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How to Be Free | Osho on Krishna, Buddha and You

Osho Quote on Krishna, Buddha and You

How to Be Free 

Today I would like to share with you an excerpt from Mystic Master Osho, in which he urges you to just be yourself, be original and follow your heart’s whispers.  It is always inspiring to visit the teachings of the masters from time to time, as I find the vibrations of their words and insights to often be catalysts for spontaneous and sudden inner transformation.  I hope you find the words below to be equally inspiring, liberating and transforming.

Free Osho on Krishna, Buddha


How to Do Advanced Jyana Yoga Meditation Videos | Silent Mind Meditation

Advanced Meditation Videos

Advanced Gyan Yoga Technique

The advanced Jyana Yoga (yoga of intelligence and insight) meditation vidoes below are a detailed discussion of the seven steps used by the Silent Mind Meditation Technique to bring about the cessation of thoughts and the explosion of insight.  Another videos series will also be uploaded soon, which is a general discussion of this technique, which can be considered the most advanced form of Jyana (Gyan) Yoga and is based on the Advaita Vedanta and Zen Buddhist concepts of nomind, end of knowledge and negation (neti).  This technique, as I have pointed out before, is an extension of the work done by J. Krishnamurti and is in my view, the ultimate meditation for Self Realization.


True Definition of Meditation – Take the Test

Defining Meditation

What is Meditation

There are many ways to understand and define what meditation is, and today I want to present to you the highest and purest way of looking at this most important of human phenomenon.  Understanding meditation via many different angles and approaches deepens your understanding about this sublime activity, and given that meditation holds the key to Heaven, it is essential that you encounter the Truth of meditation in this life of yours.  Below you will find the great spiritual master J. Krishnamurti explain what meditation is in his own words.  Following the excerpt I will provide some analysis and thoughts on this definition of his.


5 Keys to Stop Procrastination

How to Stop Procrastinating

Recently I received an email from a reader who requested help on how to stop procrastination, as this was causing him innumerable problems in life.  Procrastination, as we all probably know, can affect our lives negatively at many levels.  It can prevent us from moving ahead in the manifested world, as well as certainly prevent us from breaking free from the endless stream of ego centric thoughts and desires in the spiritual world.  So in this article I would like to share with you some of the tips I gave him, and expand on the spiritual aspect of this important topic as well.


5 Excellent Yoga Tips to Elevate Your Practice

Simple Yoga Tips

Improving Your Yoga Practice

Previously, in the series Clever Yoga Tips for Busy People, I gave some handy tips on how to incorporate some useful yoga techniques into your everyday life.  These included doing the wonderful Kapalbhati Pranayama for Weight Loss and Health while walking or driving, and doing Toe Touches (Padahast Asana) while in the shower.  But, today I want to share with your some very good tips which you can easily integrate right into your yoga routine, in order to get a whole lot more out of it.  After all, you are doing your practice anyway, might as well get the most out of the time you spend on the mat.


Best Spiritual Books

Best Books for Spiritual Growth

List of Best Spiritual Books  

In the article, 3 Simple Tips to Inviting Enlightenment, one of the tips for attracting enlightenment experiences was reading great spiritual books.  Although, these suggestions came from personal experience, comments scattered throughout the blog have confirmed that these techniques have worked for others as well.  Below are examples of such testimonials with regard to enlightenment experiences taking place simply on account of reading great books on spirituality. 


The goal of this article is to compile a list of the best spiritual books out there and this will require your help to do .



Psychic & Clairvoyant Powers & Abilities | Free Comprehensive Development Guide

Developing Psychic Powers & Abilities

Free Guide for Psychic Readers & Clairvoyants

Welcome to the free comprehensive guide for psychic readers and clairvoyants to develop their psychic powers and abilities.  This guide is the combined document from the 2 part series on Developing Psychic Powers and has been created for ease of bookmarking and linking.  Here are the links to the original articles of this series: 4 Free Online Psychic & Development Techniques & Patanjali’s Samyama | Best Tool for Psychic Development.

Psychic & Clairvoyant Powers

Below you will find the contents of part 1 and part 2 combined.

(Part 1)


Is Mindfulness Meditation Right for You? | An Excellent Test to Find Out

Mindfulness Meditation

Test for Mindfulness Meditation

The highest form of mindfulness meditation is the awareness of each thought that arises and falls in the mind.  This technique has been the method of many enlightened masters in the past and continues to be the technique of choice for those who are inclined towards Insight Meditation, Mind Meditation, Zen Meditation or Gyan Yoga.  As revealed in the epic article, Meditation Techniques, Types & Practice – A Comprehensive Guide, there are literally hundreds of meditation techniques and certainly Mindfulness Meditation is amongst one of the very best.  The question that does come up though, is how do you know if this type of meditation is right for you?


Best Mind Meditation | Most Advanced Meditation Technique

Best Mind Meditation Technique

Most Advanced Yoga Meditation

Mastery of Meditation & Yoga now has almost 400 articles, detailing a wide range of simple and advanced yoga & meditation techniques, along with other insightful articles for helping you achieve your highest potential in life.   The techniques work on everything from your mind, body to spirit.  While some of these techniques are suitable for beginner’s others, are quite advanced and should be approached with respect and intelligence.  Of course, appropriate details are included in the respective articles, so you can design a personal program suitable to your level and capacity.


4 Free Online Psychic & Clairvoyant Development Techniques

Free Tools for Psychics & Psychic Readers

Free Online Techniques for Psychic Abilities & Clairvoyance

Recently I have received a great deal of requests regarding the development of psychic powers and psychic abilities.  Some, I imagine are from psychics and clairvoyants looking to enhance their abilities for professional reasons, while others are form those curious about psychic powers and yoga siddhis.  Although, I suggest you don’t get overly attached to the acquisition of such paranormal and clairvoyant powers, the topic is certainly fascinating and one that is undoubtedly best understood by the science of yoga.