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Client Born on January 20, 1965



Birth Date: January 20, 1965

Numerological Master Number Analysis:

The numerological analysis below will provide you your 5 primary Master Numbers, and what Bodies of Light they indicate you need to focus on in this life in order to achieve your Highest Potential. 

The Master Numbers relate to specific aspects of your life, such as your Gift, your Path, etc.  The 10 Bodies of Light describes a complete human being.  The reading below tells you which body you need to balance in order for that aspect of your life to be perfected.

There are 3 Sections to the report.  The first section details your Master Numbers and the bodies they indicate.  The second section, is your Transformation Program, which contains all the details and links for the techniques you need to practice in order to balance each of the bodies indicated by your numerology. And the final section, is the summary of the report, where you will find more of my thoughts regarding your reading, along with a description of you from a numerological perspective.  Also, the final details for your transformation program are in this section.  In addition, any questions you asked are answered there as well.



The Second Body – The Negative Mind:

Your soul number is considered your first challenge in life.  It is the number that indicates what needs to done in order to connect with your Higher Self and thus, recognize and realize your spiritual nature and inner path to fulfillment.  This number is telling you what you need to do in order to find true peace, happiness and full self expression.  It indicates the road to a meaningful and successful life.

Your Soul Number has indicated your Negative Mind.

The Negative Mind reveals the pitfalls and obstacles of any give situation.  It is the power to say “No” when necessary.  It emerges when duality emerges from singularity.  In other words, when from the Oneness, the sense of me and separation emerges.  This separation creates a sense of longing which is reflected in this body.  The Negative mind subsequentially helps us navigate back in our spiritual journey by showing us what we are not, so that eventually we rediscover our True Holistic Nature, and the longing ends.

The Soul Number 2 here means that you need to balance your Negative Mind so that it works in your favor going forward.

When this body is out of balance, you will long to belong.  You may choose the wrong teachers or guides due to emotional reasons and be too trusting, naive and needy in your relationships.  Balancing this body, will help you be devotional, loyal, secure and balanced, thus making it possible to become a great student and choose disciplines (spiritual or otherwise) and teachers who are truly beneficial to you. 


The First Body – The Soul Body

Your Karma Number is what you must work on next, once you have done some work on your Soul Body (Negative Mind in your case).  The Karma Number represents the lessons you have come here to learn during this incarnation.  It will be the difficulties you encounter in your outer life and relationships, from which you will learn the important lessons needed for spiritual growth.

Your Karma Number has indicated your Soul Body.

Your Soul Body is the first body of light.  It should not be confused with the Soul Number, which I detailed above.  The Soul Body is our very essence.  It is the infinite, eternal and divine aspect of ourselves.  It is our source of guidance and our inner voice.  It is part of the One Source, and ultimately returns there once our journey is complete.

The Karma Number 1 here means aligning with your true purpose and re-establishing trust and connectedness with the Universe are the great lessons you have set for yourself in this life.

In not developing and balancing this body, you will find it difficult to be creative, original and your true self.  You will have a strong tendency to be stubborn and rigid.  In addition, you could be dependent and manipulative.  In order for you to be trusting, original, passionate and create great things, you will need to balance this body.


The Eleventh Body – The Perfected Being

Your gift number is the special talent or attribute you have been blessed with in order to help you reach your highest potential in this life.  Most important aspect of your gift is that you must not take it for granted, and you must use it to help your spiritual growth.  In addition, you can develop this aspect further, so that it can be even more useful to you and others.  If you don’t use your gift, you lose your gift.

Your Gift Number has indicated the Perfected Being.

The Perfected Being is the eleventh body of light.  Now, now let’s not get too carried away :-D.  The Perfected Being lies at the end of the Soul’s journey. It relates to spiritual mastery and the ability to see that the only true answer to life is God.  It is grace, inspiration, wisdom, goodness and humility.  All other 10 bodies are understood and contained in the Eleventh Body.

