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Healthy Ayurveda Diet To Burn Fat & Lose Weight

Ayurveda and Weight Loss

As Thursday’s topic is Health, today’s article deals with diet and weight loss from an Ayurvedic perspective.  In the article Introducing Ayurveda – Alternative Medicine for Self Healing the great holistic science of Self Healing and Healthy Living, Ayurveda, was introduced.  A key concept in Ayurveda is that of the 3 Doshas (humours): Vata, Pitta & Kapha.  A combination of these 3 bodily humours are responsible for the makeup of our human body.  This article is focused on the Kapha Dosha, which is responsible for fat and is the prevalent dosha in those who are overweight and obese.  Thus, from a Yogic and Ayurvedic point on view, in order to burn fat and lose weight one must reduce Kapha in the body. 

Healthy Ayurveda Diet

As a quick review the following 3 most important points about Ayurveda need to be remembered:

1. The qualities of Kapha Dosha are: Wet, Cold, Heavy, Dull, Soft, Sticky & Fixed

2. Ayurvedic healing is based on the following 2 principles

  • Like Increases Like
  • Opposites Decrease Each Other

3. There are many treatment methods in Ayurveda and of these we are focusing on Diet for weight loss in this article.  In future posts I will detail other Ayruvedic recommendations to reduce weight, burn fat and get fit.

So keeping the above in mind here are Ayurveda’s dietary recommendations for how to combat obesity, reduce fat and promote healthy weight loss.

General Diet Composition to Lose Weight & Burn Fat (Kapha Reduction) 

  • 30-40% of your diet should be whole grains.
  • 20-30% protein (from both vegetarian and non-vegetarian sources)
  • 40-50% mostly vegetables and some fruit.

Specific Dietary Recommendations to Lose Weight & Burn Fat (Kapha Reduction)

  • Since like increases like, the qualities of Kapha should be a guide to help you choose the right type of foods to eat.  So looking at it from that perspective one should reduce fatty foods, dairy, ice cream, meats (specially red meat) etc.
  • For drinks, stick to hot drinks instead of cold ones.  Again use Kapha qualities as a road map to help you choose.  Drink teas, hot water, instead of cold sodas and milk shakes.
  • Since opposites decrease each other, use more hot spices in your food.  Ginger, cinnamon, coriander and other hot spices will all work to help you reduce Kapha, which is the key to reducing weight.  The tastes you should shoot for in your diet are pungent, bitter and astringent.  Foods with these tastes are all anti-Kapha and will assist in burning fat.  The tastes you should generally avoid are sweet, sour and salty.
  • Similarly increase salads, beans, dry cereals and cooked grains in your diet.  Eating foods with Vata and Pitta qualities will increase those doshas in your body and will work against increasing Kapha.
  • Eat one big meal a day and make it either your lunch or your breakfast.
  • To avoid snacking, have a glass of hot lemonade made with honey.  This will help burn fat and keep away the hunger.


I hope what you begin to see with Ayurveda is that it gives you the knowledge and framework within which you can then customize the treatments you need using your intelligence.  That’s why I call Ayurveda the science of Self Healing.  Once you know the basic concepts, you can readily apply them to deal with any health situation that life throws at you.  Specifically for weight loss understand the qualities of Kapha Dosha and tailor your diet and life style to reduce it.  When you reduce Kapha you reduce fat.  From a dietary perspective, simply reduce intake of food with the same qualities and increase intake of food with opposite qualities. 

To help you further in your weight loss objectives you may wish to sign up for the Free Online Healthy Weight Loss Via Yoga, Breathing & Meditation Program – Course #104.

Internet Resources Below

Ayurveda Resources:

The Ayurvedic Institute
American Institude of Vedic Studies

Other Weight Loss Resources:

FDA Nutrition & Weight Loss Q&A
How to Use Fruits & Vegetables to Manage Your Weight (Center for Disease Control & Prevention)
Tips for Exercise Success (American Heart Association)
How to Stop Emotional Eating (Mayo Clinic)


Bhastrika Yoga Breathing Exercise to Burn Fat for Natural Weight Loss & More

Breathing Exercise #4: Bhastrika Yoga Pranayama

Background of Bhastrika Yoga Pranayama (Bellows Breath):

This important Yoga Breathing Exercise, Bhastrika Pranayama, is the ultimate pranayama for energy and power.  It is one with a long list of benefits, which includes raising metabolic function at the cellular level to increase the burning of fat and promoting healthy, natural weight loss.  Other that assisting in healthy weight loss and fat burning, there a myriad of valuable reasons to include this breathing exercise into your daily Yoga practice and a full list of these benefits is provided below.

Bhastrika Pranayama is also called Bellows Breath as it mimics the working of a bellows used to flame a fire.  It pumps air and life-force (prana) vigorously and dynamically throughout the entire system.  When practicing this champion of pranayamas be ready for a workout!

Yoga Breathing Exercise

Benefits of Bhastrika Yoga Pranayama (Bellows Breath):


  • Boosts your metabolic rate so your body burns fat faster promoting natural weight loss.
  • Purifies your gross and subtle body by eliminating toxins and waste.
  • Generates heat in your body and opens up your energy pathways.
  • Builds lung capacity and helps clear and strengthen the respiratory system.


  • Expands and fortifies your nervous system.
  • When done forcefully, the pulsating of the diaphragm massages the internal organs, thus improving your digestive system.

Cautions for Practicing Bhastrika Yoga Pranayama (Bellows Breath):

  • If you feel dizzy or nauseous you should slow down the pace of bhastrika pranayama or stop entirely and return to normal breathing.  If you suffer from vertigo, you should use caution in practicing this breathing exercise.
  • If you are menstruating you should not practice this breathing exercise.
  • You should be careful practicing Bhastrika Pranayama if you have high blood pressure, heart disease or suffer from stroke or epilepsy.  Also, if you have acid or heat related gastric issues such as ulcers you should use caution.

