Meditation Tips and Advice Part 2

Meditation Guide In part 1 of this series, 10 Helpful Meditation Tips, I shared with you 5 useful tips to help you develop your meditation practice.  There 5 tips were… 1. Stretch well before meditation to help you sit more comfortably. 2. Find the right meditation posture and use props or even walking meditation to

Yoga Technique to Increase Willpower

Yoga Exercise to Improve Willpower There are many traditional yoga exercises that are indicated for those interested in improving their willpower and overall mental strength.  Many of these techniques work on the navel region, which is the location of the Manipura or Navel Chakra and is responsible for one’s willpower and strength of character.  Here

Basic Yoga Stretch for Flexibility | Yoga Cradle Rock

Basic Yoga Exercise for Flexibility One of the most important basic yoga sets on this website, is the Yoga for Meditation Set.  It is part of the Silent Mind Meditation Program, which is the essence of my personal meditation practice, and details the Silent Mind Meditation Technique, which in my view is the ultimate meditation

6 Effective Anger Management Techniques

Natural Anger Management Techniques One of the most popular article on the website, is How to Stop Negative Thinking.  The author of that post is Yachna Tyagi, who is a passionate yogi and terrific spiritual blogger, and today I am happy to present another great article from her – 6 Effective Anger Management Techniques.  If

Best Mantra for Meditation – So Hum

So Hum Mantra Meditation Previously, guest author, Richard wrote popular articles about Om Mantra Chanting, The Awakening of Kundalini and Energy Centers and Yoga Pranayama for Beginners.  Today he shares with us his favorite mantra meditation technique. This technique uses the profound mantra, So Hum, and below Richard teaches us how to practice this wonderful meditation and reap