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Best Relaxation Technique & Stress Relief Exercise

Yogic Relaxation Technique

Relaxation Exercise for Stress Relief 

You may have noticed the emphasis I place on doing a period of relaxation after any set of yoga exercises or difficult Kundalini Yoga techniques.  The importance of this relaxation phase should not be underestimated.  During this time, the body and mind get a chance to assimilate the energy and changes that are produced by the yoga exercises, and this opportunity is essential for making the most of the work you have just put in.  There are quite a few relaxation techniques available, but without a doubt the very best relaxation exercise is Yoga Corpse Pose.

Relaxation, of course, has many more benefits that just providing the space for energy assimilation after yoga exercises, and so it is certainly a very valuable skill to own and master for healthy and peaceful living.  To that end, Corpse Pose is great to practice if you are going through a stressful and tense time in your life, are fighting any health issues or if you are simply interested in cultivating a relaxed and peaceful mind and body.

Despite how simple an exercise Corpse Pose might seem and despite thinking that relaxation is a natural state, you will be surprised how difficult this actually can be for people to do.  The habit of endless thinking, worrying, stressing, planning, etc, has become hard to shake in today’s hectic world, thus making the simple and natural state of relaxation hard to access.  Perhaps even enlightenment is easier today to achieve than relaxation .  This is all the more reason that we need to consciously practice relaxation and stress relief, so that we can enjoy the bountiful benefits this blessed state bestows.

Best Relaxation Technique

For successful relaxation, whether it is via the practice of Corpse Pose or some other technique, breath is going to always be a key component.  Breath can be used to not only signal the mind and body that it’s relaxation time, but it can also be used as a mechanism in relaxation visualization techniques to help promote this state.  Furthermore, by the simple use of the breath, stress relief can be achieved anytime, even when lying on your back and playing dead is not quite appropriate .  So in the practice section below, be sure to pay particular attention to this aspect.

In the practice section below you will also find several variation of how to take full advantage of Corpse Pose to not just relax, but also to do conscious stress relief and to set the optimum state for affirmations and visualizations.


Corpse Pose will be included in our ongoing Kundalini Yoga Exercises E-book and it will also be part of our Hatha Yoga Poses E-book, as this essential technique is common to all schools of yoga.  For another excellent relaxation technique you can read the article on the Meditation Technique for Relaxation & Stress Relief.

Benefits of Corpse Pose Relaxation Technique:

  1. Allows surrender to Infinity so it can speak to us.
  2. Allows surrender to the Universe so she can heal and rejuvenate us.
  3. Allows surrender to the body and indicates trust in it’s ability to heal itself.  Creates a highly conducive state for self-healing to take place.
  4. Helps the mind and body deeply relax and promotes stress relief.
  5. Allows the mind and body to assimilate the gains from previously done yoga exercises.
  6. Creates a state optimum for visualization techniques to be implemented thus, helping one manifest one’s desires and intentions.
  7. Allows one to be free from worry and anxiety, thus promoting a peaceful and serene mind and body.
  8. Helps one combat insomnia and sleep peacefuly.

Corpse Pose Relaxation Technique Basic Practice Details:

  • Lie on your back and close your eyes.
  • Have your legs shoulder width apart and allow the feet to fall away naturally.  Have your arms outstretched and along the sides of your body, about 12 inches away.  Have your palms facing up and allow the finger curled naturally.  If necessary use a rolled blanket or small pillow under your knees to take pressure off your lower back.  You can also use a light blanket to stay warm as the body will cool down when relaxed. 
  • Now start to take a deep breath, allowing it to fill your abdomen first and then letting the air fill you chest.  Without pausing exhale, allowing the air to empty your chest first and then your abdomen.  Your diaphragm should push down and out, expanding your stomach as you inhale, and then up and it pulling in your stomach as you exhale.  Take 5 such deep long breaths to help melt away tension and stress.
  • After the 5 long deep breaths, simply let go of everything and allow yourself to sink deeper and deeper into the floor and deeper and deeper into nothingness.
  • Let go of all your worries, anxieties, problems, tensions, goals and plans.  Allow the entire body, mind and breath to relax.  Just relax completely and surrender to Infinity.  Allow Infinity to do what is necessary with you.  Feel peaceful and quiet, and with every breath allow yourself to let go even more and relax even more deeply.
  • Continue on for the duration of the relaxation period.  Time is open for this exercise.

Corpse Pose for Conscious Stress Relief & Relaxation:

  • In this variation you can use Corpse Pose to consciously relax and let go of tension in various parts of the body.  To do this follow the steps above up to the point where you have completed the 5 long deep breaths.
  • Now begin to scan your body starting with your feet and move upwards.  For each part of your body, as you inhale, visualize white light entering that part and as you exhale visualize any tension stored in that area leaving your system.  Move up at any pace you like, until you reach the crown of your head.  So consciously relax your feet, shins, knees, thighs, buttocks, hips, stomach, chest, shoulders, arms, forearms, hands, neck, chin, mouth, cheeks, eyes, forehead, head, etc.  See if you can find where you tend to store stress and tension, and then as you develop this familiarity, ensure you spend extra time in that region letting go of the stress.

Corpse Pose for Affirmation and Visualization:

  • In this variation you can use Corpse Pose to set the optimum stage for visualization techniques and affirmations to work.  To do this follow the steps above up to the point where you have completed the 5 long deep breaths.

  • Now begin to breathe in a conscious rhythm where you are doing twelve breath cycles per minute.  Each inhalation and exhalation cycle counts as one breath and you want to be at 12 such breaths a minute.  This will be slower that the 15-17 breaths you currently take per minute and this rhythm sets the stage for communicating with your Higher Self and the Universe.
  • So once you reach 12 breaths per minute, stay there for a few minutes and then begin whichever visualization technique or affirmation you wish to practice.  You will find yourself much more successful with them now.


Hope you enjoy this technique and it helps you get rid of stress, find peace and master the all important art of relaxation.

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  1. Alejandro Sánchez
    Alejandro Sánchez says:

    Hi Anmol,
    I’ve been practicing Shavasana for several years and think am starting to master this pose. Recently, when I’m in deep relaxation, my whole body starts to shake. I’ve read this happens too with advanced pranayama. Does this mean that prana is opening up pathways in my body? Is it beneficial or dangerous? Thanks in advance.

  2. Relaxed And Alert
    Relaxed And Alert says:


    i found your blog through googling. This very nice blog . i really like this this blog .This blog gives to us very good knowledge about how do we learn to relax? This blog provide the knowledge about a lot of techniques for remix.

    Thank you,

  3. Indira
    Indira says:

    Hi Anmol,
    Can you pls tell if there is any specific pranayama , meditation or yogaasana for PCOD(Irregular Periods) and constipation. and can u pls guide as to what pranayama to start with in morning.

  4. Binaural Beats Online
    Binaural Beats Online says:

    Excellent! I have been doing deep breathing exercises for awhile and find them to make a huge diference. I will encorporate this method in with my breathing and look forward to the benefits. Anything to help with relaxation and mindfulness is worth a try.


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