Guided Beginner’s Breath of Bhastrika Yoga Pranayama (Bellows Breath):

  • To practice this breathing exercise sit up in a comfortable position.  You may also practice it lying down or standing up, but, sitting is best.
  • Elongate your spine upwards, lengthen your neck and subtly bring your chin back and in like a soldier at attention.  This will align the spine with the back of your head.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Place your hands on your knees.
  • Relax your stomach muscles.
  • Now begin to breathe as forcefully as comfortable through the nose with equal emphasis on the inhalation and exhalation.  The diaphragm should expand and contract in conjunction with your breathing.  All the breaths should be deep and powerful and you should try to establish a steady rhythm.  The pace should be about 1 second for inhalation and about the same for exhalation.
  • Do a round of 10 repetitions and then inhale completely, hold your breath in for 1-5 seconds and then exhale completely.  This completes 1 round.  Take a short break.
  • Work your way up to doing 5 rounds.

Guided Intermediate Bhastrika Yoga Pranayama (Bellows Breath):

  • Once you feel comfortable with the Beginner’s version of Bellows Breath perform the breathing exercise at a faster pace now, about 1 breath per second.  Also, breathe more forcefully if possible.
  • Increase the number of repetitions slowly till you reach about 50 repetitions per round.
  • At the end of every round, don’t forget to inhale completely and hold your breath.  Build up this period of breath retention as well to about 15 seconds.
  • You should still take a short break between rounds.

Guided Advanced Bhastrika Yoga Pranayama (Bellows Breath):

  • Build up the pace and power with which you do this breathing exercise to almost 2 breaths per second.
  • Increase the period of breath retention at the end of every round to 30 seconds.  Still continue to take a break between rounds though.

Secret of Bhastrika Yoga Pranayama (Bellows Breath):

The final goal of Yoga is to awaken Kundalini Shakti (latent human potential energy) and Bhastrika Pranayama is one of the most effective breathing exercises for stimulating and raising this energy in you.  Think of Kundalini as smoldering embers deep within you and think of Bhastrika as waves of prana stoking and igniting these embers.  Be ready to handle the inferno!


Easy Fat Burning Exercise | Yoga Jumping Jacks

Easy Exercise to Burn Fat

Simple Yoga Fat Burning Exercise

Today I read an interesting piece of advice regarding using simple Jumping Jacks 3 or 4 times a day to help you expend extra calories, burn fat and speed up your weight loss results.  The article suggested doing 3 sets of 100 Jumping Jacks scattered throughout the day to complement your weight loss exercise program.  It stated that you could burn an additional 60 calories a day by including this easy exercise into your day, and that each set would take just 2 minutes to do.

I like this idea and I think its benefits will go beyond just burning fat and losing weight.  Today a lot of jobs and life styles lack physical activity and there are many studies that strongly suggest taking a break from prolonged sitting and getting periodic exercise throughout the day.  I think this will help with cardiovascular health, respiration, relieving stress, and also help with issues such as back problems and the like.  But if you are going to make the effort of sprinkling in the Jumping Jacks during the day, why not do the advanced form of Jumping Jacks which will not just help you burn fat, but will also help you develop mental focus and concentration.  In other words, do Yoga Jumping Jacks :-).

Fat Burning Exercise

The yoga variation of this exercise will be just as good in getting your heart rate up and help you burn fat, but the design of this movement is such that it will require additional concentration from you to do correctly.  This additional concentration will work your brain along with your body and help you build mental focus.  The variation will also help expand your lung capacity. 

We should all be familiar with simple Jumping Jacks, and have probably done plenty in gym class or physical education training, but for yoga jumping jacks, you break up the exercise into 4 parts instead of the 2 parts it normally consists of.  Step by step details and illustrations are in the instructional section below.

For those who are familiar with the popular Healthy Weight Loss Yoga Set here on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga, this exercise is part of that set.  In an upcoming article I am going to discuss how fast you can lose weight with yoga, and this set will certainly be a part of that discussion.

More Yoga Exercises and Poses:

You will find plenty more yoga poses and exercises in the following 2 free online collections.  There you will find both, easy yoga exercises and poses, as well as more advanced one. Free Hatha Yoga Galleries and Free Kundalini Yoga Exercises.

For Yoga and Meditation Certification Program Students:

For students enrolled in the Online Yoga Teacher’s Training and Certification Program or Online Meditation Certification Program, this is a great exercise to do early in your class, especially if you want to get the energy going and get everyone’s blood pumping.  Also, as this is a relatively easy exercise to do, almost all students can participate.  Make sure you have plenty of spacing between the students prior to starting.

Yoga Exercise to Burn Fat – Yoga Jumping Jacks

Below please find details of how to practice Yoga Jumping Jacks, along with illustrations, step-by-step instructions, benefits and practice tips.  Please note the special breathing that goes along with the movements.

Yoga Jumping Jacks Illustrations


Illustration #1: Starting Position

Easy Yoga JJ - Half

Illustrations #2: Half-Way Jump


Easy Yoga JJ Exercise Finish

Illustrations #3: Full Jump

A. How to Yoga Jacks for Weight Loss:

  • Stand with your arms down by your sides and feet together, as shown in Illustration #1.
  • Now take a half inhalation and jump your legs to about shoulder width apart and swing your arms straight out to the sides parallel to the ground.  The palms are facing down finger are extended.  This is shown in Illustration #2 above.
  • Now complete the inhalation as you jump and bring your feet wide apart.  At the same time swing your arms directly above your head and clap your palms together.  This is shown in Illustration #3.
  • Now do a half exhalation as you jump your feet back to shoulder width apart and swing your hands back to being parallel to the ground with palms facing down and fingers extended.  This is Illustration #2 again.
  • Now complete the Jumping Jack and exhalation by jumping your feet back together and bringing your hands back down all the away.  You are coming back to the staring position, as shown in Illustration #1.
  • Continue on for the duration of the exercise.  You will soon feel your heart rate picking up and your body warming up.  Sure signs that you are starting to burn calories and melt away fat :-).

