Best Beginner’s Yoga Breathing Exercises

Tools for Greatness – Anmol Pranayama 1

By Master Yogi & Meditation Expert Anmol Mehta


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“Inhale, and God approaches you.  Hold the inhalation, and God remains with you.  Exhale, and you approach God.  Hold the exhalation, and surrender to God.” Krishnamacharya.


Rishi says, “I just purchased your Pranayama Video Series and find them to be an amazing source on these wonderful exercises. Any chance you will release them on DVD? Also, thank you for providing your Amazing Insights E-book for free with this purchase. I have been finding out more about myself from reading your book.”

Ahsan says, “I discovered your website by chance, while I was looking through Youtube videos, and I was very, very impressed.  I have tried some of your lessons.  Once again, thanks for making such a great resource and video series.”

Supriya says, “Thanx 4 all the wonderful lectures and videos , I am  a doctor and have done some research studies on yoga.”

Jonathan Says, “Thank you sooo much for these videos. I was very skeptical about meditation but once i began practicing more and more it became a little more natural feeling. I serve at a local restaurant so stress come everyday. Its great to come home and have a great healthy way to unwind. Thanks a lot.

Aliza says, “I was looking for online yoga videos on u tube and found ur videos and just loved them….”.

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Pranayama for Personal Greatness & Spiritual Mastery:

Tools for greatness are full length yoga, pranayama and meditation videos designed specifically to help you achieve personal greatness and spiritual mastery.  This is the first video of this series and it is an excellent and complete set of yoga breathing exercises for beginners.  

This yoga pranayama video consists of the best breathing techniques from many different schools of yoga and it has been developed and optimized over the years by personal practice.  I call this set “Anmol Pranayama 1” and my current pranayama practice is simply an advanced version of these very techniques.  The advanced version I call “Anmol Pranayama 2”.

What makes this set so powerful, is not just that it is comprised of the very best pranayamas, it is the sequence that they are done in which makes the set so incredibly potent and effective.  This sequence is my very own design and it has been perfected over the years through personal practice and research.  I can confidently say, this is one of the very best yoga pranayama set out there today.

Benefits of Best Beginner’s Yoga Breathing Exercises | Anmol Pranayama 1:

The vast benefits of yoga breathing exercises are fast being recognized world over and rapidly being acknowledged by the mainstream medical community as well.  There ability to bestow a wide and profound range of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits is hard to match via any other system or practice.  Even though I am calling this a beginner’s pranayama set, this set is very very good for you, and is certainly not lacking in value or potency.

Here are some highlights of how this set will benefit you:

  • Bestow Inner Peace & Joy
  • Detoxify Your Entire System
  • Help You Lose Weight & Burn Fat
  • Increase Your Energy & Vitality
  • Help Cure Diseases and Give You Optimum Health
  • Improve Your Digestive, Respiratory, Immune and Nervous System
  • Help You Release Negativity (Mental, Emotional & Physical)
  • Improve Brain Function & Memory
  • Help You Break Addictions and Bad Habits
  • Expand Your Pranic Body and Psychic Energy
  • Raise Your Level of Consciousness & Awareness

Design of Anmol Pranayama 1 Video:

This video is actually comprised of 3 videos to make it easy to use.  I call each of these videos a “section” and here are the details for each of these sections.  When you order this product, you of course get all 3 videos.

Video Section 1:  Introduction to Anmol Pranayama 1:

Duration: 4 minutes

This video is the introduction to this set and to the Tools for Greatness Series in general.  It gives you an overview of what Anmol Pranayama 1 is all about.  Here is that video:

Anmol Pranayama 1 Introduction Video

(Please note this is loaded from YouTube, so any performance issues won’t be experienced when you play the videos from your computer after download)

Video Section 2: Beginner’s Yoga Breathing Exercises Training:

Duration: 20 minutes

This video introduces and demonstrates each of the 5 pranayamas used in this set, and teaches you step-by-step how to do each one through video instruction.  If you are a beginner, this section is very important for you as it will teach you how to correctly and safely practice these amazing techniques.

Video Section 3: Full Best Beginner’s Yoga Pranayama Set (Anmol Pranayama 1):

Duration: 30 minutes

This is a full video class in which we do the beginner’s pranayama set together.  This video is what you will want to use in your daily practice, once you are familiar with the techniques.  The big advantage of having such a video is that, it will not just guide you step-by-step in dong each exercise, but most importantly, it will encourage your to do your full daily practice, which is the key if you are going to enjoy the benefits of this profound science.

If you are a fan of yoga I guarantee you will simply love this set!

Order Details for Anmol Pranayama 1:

  1. What You Will Get When You Order Anmol Pranayama 1: You will be able to download all 3 videos explained above, so you can watch each section as required and not have to find your way around within videos.  The biggest advantage here is that the entire set for daily pranayama practice will be quickly and easily available to you always.
  2. 100% Money Back Guarantee: Like all my products and services I give a full 100% money back guarantee for this product.  If you can not completely satisfied I will refund your money.  Please try the complete set at least once though, before deciding it is not for you.  Yes, just once.  I know that will be enough to make you realize it’s incredible value and power.  In fact, in just doing the training, you will start to notice the changes taking place within .

How to Purchase Best Beginner’s Pranayama Video:

  1. Payment Method: You can pay via PayPal below (a secure and industry leading secure payment website), or via check.  If paying by check, please email me so I can send you the download information and please make check out to “Anmol Mehta” and mail to… Anmol Mehta
    66 Corona Court
    Old Bridge, NJ 08857
  2. Cost: I am offering Anmol Pranayama 1 for a special introductory price of just $14 right now.  I am planning to launch this product in a more significant way soon, and when I do, I will be raising the price to accommodate affiliates and advertising.  So if you are interested in getting this for $14, my suggestion is to act sooner rather than later.
  3. How to Order: To order simply click the ADD TO SHOPPING CART button below and you will taken to Anmol’s Yoga Store for 100% secure and safe shopping.  There you can pay via Credit Card or PayPal at checkout.  If you have any issues, please email me at

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Thank You & God Bless You!

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