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Inspirational Quotes from Zen Master Shunryu Suzuki

Shunryu Suzuki was a Japanese-born Zen Monk who came to America in the 1959.

Already a respected Zen master in Japan, he was impressed by the seriousness and quality of “beginner’s mind” among Americans he met who were interested in Zen and decided to settle here. Inititally, he’d come to serve the Japanese immigrants in San Francisco but found their practice more superficial, and the Westerners more eager to learn meditation. As more and more people of non-Japanese background joined him in meditation, the San Fransisco Zen Center came into being and he was its first abbot. 


Shunryu Suzuki Speaks on Enlightenment and Zazen Practice

Shunryu Suzuki Teachings

Commentaries on the Masters of Meditation: Quote of the Day:

From:         Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind
Author:       Shunryu Suzuki
Chapter:     Nothing Special  Pages 47 – 49
Publisher:   Weatherhill

Zen Master Shunryu Suzuki explains…

“It is kind of mystery that for people who have no experience of enlightenment, enlightenment is something wonderful.  But if they attain it, it is nothing.  But yet it is not nothing.  Do you understand?  For a mother with children, having children is nothing special.  That is zazen.  So, if you continue this practice, more and more you will acquire something – nothing special, but nevertheless something.  You may say “universal nature” or “Buddha nature” or “enlightenment.”  You may call is by many names, but for the person who has it, it is nothing, and it is something.”


Zen Mind – The Secret to Living in the Now


How to Live in the Present

In the article, What is Zen, we went into understanding the source of Zen Buddhism and understanding what Zen is not.  We also discussed that the objective of Zen was to see the false sense of dualistic reality and that Zazen and mindful living were the means to the emergence of this enlightened state, or Zen Mind.

As I also mentioned, I will be discussing more about Zen and it’s profound and effective approach to life and here in this article I will continue that discussion.


What is Zen?

Understanding Zen Practice

Understanding Zen Teachings

Over the next several weeks I would like to explore deeper and further into Zen and Zen Meditation (Zazen), as I feel the teachings from this school can profoundly impact ones life and greatly help one in their spiritual evolution.  Fortunately Zen teachings have been spread far and wide by many recent Zen Masters and so are now more easily accessible to us all.

The 2 zen masters who I would certainly recommend for those looking to understand what Zen is and how to practice it, are Charlotte Joko Beck and Shunryu Suzuki.  The respective books by each that are excellent sources of Zen teachings are Everyday Zen, Love and Work and the classic, Zen Mind Beginner’s Mind.  On the website itself, there are many articles on Zen teachings and techniques, and you can find them in the following category: Zen Buddhism.

The key to understanding Zen, like all profound spiritual approaches, comes from practicing it for oneself, and the heart of Zen practice is Zen Meditation or Zazen.  You will find video and written instructions on how to practice Zazen in the following 2 articles:

Zen Meditation Technique
How to Meditate By Yourself (Zazen Practice)

For those who are new to Zen and looking for an introduction to what this spiritual path is all about, I would like to share the following excerpt from a talk by Zen Master Sheng-yen.  The full excerpt is available on the Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association website.


Anmol’s Experience of Higher Consciousness and Divine Bliss

Altered State of Consciousness

Finding Bliss

In the article Interpreting Spiritual Dreams I discussed how nighttime is a rich opportunity to experience states of higher consciousness and the accompanying bliss these state invariably induce.  Below I share with you my recent experience with supreme consciousness and sheer bliss. 

Experience of Higher Consciousness

Higher Consciousness and Divine Bliss – Anmol’s Journal 

September 11, 2010


Key Zen Practice and Teachings for Peace of Mind

Zen Practices

Peace of Mind in Zen

Zen practice speaks a great deal on composure and having a calm, peaceful mind, but understanding deeply what they mean by this is not always easy.  Below I have shared with you excerpts from Zen Master Suzuki on what Zen is indicating when it is speaks of a calm, vast, quiet mind.  The teachings below will also be very valuable in helping you establish a sound meditation practice and spiritual way of life.


How to Overcome All Daily Meditation and Yoga Obstacles – Survey Results

Meditation Solutions

How to Do Daily Yoga and Meditation

Last week we ran the survey, What Are Your Major Obstacles to a Daily Meditation and Yoga Practice? And boy did the results come in fast and furious.  There was a clear winner and many strong contenders as well.  In the table below you can see the results and following that I address these problems and propose solutions to help you overcome them as well. 


What Is Karma and How to Be Free of the Karmic Cycle

What Karma Means

Buddhist Definition of Karma

What exactly is Karma?  What does it mean to be free of the Karmic cycle?  These are excellent questions and today I will try and shed some light on this important topic.  This topic is important really because understanding it deeply, will help you a great deal in living your life correctly and accelerating your spiritual progress.


Inviting God Consciousness In | Ong Namo Mantra MP3

God Consciousness

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo Mantra

We cannot be reminded enough that everything is God Consciousness.  Everything is God.  Upon this substratum then, the game of life is played out.  The problem with forgetting the substratum, forgetting God, forgetting the One Consciousness, is that then everything leads to attachment and misery.  There are many ways in which the great Masters have tried to impart this wisdom to us, many ways in which they have tried to stress the importance of this upon us, but unfortunately we get caught up in the drama of our little lives, and forget God.


Awareness Test for Developing Your Spiritual Mind

Testing Your Awareness

Developing the Spiritual Mind

Undoubtedly, you have repeatedly heard that for enlightenment, one of the keys is keeping your awareness in the here and now, keeping it in the present.  This can be stated in many ways, such as observe your mind, body and feelings, or maintain your witnessing consciousness, or remain mindful, or practice choiceless awareness, or develop your spiritual mind, etc, etc.  For those who don’t just care to read, but are interested in discovering for themselves the Truth, know that maintaining such awareness from moment to moment is easier said than done.  Thankfully though, there are lots of nice tips and techniques for helping us live with such awareness and in today’s article I would like to share with you one such a technique.