B. How Much To Do:

  • For the purpose of losing weight, burning fat and doing it frequently during the day, as I mentioned, do 2 minutes or a set of 100.  Try to do 3 times a day to burn more calories.
  • In general though you can even do 5 minutes of this exercise.

C. Easy Yoga JJ Exercise Benefits:

  • Good for Burning Fat and promoting weight loss.
  • The different variation and coordination with the breathing makes it good for building concentration and focus.
  • Works on your heart and lungs.
  • Helps tone and strengthen your calves and leg muscles.
  • Works on your arms and shoulders.
  • Great exercise for getting your entire body warmed up and getting your energy going.

D. Practice Tips for Yoga JJs:

  • This yoga exercise is not as simple as it looks as you really have to focus in order to break the pattern of how you normally do Jumping Jacks.  Once you get the rhythm though, it should get easier and start to flow.
  • To modify this exercise just move the legs or just the arms.  This easier version is good for seniors or the disabled.  Also, if you are getting tired you can switch to doing just arms or just legs, to allow yourself some time to recover.
  • You can also of course do normal Jumping Jacks instead of these more difficult ones.
  • This is really a fun exercise to do, so enjoy yourself as you do it.  Embrace a child like mentally and jump away.

More Fat Burning Exercises and Poses:

Post Natal Yoga Exercise to Lose Weight

Best Yoga Exercises for Weight Loss

PS: If you enjoy this exercise or any other exercise on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga, please do share them with your friends. I appreciate your support.


Yoga Exercise to Burn Calories

Yoga to Lose Fat

There are countless weight loss success stories from those who have taken up a consistent and serious yoga practice. So there is little doubt that yoga is an effective weight loss solution and that yoga helps burn calories and reduce fat. The reason though that yoga is so good for helping you lose weight and keep it off, is not simply because of the physical workout that a yoga practice obviously provides. It is also due to the many other benefits and powers of yoga, such as helping you find positivity, joy, confidence, self-love, peace and emotional balance, while also helping you detox, heal and move towards a more wholesome and healthier way of life.  All this combined really helps with the problem of excess weight and obesity. 

These emotional, spiritual and mental benefits though do not mean that yoga cannot give you one mean workout. Ask anyone who has taken a class with my teacher, Ravi Singh, and you will know how rigorous a yoga class can be :-).

There are many excellent yoga routines and targeted exercises which are geared towards helping you burn calories and lose weight.  I have provided many such sets on the website and below you will find a list of them.  Today though I want to detail another such calorie burning yoga exercise for you.  

This exercise, called Yoga March, along with being a calorie burner, is also an excellent exercise for starting your yoga practice and getting warmed up.  Often one thinks that stretching is the best way to warm-up, but one should keep in mind that stretching cold muscles and tendons often puts one at risk for strains and tears.  So, although light stretching is ok to do as a start-up, it is better still to warm-up the entire body with some light aerobic exercise before doing vigorous stretching.  Yoga March fits this bill perfectly.

Yoga March will not only get your blood pumping, it will also get your entire system ready for more vigorous yoga, while at the same time getting you started on your calorie burning routine right away.  Below you will find details of how to practice Yoga March along with illustrations, variations, step-by-step instructions, benefits and practice tips.

More Calorie Burning Yoga Sets and Poses:

As mentioned above here are links to other excellent yoga workouts and exercises for burning calories and losing weight.  In addition, you will find links to the Free Online Hatha Yoga Galleries here and the Kundalini Yoga Exercises collection here.  Both these resources have many more yoga poses and exercises which you will find useful in developing your personal yoga practice.

Online Yoga Exercises for Healthy Weight Loss

Best Yoga for Weight Loss

Post Natal Yoga Exercise to Lose Weight

For Yoga and Meditation Certification Course Students:

For students enrolled in the Yoga Teacher’s Training and Meditation Certification Program, I suggest to mix this exercise into your classes as a warm-up from time to time.  There are of course many excellent yoga sets for warming up, but this exercise is as good as any of them.  If you are teaching a targeted weight loss or calorie burning class, then certainly do include this exercise into the routine.  It is an exercise which almost everyone can do and which can be modified according to each student’s fitness level and proficiency.  

For those interested in finding out more about these online certification programs you will find information on the Yoga Teacher’s Training Program here and the Meditation Certification Course here.

Yoga March Illustrations

Yoga March to Burn Calories Right
Yoga March Right Leg – Illustration #1
Yoga March Left Leg
Yoga March Left Leg – Illustration #2

A. How to do Yoga March:

  • Stand nice and tall, then bring your arms behind your lower back and interlace your fingers.  Palms are facing each other.
  • Next pull your hands away from your lower back to create stretch in your arms and shoulders as shown in illustration #1 above. 

  • Now begin Breath of Fire Breathing Exercise and being to march in place.  Your head should be straight looking forward and try to bring your knees up high as your march in place.
  • The higher and faster you march the more calories you will expend and the more difficult the exercise will be.  Also doing Breath of Fire in conjunction with the marching will increase the intensity of this exercise.  
  • There are many ways to modify this exercise to suit your level.  You can switch to Long Deep Breathing if Breath of Fire is too much.  You can also release your arms and have them move as if you were walking or jogging.  You can also simply walk in place if you get winded and then begin marching once you recover.

