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Easy Exercise to Burn Fat

Simple Yoga Fat Burning Exercise

Today I read an interesting piece of advice regarding using simple Jumping Jacks 3 or 4 times a day to help you expend extra calories, burn fat and speed up your weight loss results.  The article suggested doing 3 sets of 100 Jumping Jacks scattered throughout the day to complement your weight loss exercise program.  It stated that you could burn an additional 60 calories a day by including this easy exercise into your day, and that each set would take just 2 minutes to do.

I like this idea and I think its benefits will go beyond just burning fat and losing weight.  Today a lot of jobs and life styles lack physical activity and there are many studies that strongly suggest taking a break from prolonged sitting and getting periodic exercise throughout the day.  I think this will help with cardiovascular health, respiration, relieving stress, and also help with issues such as back problems and the like.  But if you are going to make the effort of sprinkling in the Jumping Jacks during the day, why not do the advanced form of Jumping Jacks which will not just help you burn fat, but will also help you develop mental focus and concentration.  In other words, do Yoga Jumping Jacks :-).

Fat Burning Exercise

The yoga variation of this exercise will be just as good in getting your heart rate up and help you burn fat, but the design of this movement is such that it will require additional concentration from you to do correctly.  This additional concentration will work your brain along with your body and help you build mental focus.  The variation will also help expand your lung capacity. 

We should all be familiar with simple Jumping Jacks, and have probably done plenty in gym class or physical education training, but for yoga jumping jacks, you break up the exercise into 4 parts instead of the 2 parts it normally consists of.  Step by step details and illustrations are in the instructional section below.

For those who are familiar with the popular Healthy Weight Loss Yoga Set here on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga, this exercise is part of that set.  In an upcoming article I am going to discuss how fast you can lose weight with yoga, and this set will certainly be a part of that discussion.

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For Yoga and Meditation Certification Program Students:

For students enrolled in the Online Yoga Teacher’s Training and Certification Program or Online Meditation Certification Program, this is a great exercise to do early in your class, especially if you want to get the energy going and get everyone’s blood pumping.  Also, as this is a relatively easy exercise to do, almost all students can participate.  Make sure you have plenty of spacing between the students prior to starting.

Yoga Exercise to Burn Fat – Yoga Jumping Jacks

Below please find details of how to practice Yoga Jumping Jacks, along with illustrations, step-by-step instructions, benefits and practice tips.  Please note the special breathing that goes along with the movements.

Yoga Jumping Jacks Illustrations


Illustration #1: Starting Position

Easy Yoga JJ - Half

Illustrations #2: Half-Way Jump


Easy Yoga JJ Exercise Finish

Illustrations #3: Full Jump

A. How to Yoga Jacks for Weight Loss:

  • Stand with your arms down by your sides and feet together, as shown in Illustration #1.
  • Now take a half inhalation and jump your legs to about shoulder width apart and swing your arms straight out to the sides parallel to the ground.  The palms are facing down finger are extended.  This is shown in Illustration #2 above.
  • Now complete the inhalation as you jump and bring your feet wide apart.  At the same time swing your arms directly above your head and clap your palms together.  This is shown in Illustration #3.
  • Now do a half exhalation as you jump your feet back to shoulder width apart and swing your hands back to being parallel to the ground with palms facing down and fingers extended.  This is Illustration #2 again.
  • Now complete the Jumping Jack and exhalation by jumping your feet back together and bringing your hands back down all the away.  You are coming back to the staring position, as shown in Illustration #1.
  • Continue on for the duration of the exercise.  You will soon feel your heart rate picking up and your body warming up.  Sure signs that you are starting to burn calories and melt away fat :-).

B. How Much To Do:

  • For the purpose of losing weight, burning fat and doing it frequently during the day, as I mentioned, do 2 minutes or a set of 100.  Try to do 3 times a day to burn more calories.
  • In general though you can even do 5 minutes of this exercise.

C. Easy Yoga JJ Exercise Benefits:

  • Good for Burning Fat and promoting weight loss.
  • The different variation and coordination with the breathing makes it good for building concentration and focus.
  • Works on your heart and lungs.
  • Helps tone and strengthen your calves and leg muscles.
  • Works on your arms and shoulders.
  • Great exercise for getting your entire body warmed up and getting your energy going.

D. Practice Tips for Yoga JJs:

  • This yoga exercise is not as simple as it looks as you really have to focus in order to break the pattern of how you normally do Jumping Jacks.  Once you get the rhythm though, it should get easier and start to flow.
  • To modify this exercise just move the legs or just the arms.  This easier version is good for seniors or the disabled.  Also, if you are getting tired you can switch to doing just arms or just legs, to allow yourself some time to recover.
  • You can also of course do normal Jumping Jacks instead of these more difficult ones.
  • This is really a fun exercise to do, so enjoy yourself as you do it.  Embrace a child like mentally and jump away.

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PS: If you enjoy this exercise or any other exercise on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga, please do share them with your friends. I appreciate your support.

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    Hi Anmol ,I have been your vivid follower esp of kapalbharti and think its an amazing experience.
    However i would like to ask you that

    1.can i do it before/after cardio.
    2.Can i do Abs exersizes after it

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