The Gift Number 11 here means that you have a great ability to live compassionately, humbly and gracefully.  It means you can inspire others spiritually, by example.  If this gift is not exercised though, you can find yourself being the opposite of spiritual and humble.  In that you can find yourself becoming materialistic, egotistical and caught in the drama of life.


The Third Body – The Positive Mind

Your Destiny Number represents how other people see you.  It is the work you have already done in the past and is what you have been involved with for quite some time now (many lifetimes).  The Destiny Number represents the first impression that other’s have of you, and often it is how you really are, although you may not know it yet.

Your Destiny Number has indicated the Positive Mind.

The Positive Mind is the third body of light.  It is enthusiasm, optimism, inspiration, hope, light and positivity.  It is the feeling that anything is possible and that any challenge can be overcome.  It is the wonderful attitude that everything is going to be Ok, no matter how tough life gets.

If this body is out of balance, others will not see you as a confident, optimistic, fun person, who always sees the glass as half full.  When balanced, you will be a source of hope and inspiration to others, and your company will be sought out and enjoyed.  The fact that this is your Destiny number means the positive mind must be kept healthy, or you will find despair and negativity becoming an obstacle for you in this life.


The Sixth Body – The Arc Line

Your path number is your path to fulfillment and success in this lifetime.  This is the work that you came here to do, and what the Universe means for you to do in this lifetime.  It is your place in the grand plan.  It is the person you were born to be.

Your Path Number has indicated the Arc Line.

Your Arc Line (often depicted as the halo around angles and saints) is the Sixth body of light.  It is the body that guides your way forward in your spiritual journey back to Infinity.  It is the power of prayer and ability to manifest results in the material world through visualization and mental focus.

The path number 6 here indicates a life of meditation, meditation and more meditation.  Meditation is the key to developing the power of visualization, prayer and mental focus.  In other words, meditation is the key to balancing the Arc Line.  Your life must be guided by meditation in order to be meaningful and successful.  It is the guidance that comes from deep within that is going to light your way forward, and then allow you to use the beaming power of the mind to manifest what you need in life.  As your meditation practice matures, so will your power of mental focus and visualization.  Choose your words well once you have balanced this body, as they will carry the ability to change reality.

Transformation Program & Techniques:

Your reading contains the exalted number 11 for your Gift Number.  This then means you have great potential in this life, from a spiritual perspective, if you choose to exercise this aspect of your being.  I would suggest to certainly utilize the good Karma which has enabled this gift to ensure you raise the level of your consciousness and also help others to do the same. 

The bodies you need to work on are your Negative Mind, Soul Body, Positive Mind and Arc Line.  It all comes together very nicely for you as if you actually work on your fourth body, the Neutral Mind, you will end up accomplishing many of the requirements of the work you need to do.  This is for two reasons.

First, working on the Neutral Mind, will help balance both the positive and negative mind, and second, the technique to develop the Neutral mind is meditation, which is also the prescription for you in order to balance the Arc Line.  So meditation should be the core aspect of your spiritual work.

Below I will provide techniques for you to specifically balance the negative and positive mind as well, so they can be focused upon intensely during the initial phase.  In addition, the program includes work on the Soul Body, which also relates to the first chakra, and is where you will find your outer challenges in this life (your Karma Number).

You will find the full transformation program in the summary section at the end of this reading.

Negative Mind Work:

To help balance the negative mind and thus enjoy the benefits of optimism, loyalty and diplomacy, please practice the following meditation.
In addition, please note that when this body is out of balance you will tend to give away your time and energy by being unable to say “No” when necessary.

Negative Mind Clearing Meditation

Sit with your legs crossed.  Have your arms up such that your elbows are at should level.  Now keeping your elbows at shoulder level bring the back of your hands together, such that the thumbs are pointing down and the rest of the fingers pointing forward (almost the opposite of prayer pose or namaste).