B. Duration:

  • Start with 1 Minute and build up from there to 5 minutes or more.

C. Yoga March Benefits:

  • Helps to strengthen your hearth and cardiovascular system.
  • Helps your respiratory and circulatory systems.
  • Helps to burn calories and promotes weight loss.
  • Good exercise for warming up prior to deep stretching or vigorous yoga.
  • Helps to strengthen your calves and legs.
  • Helps to stretch and open up your shoulders, arms and chest.

D. Practice Tips for Yoga March:

  • Do interval training in order to develop your fitness and stamina.  This means that you can do 1 minute vigorous marching, followed by 30 seconds walking and then 1 minute high intensity again.  This kind of training is very good for developing your fitness rapidly.
  • Keep in mind that in addition to yoga exercises, yogic breathing is also a proven method for weight loss.  2 good pranayama techniques for weight loss are Kapalbhati and Bhastrika.
  • If you are looking for a combined approach for burning calories, reducing fat and losing weight, you will want to explore the Free Online Weight Loss Program here.
  • Teachers if you are requesting the students do this exercise with their eyes closed, be aware they will end up all over the place, so ensure there are no unwanted collisions :-).

PS: If you enjoy this yoga exercise, please do share it with your friends.  I appreciate your support.


Yogic Breathing to Purify and Energize Self

The 3 pranayamas  (yoga breathing techniques) that make up this wonderful set are in and of themselves very effective exercises.  Each of them can be used independently to provide the many benefits they bestow and are a key part of many of the free online yoga classes offered on this site.  In today’s article though I will combine these 3 pranayamas to provide a particularly powerful effect, which will help purify and cleanse your systems as well as infuse you with tremendous energy.

This set is called, Yoga Breathing for Purification and the 3 techniques that make it up are…

This combination is quite unusual and as you will experience it will create a great deal of energy within you and then allow the energy to propel itself internally.

yoga breathing technique

Benefits of Purification Set:

  • Increase lung capacity and improve the respiratory system
  • Bestow peace and tranquility
  • Energize the body and revitalize the organs
  • Improve circulation
  • Purify the subtle energy channels
  • Increase mind power and inner strength

Cautions of Purification Set:

  • As this set involves breath retention you should only do as much as comfortable and not push too hard.  Especially you will notice that after the vigorous exercises, when you do Anuloma Viloma you can have a lot of inner pathways bursting with energy and prana, so please be sensible in your approach.
  • If you feel dizzy or nauseous when doing Bhastrika Pranayama or Staccato breathing, back off and either take a break or if its mild substitute with long deep breathing.
  • Start off slowly with regard to the timings and build up as you get stronger and your capacity increases.

How to do the 3 Breathing Exercises:

Bhastika Pranayama has been explained in detail in the following article, so please study that for details: Yoga Breathing Exercise to Burn Fat.

Staccato Breathing:  Staccato breathing is segmented breathing done in the following way.  You will break up the inhalation into 5 parts.  Which means that you will take 5 small sniffs through the nose, one after the other, to complete 1 inhalation.  Make sure by the 5th sniff you have filled your lungs to capacity.  Then you will breathe out forcefully through the mouth in one explosive exhalation to empty the lungs of air.  So these 5 sniffs to make 1 inhalation and 1 exhalation through the mouth makes up 1 round.  The number of rounds you will do is explained below.

Anuloma Viloma has been explained in detail in the following article, so please study that for details:  Chakra Balancing Yoga Pranayama.   For the purpose of this set we are using a slight variation of this technique and that is explained below in the instructions.  Here is a video on how to do this exercise as well.

Anuloma Viloma Pranayama Video

Purification Set Instructions:

Beginner’s Version:

Do 10 rounds of Bhastrika Pranayama at a normal pace.

Do 10 rounds of Staccato Breathing.

Do Anuloma Viloma (Alternate Nostril Breathing) in the following sequence.  Breath in through left nostril, breathe out through right nostril, breathe in through right nostril, breathe out through left nostril.  Each segment should take 5 seconds, so count slowly from 1 to 5 as you do each part.  Do 3 rounds in this manner.

Once you are comfortable with doing the above sequence, move on to the next stage.

Intermediate Version:

Build up Bhaktrika Pranayama to 1 minute at a fast pace.

Build up Staccato Breathing to 1 minute.

Build up Anuloma Viloma to 3 minutes.

Advanced Version:

Build up Bhaktrika Pranayama to 3 minutes at a fast pace.

Build up Staccato Breathing to 3 minutes.

Do 8 rounds of Anuloma Viloma with the following variation.  Note each round will take 40 seconds.

  • Inhale through left nostril counting slowly from 1 to 5.
  • Hold your breath in for count of 5.
  • Exhale through right nostril counting slowly from 1 to 5.
  • Hold your breath out for count of 5.
  • Inhale through right nostril counting slowly from 1 to 5.
  • Hold your breath in for count of 5.
  • Exhale slowly through left nostril counting slowly from 1 to 5.
  • Hold your breath out for count of 5.

After doing the advanced version I suggest resting in corpse pose for 3 minutes to let the body assimilate the benefits of this set.

Yoga for Purification Conclusion:

The set can be practiced up to 2 times a day, morning or evening.  It is also fine to just practice is once if that is what your schedule allows for.

I do want to mention that this set is quite powerful when done correctly using the advanced techniques.  Especially doing Anuloma Viloma at the end.  You could have some profound experiences during that stage, but as it uses breath retention I want to again mention that you should progress gently.  Listen to your body and heart and don’t push too far too fast.

