Powerful Pranayama for Mystical Experiences | Transform Consciousness

Happy to share with everyone today the following 2 yoga pranayama techniques from my personal yoga practice, which when combined together can radically transform ones consciousness and bring about transcendental and mystical experiences.

These 2 pranayamas are very beneficial in their own right, but done together they truly become magical.  The combination, I have found, is capable of disrupting habitual patterns of thinking, and impacting consciousness such that the mystical and other-worldly can be encountered.

You can do this combination for 3 full cycles, but as with any breathing exercise that requires you to hold your breath, it is important to not overdo the techniques and develop your capacity slowly over time.  Modifications are mentioned in the video as well.

As with all Enlightenment and Mystical experiences, they serve to motivate one to delve deeper into the true nature of reality and hopefully this set will open up new dimensions and realizations for you as well.

For those who prefer written text, the full transcript of the video is provided below as well.  This set will become part of the Free Yoga Pranayama Sets here on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga.

Powerful Pranayama for Mystical Experiences

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Transcript of Powerful Yoga Pranayama to Transform Consciousness | Mystical Experiences 

Namaste My Friends,

Today, I’m going to share with you a portion of my daily pranayama practice. I practice specifically two breathing exercises, both of which independently are very beneficial. The first one is Staccato breathing which is excellent for your respiratory system, for your lung capacity, your circulation, your energy, and the second is Step Breathing, which is great for calming the mind and quieting your thoughts.  It also helps your lung capacity,  and helps your ability to control your breathing, which is essential for doing advanced meditation.

But the combination I’ve found to be a really magical. So when you do this particular combination in the way that I’m going to describe it, you will find that it helps you to really break through patterns of habitual thinking. And it provides an opportunity for something new and Mystical to be experienced, for something profound to be realized.

So staccato breathing is the first breathing exercise. And for this particular pranayama set you will do it 10 times.

Five inhalations in, counting mentally one, two, three, four, five, and then an explosive breath out.  By the fifth breath in you should fill your lungs to capacity. And when you breathe out, you should attempt to empty them altogether.

And this will then be followed by step breathing.  In step breathing you’re going to breathe in slowly counting from one to five mentally, hold your breath counting from one to five, exhale slowly again for a count of five, and then hold your breath out for a count of five.

And then you repeat that process. And for the combination you are going to do staccato breathing, 10 strokes followed by step breathing, three cycles and that completes one full cycle.

And you’re going to repeat that three times for maximum effectiveness, but please don’t pass out when doing this. Anytime we do breath retention, you have to exercise some caution, listen to your body.

Don’t overdo it. Give yourself some time to develop this capacity. If you don’t have it at this point, you can do staccato breathing with less intensity, and you can do the step breathing with a count of three, or you can just do two cycles instead of three cycles.

So let me demonstrate a one cycle of this particular set. Again, you sit up nice and tall. Everything should be nice and relaxed. You can have your hands on your knees and in Drona mudra. So staccato breathing first 10 times followed by step breathing. Here we go.

<Demonstration of the Pranayama is done here in the video>

And that would repeat that step breathing two more times.

So again, staccato breathing for a count of 10 followed by step breathing three times and it produces… try, it right? You don’t gain anything by constantly hearing about other people’s enlightenment experiences except perhaps inspiration. So hopefully you have been inspired to go ahead and try this combination.

Again, it’s part of a larger set, but you can include it towards your end of your Pranayama set, which is where I do it. And it prepares you for your meditation practice and opens the door to the Magical and Mystical.

Thank you everybody.

God bless you all.

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  1. Gene Dewitt
    Gene Dewitt says:

    I love this article and how it emphasizes the importance of breathing exercises. Moving forward, I will inject yoga into my exercise at least twice or thrice a week. It is significantly important for our body and mind.


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