Let the back of the hands press against each other.  Have your eyes 1/10th open looking down at the tip of your nose.  Now breathe in deeply and chant “Wahay Guru” 16 times as you exhale.  The total time for one cycle will take about 25 seconds.

Start with 3 minutes and build up to 11 minutes.

Additional Technique for Cleaning the Negative Mind:

An Additional technique for clearing the negative mind is Kapalbhati Pranayama done, while visualizing all negativity leaving your system as you exhale powerfully during this breathing exercise.  Here is a link to this Breathing Exercise:

Kapalbhati Pranayama


Start with 1 minute and build up to 5 minutes

Soul Body Work

Work on this body is essential for you in order to cultivate faith, live an inspired, creative life and have the ability to be your natural self.
Powerful Soul Body Meditation

Sit with your legs crossed.  Turn your eyes upwards such that you are looking through the center of your forehead.  This is called shambhavi mudra and you should not hold it longer than comfortable.  You can always release this eye position, continue with the meditation, and they reapply the eye position once you are ready again.

Inhale deeply and then chant a long Saaaaaaaaaat, finally with your last bit of breath chant a short Nam.  SAT NAM means true identity, your Soul Body, the real you.

Start with 3 minutes and you can work up to 31 minutes.

Eleventh Body Work:

Your gift is the much desired Eleventh Body, or perfected being.  With this gift, I suggest that you live like a Master.  It is the best way to honor your gift, which indicates you have Spiritual Mastery in you.

The best meditation which reflects this mastery and also works on the Neutral Mind that I alluded to above, is Zen Meditation.  You will find those details in the article below.  Again, meditation is a key aspect for you and one I feel you should embrace going forward.

Zen Meditation Technique


Positive Mind Work:

The third body of light, the Positive Mind, has been the area of work for you for some time now, according to your numerology.  To continue working on this aspect of yourself, please practice the technique below.  Feeling light, bright and carefree is the goal here, and having others see you as such.

Smiling Buddha Meditation


One additional note here, is that sometimes those who have a Positive Mind indicated in their numerology, can have food issues when this body is out of balance, so be careful about that.

Arc Line Work:

It is important for you to visualize that which you want to manifest.  Developing mental focus, visualization and the power of prayer will be very helpful to you. Think here in terms of a mind like a laser and focus strongly on what you want, so your message is heard loud and clear by the Universe.

Also, learn to listen carefully to your inner voice so you can develop a channel of communication with your Higher Self.  Feel free to speak often to your Higher Self in any way you like.  Specially, use the quiet time right before sleep, to hear guidance that is coming from deep within.
As I mentioned in the analysis above, meditation is the key for you and the key for balancing this body as well.

To develop this body, please do the following meditation for the next 40 days.

Arc Line Meditation:

Sit in any comfortable position (preferably with legs crossed in Easy Pose).  Have your wrists placed gently on your knees, with your hands in Gyan Mudra (Index finger and thumb tips meeting, other three fingers point straight, palms are turned slightly upwards).  Have your eyes 1/10th open, gazing at the tip of your nose.  As you inhale visualize energy rising up from your navel.  As you exhale project a white beam of light, like a laser, at an upwards angle emanating from the center of your forehead (in between your eyebrows), heading out to infinity.  On the inhale think the sound “wha”, on the exhale think the sound “guru”. 

Time for this meditation is open, start with 3 minutes and build up to 11 minutes.




Before planning out your transformation program, I would like to address the questions you asked from a numerology view and see what direction it indicates for them.

1.    Money:

The money problems are being indicated by an imbalance in the Eleventh Body, the Embodiment.  When this body is imbalanced, materialism and money can become an issue.  From the point of view of the Perfected Being, money is needed for the following 4 things: food, clothing, shelter and leisure.  Leisure then allowing for time in order to do the spiritual work and make spiritual progress.

