How Nature Helps Us Overcome Loneliness and Find Happiness

Importance of Nature in Ending Isolation

Loneliness is not the same as Aloneness.  Aloneness is the power to stand apart and have a direct connection with life, while Loneliness is feeling disconnected and depressed.

Loneliness is the result of a life spent endlessly caught in the web of egocentric thinking.  Eventually these ever isolating thought patterns leave us so completely cut off from the whole that even in the midst of crowds we feel like we are not a part of anything.  It’s very sad.

So how is one to overcome this Loneliness and begin to feel part of the world again?  The key to starting the journey back to wholeness, is through developing a connection with Nature.

Nature has created you.  It is the original Mother and she will always take care of you.  You may have forgotten her, but she has not forgotten you.  Re-establishing your relationship with Nature has enormous benefits.  Not just for your physical health and well-being, but also for your psychological well-being and ultimately for your Spiritual Growth.

So to get over isolation and loneliness, to improve your health and well-being and find your place in the Universe, get back to Nature.  This video delves into this important topic and discusses in details the role Nature plays in uplifting your life.

The Power of Nature for Health and Happiness

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Transcript of the Power of Nature for Getting Connected

Below I am providing the transcript of the entire video for those who  may still prefer to read over watch :-)

Namaste My friends,

Today we are going to discuss a very interesting subject. We’re going to discuss the importance of nature both in your life and how nature can contribute to your spiritual growth.

So there are three ways distinctly in which nature plays a very important role in your life, health and wellbeing. First, when you spend time in nature, it has been proven that it helps your mood, that it prevents depression, it elevates your sense of wellbeing. In addition, being out in nature, doing some gardening, doing some hiking are all activities that will be beneficial to your health. So at the very least it’s going to bring you more joy, happiness, and better health.

Getting Back to NatureNow the second more subtle benefit of being with nature is that it helps you stay connected. It gives you a sense of being connected with something larger than yourself all the time. Our egocentric thoughts are keeping us trapped in a very small room and those walls keep closing in more and more over time as we form stronger and stronger patterns of self oriented thinking.

This self oriented thinking is that ever isolating process. It is the heart of loneliness. It’s important to understand that the more time you spend just thinking about your ego and your life, the more isolated you keep becoming from the whole. This leads to loneliness.

So the first step in breaking this isolating pattern is to feel your connection to nature, to the rivers, the trees, the starry nights, the summer breeze, to feel that connection with the animals and all of the wonders that are out there. Once you start to rebuild your connection with nature, you will start then to have the possibility of building your connection with other human beings. Because if you stay self obsessed, you can’t be connected with another. You can’t overcome loneliness and depression.

They are obsessed with their goals and you’re obsessed with your goals. You’re running on parallel lines. You’re not meeting. In order to be connected, you need to meet. You need to not be self obsessed. So you can be open, you can be a listener, you can be on the giving end of the spectrum. And this begins with establishing your connection with nature first.

And the third important benefit of connecting with nature is that it gives you perspective of your life. Nature. The universe is enormous. There are stars out there that are a billion times bigger than our sun. Think about that. The vastness of nature and in this fast universe with billions of galaxies, with billions of stars, there are billions and trillions of solar systems and all of this occurring over billions of years and there is your life. It’s, it’s just not even a flicker in comparison to time and space that exists.

And yet our perspective is so small, so petty, so limited that we remain anxious and concerned simply about this very, very, very small, tiny existence that we are in comparison to everything else. And in doing so, what we lose is our sense of wonder. What we use is our sense of peace.

Well, what doesn’t happen as a result of our over concern with our tiny lives is that love and joy have no space to blossom for love and joy, to blossom. Self-centered egotistical activity has to take a back seat and nature gives you this perspective of how insignificant your personal gains are. You are part of the whole, you’re unique. We’re not saying you are insignificant. We’re saying that this whole personal perspective, the whole personal orientation and trying to gain small, tiny things for yourself, such as a promotion or a bonus, or did my child get an A or B, or what kind of house or car do I have, et cetera.

These, these are insignificant in the grand scheme of things and yet we spend our whole lives worrying about them and chasing after them. Thus our whole lives are petty and we miss the wonder and we miss the magnificence of love and joy.

So again, include nature into your life, plays a very, very critical role in your growth by not only providing wellbeing, a sense of happiness and good health, but also by making you feel connected to the whole and then giving new perspective so you can drop your worries and anxieties, relax and truly enjoy and extract the maximum juice out of every moment that you have been gifted.

Thank you everybody. God bless you all.

Conclusion of Overcoming Loneliness with Nature

If you are feeling lonely, depressed and disconnected, start by including Nature into your life and daily routine. Nature will not just improve your health and level of happiness, but will also be the doorway through which you again find your connection to life, nature and Divinity.

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