?
  3. Why do I keep making wrong choices and decisions?
  4. What is my real purpose in this life?
  5. How can I maximize my potential in this life?
  6. What are my gifts and talents?
  7. How do I transform myself and my life?
  8. How to improve my relationships?

Client Testimonials:

Chris says, “Thank you for the wonderful reading.  It was astonishing and not surprising my work is the pranic body.”


What the Numerology Report Reveals to You:

From the numerological calculations, the Life Path Analysis and Master Number Report you learn the following aspects of yourself.

  • Your Soul Number:  Reveals what you need to do in order to achieve true inner peace.  This knowledge allows you to live a passionate, fulfilling life.
  • Your Karma Number:  The lessons you need to learn in this life.  This knowledge ensures you complete the tasks you were meant to in this life.
  • Your Gift Number:  What you have been blessed with due to your past efforts.  This knowledge ensures you become aware of your gifts and use this special talent to achieve your goals.
  • Your Destiny Number: What you have been struggling with in life.  This knowledge lets you understand your obstacles clearly.
  • Your Life Path Number:  The person you were meant to be in this life.  The life path number is perhaps the most important master number, as it tells you what types of career and work you are meant for.

The 10 Bodies of Light of Yoga Numerology:

Briefly, here are the 10 Bodies of Light, used to represent your entire being.  Your numerological master numbers derived from your birth date indicate the state and working of these bodies in your life currently.  When you receive your analysis a detailed explanation of your bodies and states, as indicated by your numerological analysis, will be provided.

  • Soul Body
  • Negative Mind
  • Positive Mind
  • Neutral Mind
  • Physical Body
  • Arcline or Halo
  • Aura or Magnetic Field
  • Pranic or Energetic Body
  • Subtle Body
  • Radiant Body
  • Perfected Body (Encompasses all the others above)

Client Testimonials:

Debra Says, “Thank you for this very thorough and insight-filled analysis. I am not at all surprised by some parts and excited and flustered by others. This does not read as superficial in any way- rather dense and a great gift to me. Thank you for your willingness to serve us all in this capacity, Anmol.”

What the Numerology Reading Service Offers:

  • Numerological Analysis & Master Numbers Report:  A complete numerological analysis will be provided.  The analysis will include your master numbers and what they say about you and your life currently.  Having this information is great, but it is just the first step.  The next step is very helpful to make the changes required in order to fulfill your life.  This is where the expertise of a yoga and meditation teacher really comes in.  Here, I will make recommendations on techniques and exercises you can do to make improvements in yourself and your life.  This is a 40 day program designed to help you make the positive transformation.

Here is a detailed sample reading and example of a transformation program.  Sample Numerological Analysis, Report & Transformation Program.

Here is a brief sample reading of my numerological analysis:  Anmol’s Numerological Analysis.

  • Life Path Analysis: You can also submit a few questions you have about life and I will tell you what the answers indicated based on your numerological reading.  Also, you don’t have to submit questions if you don’t want to, as the report will give you a great deal of information in any case.
  • Ongoing Dialogue about Your Numerological Reading:  In addition you may email me up to 3 times to discuss your report or any other issues you have with regard to the 40 day program I will suggest.
  • Time Frame for Generation of Numerological Report: I will do your analysis and provide you your report typically in 1 week.  If there is a waiting list I will post it here. (I am currently NOT doing any reading due to time constraints resulting from the ongoing Meditation Certification Program.  Please e-mail me if you have any questions).
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: Like all my products and services I give a full 100% money back guarantee on your Numerology Reading and Program.  If you can not completely satisfied by the reading, I will refund your money.  Before ordering please take a look at the Sample Reading, so you know what to expect.  Also, please note this reading is not a gimmicky Psychic Reading or anything like that.  Although it does require substantial intuition to do, the reading is based on a mathematical model, from which it derives it’s amazing accuracy.  In addition, the transformation program requires work from you in order to help you achieve your dreams and goals.

Client Testimonials:

Falguni says, “I wanted to follow up on my transformation program you prescribed me based on my numerology reading. Today is my 40th day of the program and am happy to report that I have completed at least the initial phase. :-) I definitely feel more confident after starting the program. The meditation has helped bring more awareness into my life especially when I am off the mat.” 

How to Purchase a Numerological Reading:

  • Birth date Information: Please email me your birthday, month-day-year, in MM-DD-YYYY format.  For example if your birth date is August 10, 1967, you should send me 08-10-1967 and any questions you would like answered.
  • Payment Method: You can pay via PayPal below (a secure and industry leading secure payment website), or via check.  If paying by check, please email me at anmol@anmolmehta.com, and please make check out to “Anmol Mehta” and mail to… Anmol Mehta
    66 Corona Court
    Old Bridge, NJ 08857
  • Cost: There are 2 purchase options.  One is a complete Numerological Reading & Answers to your questions for $74.11 and the second is the Numerological Reading, Answers, plus the Transformation Program and Ongoing Consultation for $111.11. Also, get your free gifts for a limited time when you request your readings.  Get Anmol’s E-book Amazing Insights when your request a Numerology Reading.  Get Anmol’s E-book & his Consciousness Expanding Guided Meditation MP3 when you request both, a Numerological Reading and a Transformation Program.

PLEASE NOTE: I am currently NOT doing any reading due time constraints resulting from the ongoing Meditation Certification Program.  Please email me if you have any questions.


Complete Numerology Reading & Answers

Complete Numerology Reading, Answers, Transformation Program & Ongoing Consultation

Thank You & God Bless You

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