An article with  more on these thoughts, how to view money and the right use of money is Money Money Money and the Path to Enlightenment (https://anmolmehta.com/2007/05/26/money-money-money-mantra-and-the-path-to-enlightenment/).

2.    Letting go of the Past:

The hurts and pains of the past indicate work required with the Neutral Mind.  The presence of a developed Neutral Mind, will change your perspective on these past pains as you will see them not from an individualistic view, but from a holistic view.

What that means is that when these feelings come to the surface, the Neutral Mind will not react to them, but take the perch of a Third Person Witness instead.  This will allow the feelings to rise, run their course and then finish.  This allows one to learn about which attachments we have that caused the pain, and also allows us to implement and thus further develop the Neutral Mind.  The following article will expand on this idea further as well:  The True Purpose of Relationships (https://anmolmehta.com/2007/01/08/the-true-purpose-of-relationships/).

In addition, Zen Meditation technique will not just develop the Neutral Mind above, but it will also help is allowing these feeling to be dissolved under the heat of attention and awareness.

3.    Napping / Partial Paralysis:

The feeling of being held down while napping, and having difficulty rising, is often a symptom of Kundalini awakening.  It is similar to states of paralysis that take place when this energy is working within you.  The fact that you feel dizzy afterwards further supports this possibility.  Also, napping is often when kundalini rises to work.  Next time you feel this, just become aware of what is taking place, but don’t fight the feeling.  Remain still as that is what the energy is requiring of you.

If it gets too much, then go ahead and move, it will break the hold Kundalini has.  You can read more about such symptoms in the following article, and the comments section:  Kundalini Awakening Symptoms.

4.    Improve Relationships:

The most important aspect of improving relationships is fearlessness and love.  When there is fear, then one cannot love.  From your side, love is the energy that you can bring to relationships.  This love as I mentioned will come when there is no fear.  When you are not seeking for yourself you are then able to love, because then you are not worried or fearful about not getting what you want.  This freedom from seeking and fear both come with the development of the Neutral Mind and the Perfected Being.

As you practice the meditation, you will find yourself more and more residing as Spirit.  More and more just a witness to the grand drama unfolding in front of you.  This then allows His Will to operate through you, as you now are less concerned with your egotistical mind.  With His Will comes love, affection and wisdom.  So just do your practice, and observe how gently you and all others around you are touched by it’s sweet perfume.

5.    Past Sins: 

Take the following approach with regard to past sins.  Whatever comes let it come, whatever goes let it go.  The debts you have to pay, allow them to be paid, and what is owed to you, allow that loop to complete as well.  This approach allows your obligations from the past to be fulfilled, while moving through life gracefully and untouched.

In addition, to not have to live out these obligations, do your spiritual practice regularly.  That is the other way to complete the open loops.  The difficulty in the practice will pay off your debt, so to speak.

One final thought, is that Divinity forgives unconditionally.  In encountering Divinity you are purged immediately of all suffering and sin is only the thinking that everything is not already absolutely perfect.  Our thinking that something is required of us to do, is really our only sin.  Problem is, we think this way all the time.

For more on this topic, read:  The Time I Met God, Good News and Bad News.



From your reading you have a great opportunity here in this life. 

Your reading indicates an intuitive, spiritual master who can connect with others and uplift them in creative ways.

Below please find your 40 day transformation program which I feel will help bring your bodies into balance and help you make great progress in your spiritual growth and life.

Transformation Program:

Kapalbhati Pranayama (all 40 days) (1-5 minutes)

Negative Mind Clearing Meditation  (first 7 days) (3 – 11 minutes)

Powerful Soul Body Meditation (days 8-14) (3 – 11 minutes)

Positive Mind Meditation (day 15-21) (3 – 11 minutes)

Arc Line Meditation (days 16-40) (3 – 11 minutes)

Zen Meditation Technique (All 40 days) (20 minutes)

Please let me know if you have any questions or issues.  I wish you the very best in your journey back to the Source.

Love & Light,



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