If you enjoy this set please do share it with others using the Social Bookmarking icons below :-).


Best Beginner Yoga Pranayama Video

Best Beginner’s Yoga Breathing Exercises

Tools for Greatness – Anmol Pranayama 1
By Master Yogi & Meditation Expert Anmol Mehta

* Find Peace, Joy, Compassion & Wisdom *
* Heal Your Body, Mind & Soul | Obtain Optimum Health *
* Lose Weight, Detox, Increase Energy & More *
* Easy to Follow Step-by-Step Video Instructions *

“Inhale, and God approaches you. Hold the inhalation, and God remains with you. Exhale, and you approach God. Hold the exhalation, and surrender to God.” Krishnamacharya.



Rishi says, “I just purchased your Pranayama Video Series and find them to be an amazing source on these wonderful exercises. Any chance you will release them on DVD? Also, thank you for providing your Amazing Insights E-book for free with this purchase. I have been finding out more about myself from reading your book.”

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Aliza says, “I was looking for online yoga videos on u tube and found ur videos and just loved them….”.

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Pranayama for Personal Greatness & Spiritual Mastery:

Tools for greatness are full length yoga, pranayama and meditation videos designed specifically to help you achieve personal greatness and spiritual mastery. This is the first video of this series and it is an excellent and complete set of yoga breathing exercises for beginners.

This yoga pranayama video consists of the best breathing techniques from many different schools of yoga and it has been developed and optimized over the years by personal practice. I call this set “Anmol Pranayama 1” and my current pranayama practice is simply an advanced version of these very techniques. The advanced version I call “Anmol Pranayama 2”.

What makes this set so powerful, is not just that it is comprised of the very best pranayamas, it is the sequence that they are done in which makes the set so incredibly potent and effective. This sequence is my very own design and it has been perfected over the years through personal practice and research. I can confidently say, this is one of the very best yoga pranayama set out there today.

Benefits of Best Beginner’s Yoga Breathing Exercises | Anmol Pranayama 1:

The vast benefits of yoga breathing exercises are fast being recognized world over and rapidly being acknowledged by the mainstream medical community as well. There ability to bestow a wide and profound range of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits is hard to match via any other system or practice. Even though I am calling this a beginner’s pranayama set, this set is very very good for you, and is certainly not lacking in value or potency.

Here are some highlights of how this set will benefit you:

  • Bestow Inner Peace & Joy
  • Detoxify Your Entire System
  • Help You Lose Weight & Burn Fat
  • Increase Your Energy & Vitality
  • Help Cure Diseases and Give You Optimum Health
  • Improve Your Digestive, Respiratory, Immune and Nervous System
  • Help You Release Negativity (Mental, Emotional & Physical)
  • Improve Brain Function & Memory
  • Help You Break Addictions and Bad Habits
  • Expand Your Pranic Body and Psychic Energy
  • Raise Your Level of Consciousness & Awareness


Design of Anmol Pranayama 1 Video:

This video is actually comprised of 3 videos to make it easy to use. I call each of these videos a “section” and here are the details for each of these sections. When you order this product, you of course get all 3 videos.

Video Section 1: Introduction to Anmol Pranayama 1:

Duration: 4 minutes

This video is the introduction to this set and to the Tools for Greatness Series in general. It gives you an overview of what Anmol Pranayama 1 is all about. Here is that video:

Anmol Pranayama 1 Introduction Video

(Please note this is loaded from YouTube, so any performance issues won’t be experienced when you play the videos from your computer after download)

Video Section 2: Beginner’s Yoga Breathing Exercises Training:

Duration: 20 minutes

This video introduces and demonstrates each of the 5 pranayamas used in this set, and teaches you step-by-step how to do each one through video instruction. If you are a beginner, this section is very important for you as it will teach you how to correctly and safely practice these amazing techniques.

Video Section 3: Full Best Beginner’s Yoga Pranayama Set (Anmol Pranayama 1):

Duration: 30 minutes

This is a full video class in which we do the beginner’s pranayama set together. This video is what you will want to use in your daily practice, once you are familiar with the techniques. The big advantage of having such a video is that, it will not just guide you step-by-step in dong each exercise, but most importantly, it will encourage your to do your full daily practice, which is the key if you are going to enjoy the benefits of this profound science.

If you are a fan of yoga I guarantee you will simply love this set!


Order Details for Anmol Pranayama 1:

  1. What You Will Get When You Order Anmol Pranayama 1:
    You will be able to download all 3 videos explained above, so you can watch each section as required and not have to find your way around within videos. The biggest advantage here is that the entire set for daily pranayama practice will be quickly and easily available to you always.
  2. 100% Money Back Guarantee:
    Like all my products and services I give a full 100% money back guarantee for this product. If you can not completely satisfied I will refund your money. Please try the complete set at least once though, before deciding it is not for you. Yes, just once. I know that will be enough to make you realize it’s incredible value and power. In fact, in just doing the training, you will start to notice the changes taking place within .

How to Purchase Best Beginner’s Pranayama Video:

  1. Payment Method: You can pay via PayPal, Credit Card or check. All online payment methods are 100% safe and secure.
    If paying by check, please email me so I can send you the download information and please make check out to “Anmol Mehta” and mail to…Anmol Mehta
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  3. Contact: If you have any issues, please email me at

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Yoga for a Flat Toned Stomach

If you want to have a nice flat stomach and toned abs, there are a few important things that you must do.  Besides the obvious of watching your diet, you need to develop an exercise routine that combines both, aerobic exercise along with stomach specific resistance exercises.  Although there is evidence that resistance exercises help burn fat, aerobic routines are still the best way to help reduce belly fat and body fat in general.  Along with aerobic exercises though, you need to combine abdominal training, to achieve the final result of a flat and toned stomach.  Luckily yoga can provide you both, an aerobic exercise as well as stomach toning exercises.

