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Simple Calming Yogic Breath | Breathing for Stress Relief

Yoga Breathing Technique for Stress Relief

If you need quick stress relief or are feeling tense or anxious, then give this easy yoga breathing technique a try to help you find inner peace and calm.

This is a very simple technique and you can do it anywhere and at anytime.  A few minutes is all you should need to help you dissolve any stress or release any anxiety.

Simple Calming Yoga Breathing Exercise

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Transcript of the Power of Nature for Getting Connected

Below is the transcript of the entire video incase you are at work and trying to gain some yoga wisdom :-).

Namaste My friends,

Welcome to the continuing free yoga and meditation series here on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga. Today we are going to present you with an excellent technique to help calm yourself down, especially for those who suffer with anxiety or excessive stress, excessive worry, or those who have panic attacks or chronic anxiety.

This is a very, very nice technique. It’s a very quick technique. You can use it effectively, anywhere to help you settle any panic or anxiety that is starting to emerge in your system or if you’re feeling extremely stressed out.

So I said before, an exam, before a big sporting event before an interview, et cetera. This is a wonderful technique that you can use. It’s very simple to do.

In order to do this technique, you will bring your palms together and you will leave a slight gap in-between your thumbs. So your thumbs will not be flat, will be slightly bent, leaving a slight gap.

Your elbows are going to be near your ribs, lower ribs, and you’re going to have your hands out about 12 to 16 inches away from you. Then all you will simply do is take a deep breath and blow gently into the vacuum created between your palms and through the space between your thumbs as follows.

Feel the cool air flowing into your hands.

Take a deep breath. When you do this. Exhale completely as you blow the air into your palms and again, inhale through the nose completely and then repeat this.

You can repeat it three to five times or even more till you feel your anxiety calming down and you’re able to recenter and find peace and tranquility within again.

Filling your lungs to capacity, during the inhalation and exhaling completely doing the exhalation is an important part of this technique as that triggers the parasympathetic nervous system.  Which works against the panic, anxiety and stress, and help you calm down.

Thank you and God Bless You All.

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