Rapidly Expand Your Mind with So Hum Mantra Meditation


So Hum (SoHam) Meditation Technique is one of the best mantra meditations for bestowing peace and tranquility, but by using the mantra in the variation show below, it can be used to expand the mind by silencing thoughts.

By practicing this meditation for 20 minutes a day, you will not just significantly improve your well-being and reduce stress, but you will also get to experience the One True Reality that lies beyond time and self.

The meditation uses the combination of mantra, visualization and awareness the meditation expand the space within the mind and push the boundaries of consciousness further and wider.  Even though this is a simple meditation to do, it produces powerful results.  The important thing is for you try it yourself and discover Reality when there is no mind 🙏.

Below the video is the full transcript if you prefer to read rather than watch.

So Hum Mantra Visualization to Expand the Mind

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Mind Expanding So Hum Mantra Meditation

Namaste my friends,

Today we’re going to utilize the profound So Hum mantra meditation in a very unique way to help expand the mind and consciousness.  We’re going to utilize this particular mantra to help you quiet your thoughts, create great space within the mind and experience what in Zen is known as the big Mind and help you expand your consciousness.

So Hum means “I Am That”.  It is a mantra that is pointing towards the non-dual nature of reality. It is indicating that all is a great oneness that you and the other is actually just one. And the sense of separation is just a figment of your mind.

When we do this meditation, as you inhale, you’re going to mentally think the sound SOOOO, and as you exhale, you’re going to think the sound HUMMM.  In addition, for this particular meditation, as you’re thinking, the sound SOOOO I want you to visualize inhaling space into your consciousness — just space — and as you are exhaling and thinking the sound HUMMM I want you to visualize the space, pushing your thoughts out into the periphery.

So as you exhale, you are having the space that you’ve inhaled, push your mind and your thoughts far, far into the periphery. So you’re displacing the mind, creating a great deal of space within, and in that space, there is the magical silence and that is where the profound can then blossom.

So sit up nice and tall for this meditation. Have your spine nice and straight.  Place your hands into Gyan Mudra.  That is thumb tips and index finger meeting. The other three fingers are straight. You can rest your wrist gently on your knees, palms facing slightly up. You’re going to close your eyes. You’re going to inhale. And as you inhale, think the sound SOOOO and visualize great space entering your consciousness.

And as you exhale, think the sound, HUMMM and visualize the space, pushing your thinking mechanism, your thoughts out to the periphery, creating silence and space within you have your consciousness and mind expanding as you exhale.

So let’s practice this together….

Let’s practice it for one minute and have an experience of what this meditation does for you.

This is a wonderful meditation. You can do it for five minutes, 10 minutes, and build it up from there for up to 20 minutes, it is a excellent for bestowing, calm and peace. And in the way that we have applied it, it creates a silencing of the mind or displacement of the mind. And both those phenomena allow for the greater reality that lies beyond thought and self to be experienced.

Thank you everybody. God bless you all.

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