Another important aspect of toning muscles and stomach muscles especially is that you need to vary the routines and exercises you do from time to time.  This variation ensures that muscles are being worked out effectively and the most is being achieved from the exercises, as muscles get used to repeated patterns and respond less and less to the same routines.  For this reason it’s good to have many different abdominal workouts in your yoga toolbox and change these routines up from time to time.

Below (#5) you will find a list of abdominal workouts already published on the website, which have been quite popular and are very effective.  But for those of you who have already been doing these yoga poses and routines for some time and are looking for some variation, below is another great set of abdominal exercises for you.

Toned Stomach

Some of these exercises are completely new, while others have been published previously.  The set though combines them to form a nice new routine.  In addition, this set utilizes a chair as a prop to help you do some of the exercises. For those who are new to yoga, also notice the use of the strap for doing the challenging Yoga Boat Pose, which is by the way, excellent for toning and firming your stomach.

For Yoga Certification Program Students:

For those who are enrolled in the Yoga Certification Course (link here), the yoga leg extensions is an excellent exercise if you are teaching a senior, kids or newbie class.  This is a good way to introduce yoga abdominal training to beginners and those who are unfit.  Also, it is worth having straps available in your yoga studio so you can show them how to use it for difficult poses like Boat Pose.  If you do not have straps you can use a rolled up towel or other such substitute.

For students in the Meditation Teacher’s Course (link here), if you are teaching a gentle yoga class or simple stretches prior to meditation, the above advice applies to your class as well.

This set was presented in the December 2012 edition of the Mastery of Meditation and Yoga newsletter.  

Yoga Ab Exercises For Flat Toned Stomach:

Some titles below are links to the article with all the details including cautions, benefits, practice tips, etc.  So click that to read the full article.

Benefits of Yoga Abdominal Training

Kundalini Yoga suggests that one of the first areas to work on if you are new to yoga is the navel center.  There are many good reasons for this.  
First, developing this region ensures you have great energy and power.  Second, working on the stomach area helps alleviate and cure digestive problems.  But, most importantly, developing your navel strength also helps you build your strength of character and this is important if you are to establish and maintain a strong, long-term yoga and meditation practice. Finally, of course it is always great to have a nice, flat toned stomach :-).


 One of the very first yoga exercises you learn when embarking on a traditional Hatha Yoga program are these Easy Leg Extensions.
This exercise is not just good for your abs, it is also excellent for keeping your knees lubricated and healthy.  In addition, it promotes flexibility in the hamstrings and calves.
There are 2 variations to this exercise, with regard to how to place your hands.  In the illustrations below, I am showing the variation where I am leaning back on the palms of my hands. 
In an easier variation, you can place your entire forearm and elblows on the ground, with your palms facing down, and lean back.  In this variation you will be leaning further back, have more support and the leg extensions will be even easier to do.
If you are just starting out do sets of 6-10 repetitions.  You can also take a break by staying in the legs folded positions longer. You can slowly build up to doing this exercise for 1 to 3 minutes.
For your breathing, exhale as you extend your legs out and inhale as you bring them in.
For those who are more fit you can do the famous Yoga Stretch Pose instead.
Here are some illustrations to help you do this exercise correctly.  
Easy Leg Extensions – Start

Easy Leg Extensions – Finish


Lately I have been sharing with you some wonderful poses and stretches you can do with the help with a chair and here are some excellent ab crunches you can add to that list. 

 There are 2 nice variations to these stomach crunches.  The first is shown in Illustrations #1 and #2 below, they concentrate on the central abdominal muscles. 
The second variation works on your side muscles or obliques. These are shown in Illustration #3 and Illustration #4 below.
I suggest beginners start with 4-6 repetitions and build up slowly from there.
Inhale down and exhale up for both these variations.
Chair Crunch Down

Chair Crunch Up

Chair Sit-up Left

Chair Sit-up Right


One of the best poses for working on your abs is Yoga Boat Pose. As this is a difficult pose, there are 3 nice variations to make it easier. You can bend your knees, you can hold your knees or you can use a strap.

 You will find useful illustrations below and of course all the details in the article.  Do this exercise with Breath of Fire if you can.  Start with as little as 15 seconds and build up from there. Some advanced classes require 3, 5 7 and even 11 minutes of Boat Pose!!
Yoga Boat Pose – With Strap

Yoga Boat Pose – Full
Yoga Criss Cross is part of the excellent Yoga Set to Shape Stomach, the link to which is above.
This is a great exercise with which to end any ab workout set, but you can also switch it with boat pose above as a finishing exercise.

To do this exercise you are criss-crossing your ankles at a fast pace, with the legs alternating which is on top.  Full details are in the article.

Start with 15 seconds and build up to 1-3 minutes if you can. 

Criss-Cross Left Over Right


Criss-Cross Right Over Left
As mentioned above, for abdominal training it is good to mix up exercises and sets as this help to stimulate the muscles and will accelerate the results one gets.  So here are some good sets from which you can choose more abdominal exercise to give you variety and options.


5 Best Yoga Techniques and 5 Top Spiritual Articles of 2012

For those who are not signed up to receive my monthly newsletter, here is the January 2013 edition.  It was quite popular as it featured the best yoga techniques of 2012 and the top 5 articles from last year as well.  So in case you missed any of the top content here is your chance to catch up :-).

For those who missed the previous newsletters you will find them archived here – Mastery of Meditation Newsletter Archives.

