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Peter says, “I loved your amazing insights e-book and always get more insights from the stories each time I read it.”

Dr. Rajiv Pathri M.D. says, “I finished reading you e-book.  It has depth, not just of knowledge, but authentic from your own experience.  You should seriously write a book.  I know you are not attached to results, but from what I see, it will be a bestseller.”

Chris Says, “Thank you for the wonderful reading (numerology).  It was astonishing and not surprising my work is the pranic body…  I love your e-book…  I thank you so much for your wisdom and presence in my life”.


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This e-book is not just a collection of Spiritual Stories, it is the culmination of insights that the last 25 years of meditation and yoga has blessed me with. The stories are the vehicles to deliver these pearls of wisdom to you, to help make these insights yours as well and thus, accelerate your spiritual and personal growth.

In addition, Amazing Insights also contains the best personal development articles, meditation technique and yoga breathing exercises from Mastery of Meditation & Yoga (AnmolMehta.Com), which is now the largest and most popular yoga and meditation blog on the internet.

If you have ever asked questions like…

  • How can I turn my dreams and ideas into reality?
  • What is my true purpose in life?
  • How can I make my relationships better?
  • How do I meditate and what are the best meditations in the world?
  • How do I end my suffering?
  • What are the keys to mastery and excellence?
  • What is the true meaning of life?
  • Is money important and how can it help me spiritually?
  • What is enlightenment and how can I discover it?
  • How should I practice yoga breathing exercises?
  • How can I find my true teacher? 

and other such fundamental questions, then Amazing Insights is for you.  It is a collection of…

  • 19 of my best spiritual short stories.
  • 5 of the best personal development articles I have ever written.
  • 3 of the best meditation techniques ever known.
  • 3 excellent yoga breathing exercises to make you healthy, happy and fit.

Amazing Insights is packed with wisdom and spiritual knowledge.  Here is the chapter index for the book: Chapter Index for Amazng Insights.

If the above is not reason enough for you to get this great book, well then here are 4 more .

4 More Great Reasons to Buy Insights:

  1. Makes The Perfect Gift: Insights is a perfect gift to give to yourself or others who are on the great spiritual journey to Enlightenment.  The stories reveal the Universal Truths about Love, Life, Death, Time, Reality, Destiny, Karma, Money, Suffering, Career, Passion and more.  In addition, the meditations, articles and pranayamas give you the tools for Self-mastery and Self-realization.
    What’s even better is that since Amazing Insights is an e-book, you can continue to give it as a gift to others who are passionate about spirituality, or in need of inspiration and help.  In other words, it is a gift you can keep on giving, which in turn, those who receive it, can further pass on to uplift and help others.  That makes it the perfect gift in my view .


  2. Priceless Insights:Amazing Insights is more than just a collection of stories.  Each chapter also contains a thorough analysis of the story to ensure that the wisdom being conveyed is properly illuminated and understood.  After all the goal is to make sure that the insights become yours.  In addition, the meditation and yoga breathing exercises and fully detailed and come with step-by-step instructions on how to practice them.
  3. Energy Exchange: Many of you have requested a way to give back to Mastery of Meditation & Yoga, for all the free information, techniques, classes and guidance that you have been benefiting from.  I think purchasing Amazing Insights is a perfect way to do this.  Not only do you end up supporting me and Mastery of Meditation, but in exchange you receive this great e-book and the opportunity to spread this profound wisdom further. 
  4. 100% Money Back Guarantee: Since I already know how much the spiritual stories, articles and meditation techniques have been enjoyed and how much they have helped others in their spiritual growth, I am happy to guarantee you a 100% refund in the event you wish for your money back. What’s more, I will not only give you a full refund, but you can still keep the book!  That is how confident I am that you will cherish this work of love and wisdom.

How to Order:

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Thank You & God Bless You

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