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AUM Mantra, Mudra Meditation to Open Third Eye Chakra

OM Mantra & Mudra Meditation to Awaken Third Eye

Often combining different techniques together can make the particular meditation much more effective and potent and this holds true for the Om Mantra Meditation that is designed to Open the Eye Chakra as well.

In this meditation you will not just use the seed sound (OM) which is associated with the Third Eye, but will also apply Shambhavi Mudra and mental focus to help awaken and activate this center.  Any one of these techniques stimulates the Third Eye center, but you will noice that combining them has an exponential affect.

important goals of yogaThe Third Eye is considered the seat of Intuition and Wisdom, and opening this Chakra (Ajna Chakra) is associated with the onset of Psychic Power and abilities.  As this is perhaps the most important and powerful of the Chakras, it should be approached with respect and intelligence.

On a separate note, a few yogis have indicated to me that the original videos I had released more than 10 years ago are not up to the high quality videos which folks enjoy today, so have requested I create these in HD for better clarity and appeal.  For this reason some of you will notice content being re-released after modernization :-).  Such as this video.

Also, I will be releasing new Meditation and Yoga Training Programs, and some of these new HD videos will a part of those online courses, so be on the look out for that too.

As always, the meditation and yoga videos will be available in the free online content that is hosted here on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga.

Below the video, I have released the entire transcript as well, for those who prefer to read rather than watch.

OM Mantra Mudra Third Eye Meditation

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Namaste My Friends,

In this lesson of the Meditation Training Program, we will learn the potent and powerful OM Meditation Technique.

Again, posture is important for any meditation that you’re going to practice specifically with regard to your spine. Make sure it is nice and erect. Step, sit up nice and tall. Have your chin back slightly like a soldier at attention to align the back of the head with the spine.  For the flow of energy or Kundalini to take place.

Om Mantra Meditation is really focused on opening the third eye or the Ajna Chakra, the sixth Chakra of the Kundalini seven chakra system. The seat of wisdom, the seat of intuition, to be able to see the unseen and know the unknown. The Chakra weisre known for bestowing psychic powers.

Now we’re going to utilize Shambhavi Mudra to assist us with this meditation along with using the OM mantra.  OM Mantra is the beej mantra or the seed sound of the Ajna Chakra as well.

The first Mudra are we going to use for the hands is Gyan Mudra where we’re going to bring our thumb tips and index finger together, and we’re going to have the other three fingers pointing forward and we’re going to rest our wrists gently on our knees.

A second Mudra that we’re going to use is Shambhavi Mudra. And that is an eye position. And that is to be held in the following manner. You’re going to turn your eyes upwards, and you’re going to look through an imaginary point at the center of your forehead.

That is the kshetram, or the physical point that correlates to the Ajna chakra.  Holding Shambhavi Mudra with also work to activate the Ajna chakra and awaken the Third Eye.

Now, once you take the Mudras and your meditation posture, you’re going to inhale deeply and you’re going to chant the sound OMmmmm.

Next I want you to visualize the OM sound emanating from the center of your forehead, flowing into your entire system, and then extending into the universe around you.

So again, sit up nice and tall chin, slightly back, come into Gyan Mudra rest your hands on your knees. Turn your eyes upward into Shambhavi Mudra  Look through the center of your forehead.  Once you take Shambhavi Mudra, you can close your eyes while holding that eye position. Now, a word of caution. If you feel too much strain when holding Shambhavi mudra release it, continue with the meditation and retake that mudra when you feel ready.  Let us now practice three rounds together.

[Practice OM Mantra Meditation Here]

Follow the guidelines in the Meditation Training Program for the duration of the practice. If you are new, you can begin with as little as one minute and then build up from there. Again, the meditation utilizes many different dimensions to activate and balance the Ajna Chakra or Third Eye, The Divine Eye, and allows you to then have your intuition awakened so you can see the true nature of reality.

Thank you everybody. God bless you all.

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