Also, for those who are interested is self healing and healing others, I want to introduce you to a great Online Reiki Master Certification Program.  You will find more details below. 

This Edition Features :-

  1. Top 5 Articles from 2012.
  2. Top 5 Yoga Techniques from 2012.
  3. Online Reiki Master Certification Program.


Top 5 Articles from 2012:


Titles below are links to the full article.
Learn what the 6 signs of negative thinking are and then learn 10 proven techniques to help end negative thinking and overcome negative thoughts.

So now that you have ended negative thinking, it’s time to take it to the next level and live a meaningful and joyful life :-).  So hear over to this article to learn 5 great techniques for accomplishing that.

Here is Pat’s true story of how she lost significant weight doing Kapalbhati Yoga Pranayama.  In this article you will also find links to other weight loss resources, including Ayurvedic Diets, Yoga Sets to burn fat and Meditations to help you reach your weight loss goals.

This article details an excellent 8 Step Ayurvedic Program to help you get healthy, quit addictions and live a vibrant, energetic and long life.
If you think you are experiencing Kundalini Awakening you can head over to this article and read all about the signs and symptoms that accompany a full blown kundalini event.

5 Best Yoga Poses of 2012:


Titles below are links to the full article, so click the link to read the full details on the particular exercise.
Here is an unusual Kundalini Yoga exercise which is actually designed to improve your nervous system, but serves a dual purpose by also being excellent for building your mental strength and willpower.
From the position below, you will be raising and lowering your arms rapidly 6 inches in each direction.  Check the article for all the details and tips.
Starting Position

Along with Yoga Crow Pose, this is another great yoga pose for clearing and balancing the root chakra.  It also, of course, helps to stretch the groin and hips to assist in sitting in meditation.

Yoga Frog Pose 

Here is an exercise that has been enjoyed by almost every student in my yoga classes and it is a regular part of my yoga routine as well.  This simple exercise helps you stretch, warm-up and also strengthen your abs and core.  Very useful indeed :-).
To do this exercise you will simply rock back and forth as shown below, inhaling as you lean back and exhaling as your lean forward.
Yoga Rowing Back
Yoga Rowing Front

Here is a more recent addition to our Online Hatha Yoga Collection.  It is the beautiful Cow Pose, which is wonderful for relaxing and releasing tension, while at the same time stretching your hips, ankles and thighs.
Please follow all cautions for this exercise given in the article so you can avoid any injury.

Yoga Cow Pose
A really fun, energetic and good fat burning exercise is Yoga Jumping Jacks.  They are actually not as easy as you think and to do it right you will require quite a bit of mental focus and concentration as well.  Just try it and see :-).
To do Yoga Jumping Jacks, from the starting position, inhale half way and jump to the half-way position as shown.  The legs should only be half-way apart at this time.  Then complete the inhalation and complete the jump as shown in the full jump illustration below.
Then exhale half way and come back into the half-way position. Finally complete the exhalation and come back to the starting position.  Slowly build up to a set of 100.

Starting Position
Half-Way Jump
Full Jump

Online Reiki Master Certification:

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Yoga Breathing Helped Me Lose Weight – Pat’s Success Story

Yoga Helps You Lose Weight

Help for Weight Loss

Next time someone asks you, “Will yoga help me lose weight?”  You can say, “Yes, it sure can!” And for proof you can go ahead send them this article link :-).  In fact, as you will see below, you don’t even need a full fledged yoga workout in order to lose weight, you can do it by simply practicing Yogic Breathing!

Today I received an email from a long time reader who had undertaken the serious practice of Kapalbhati Yoga Breathing Exercise with the objective of burning fat and losing weight.  So did Kapalbhati help her lose weight?  It sure did and here is her success story in her own words.

Kapalbhati Helped Me Lose Weight – Pat’s Story:

Pat Writes:

Hi Anmol,

Remember me?  I corresponded with you a number of times, but have not done so in over 6 months — I think it has been that long.  Anyway, here are my wonderful Kapalbhati yoga breathing weight loss results so far, as I promised you that I would let you know what they are from time to time.  Well,  I started doing Kapalbhati yoga breathing in Mid or late Feb. of 2011–about 11 months ago.  At that time, I weighed 210 pounds.  I just weighed myself today, and find that as of today, I have lost 17 pounds, and now weigh 193 pounds.  Naturally, I am very happy and hope that you will be happy for me!!!

I have long since made Kapalbhati my own, and will most definitely use it for the rest of my life for continued weight loss and then for low weight maintenance.  My goal is to get down to, and then to maintain 120 pounds, for the rest of my life.  So, that means, I have about 73 or so more pounds to lose.  I expect that that goal might take maybe 4 or 5 years for me to attain, but that does not matter to me because I am going to do Kapalbhati yoga breathing for the rest of my life, anyway, and I know that the longer it takes me to lose all of the weight I still have to lose, the better off I will be health wise.  So, these are my Kapalbhati breathing yoga weight loss results that I have to report to you so far.

Yoga Helps with Weight Loss:

Pat is not the only one I know who has had success with losing weight with Kapalbhati.  There are others who too have enjoyed success, with some having completely transformed their body, with Kapalbhati being the core of their weight loss program.

Although Pat’s testimonial is evidence that yoga breathing exercises in and of themselves are effective for weight loss, I would suggest a program which includes other aspects of yoga and Ayurveda to further accelerate your weight loss process.  With Kapalbhati alone, Pat has been able to shed 17 pounds over the course of 11 months.  This type of gradual weight loss is safe, natural, healthy and permanent.  The weight that comes off, stays off.  If you include yoga poses and exercises, along with an appropriate Ayurvedic Diet, you can aim to comfortably lose 5 pounds or so a month.

