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I have launched free online meditation and yoga classes on our Facebook Mastery of Meditation and Yoga Page.  These workshops and classes will not just include teachings and instructions, but will also be full sessions where we will practice together to expand and deepen our practice.  You will find below the video of the recent Advanced Meditation Workshop which was enjoyed and appreciated by many participants.

The vast Benefits of Meditation and Yoga are well proven, and whether you are trying to improve your physical, mental or emotional well-being, these workshops will be very useful for all.  Of course, the final and ultimate objective for these spiritual sciences is Enlightenment, and that will remain a central focus of the classes as well.

So regardless if you are trying to lose weight, get fit, de-stress, find happiness, develop mental focus or are looking to discover the True Nature of Reality, I invite you to join us for these free classes and session.

The video below is of an Advanced Meditation Workshop.  This is not for beginners as much as it is for advanced practitioners.  It is geared to silencing the mind of all thoughts and transporting one into the One Reality that lies beyond time, space and self.

If you have never exposed yourself to such types of meditation, I do invite you to try.  Especially if you have a calling from within for spatiality and Enlightenment.  This approach is the most direct and decisive.

The technique itself is not complex, but the practice requires a great deal of intensity and focus.  The necessary intelligence and awareness for the meditation to “work” comes on it’s own accord, so no need to worry about that.

Advanced Meditation Workshop | Free Online Meditation & Yoga Classes on Facebook

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This advanced meditation workshop includes using a Pranayama (Yoga Breathing Exercise) to first settle the mind down, then encourages use of a Stage 1 meditation, before penetrating the mind using a Stage 3 meditation technique.

The core purpose of this meditation is to extinguish psychological time completely so timelessness and the Reality beyond can be entered into.

The meditation requires attacking the thinking mind with lightning quick awareness and razor sharp intelligence so as to see and comprehends thoughts in motion from moment to moment.

Please don’t give up too easily when practicing such advanced techniques.  Give yourself an opportunity to learn and master them, these meditations lead to the greatest treasures in life.

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