Below are more yoga resources to help you achieve your weight loss goals.  I hope you will find them useful and I look forward to receiving your email saying, “Yoga has helped me lose weight too :-)”.

Yoga Resources to Help You Lose Weight:

Yogic Breathing: 

Along with Kapalbhati, I would suggest Bhastrika Pranayama for Burning Fat and Kundalini Yoga’s Breath of Fire as effective weight loss techniques.

Ayurvedic Diets:

I would suggest following the Ayurvedic Diet to Burn Fat and also using the these 5 Healthy Weight Loss Tips from Ayurveda to help you lose weight.

Yoga Sets:

For Beginner’s or those who are obese I would suggest one of the following yoga sets for weight loss.

Best Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Best Morning Yoga Stretches – Surya Namaskar

For those in better shape, I suggest the following yoga set.

Online Yoga Exercises to Lose Weight

Meditation for Weight Loss:

Emotional eating and food issues are often the cause of obesity and being overweight.  To combat such conditions, use the following meditation techniques to promote self love and resolve emotional problems.

Emotional Healing Through Meditation

Ayurvedic Treatment to Stop Emotional Eating

Ayurvedic Herbs for Weight Loss:

You can also supplement your weight loss program with Ayurvedic Herbs.  Here is one product in particular designed to help you lose weight naturally and safely – Ayurvedic Herbs for Weight Loss – Yogic Slim.

If you have achieved successful weight loss through yoga or other natural means, please do share your stories with us in the comments section below.  I am sure it will be inspirational and helpful to all.

If you enjoy this or any other article on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga, please do share it with your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, etc.  I appreciate your love and support.


Yoga for Weight Loss | Free Yoga Weight Loss Programs

Yoga Weight Loss

Free Yoga Solutions to Lose Weight

“Please tell me how to join your free yoga weight loss programs?”  That is one of the most common questions I get from the readers, so to help all of you who are interested in losing weight naturally with yoga, I have decided to put together this comprehensive information guide. 

Here I will list for you all the weight loss yoga exercises, sets and courses that are available for free on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga.  This way you will have all the knowledge and tips you need in order to fulfill your weight loss goals in one convenient place.  And I will be able to answer the common weight loss question above, by simply providing a link to this document .

Below I am going to list and summarize for you, the free online yoga weight loss programs, the yoga for weight loss sets, the yoga exercises that promote weight loss, yogic breathing to lose weight and ayurvedic dietary tips to help burn fat and lose weight. 

Yoga Weight Loss

Please note the following…


Free Yoga for Weight Loss Programs:

There are 2 complete yoga for weight loss programs on the webiste which are part of the free online yoga classes that you can join at any time to help you lose weight.  Both these programs include yoga sets for weight loss, yoga breathing exercises for weight loss and even meditations to help you with your weight loss goals.  The 2 program are…

1. Natural Weight Loss Yoga Program

This is a very detailed yoga for weight loss course that is suitable for those who are really out of shape, elderly or obese.  It includes breathing techniques for weight loss and a yoga set that increases in intensity week by week.

2. Yoga for Healthy Weight Loss Program

This program includes a more vigorous yoga for weight loss set, yoga breathing exercises and a meditation to help you burn fat and reshape your body.  It is for those who are in average shape and able to do yoga exercises.

Free Yoga for Weight Loss Sets:

Here are 4 sets which are excellent for helping you lose weight and toning your stomach.  Of course all yoga exercises will be very useful to helping you lose weight, and anyone who practices yoga regularly will achieve significant weight loss, but these 4 sets are more targeted towards that goal.  2 of these sets are used in the programs above.

1. Online Yoga Exercises for Healthy Weight Loss

Probably the most popular YouTube yoga video.  This is an excellent set to help you burn calories and lose weight.

2. Best Yoga Exercises and Poses for Weight Loss

This set is excellent for those who are new to yoga and looking to lose weight with yoga.  It will slowly build up your fitness and gently gets harder and more intense.

3. Surya Namaskar – Best Morning Yoga Exercises

The most famous of all yoga sets, this particular sequence has known to help many thousands of people get slim and fit.  Do it everyday and you will most certainly see the difference on the scale.

4. Yoga Ab Workout and Exercises to Shape Stomach

A great set of exercises for those who are looking to tone their abs in addition to losing weight.

Free Yoga Exercises to Lose Weight:

Of course many of the excellent yoga exercises to burn fat and help you lose weight are included in the programs and sets above, here are a few worth highlighting though.

1. Bhastrika Pranayama to Burn Fat

Here is a vigorous yoga breathing exercise to help get your metabolism up and generate heat within.  It is part of many yoga therapies which target weight loss.

2. Kapalbhati Yoga Breathing Exercise to Lose Weight

Probably now the most popular yoga breathing exercise which has also developed a fierce reputation as a natural weight loss solution if practiced regularly.

3. Post Natal Yoga Exercise to Lose Weight

A more recent addition to the website, this great exercise is yet to be incorporated into a set.  It is a great exercise to promote weight loss as well.

Weight Loss Diet and Tips from Ayurveda

From the great school of natural healing, Ayurveda, here are 3 important articles to help supplement your weight loss workouts.  These articles detail Ayurvedic dietary approach to weight loss and also share with you other great weight loss tips.

1. 5 Healthy Weight Loss Tips from Ayurveda

2. Healthy Ayurvedic Diet to Burn Fat and Lose Weight

3. Ayurvedic Treatment to Stop Emotional Eating

Yoga for Weight Loss Summary:

So above you now have at your disposal plenty of free yoga program, tools and techniques to help you lose that weight, get fit and get healthy.  Feel free to share this information with anyone you know who is also looking to get slim and trim .