Free Osho on Krishna, Buddha

How to Be Free | Osho on Krishna, Buddha and You

Osho Quote on Krishna, Buddha and You

How to Be Free 

Today I would like to share with you an excerpt from Mystic Master Osho, in which he urges you to just be yourself, be original and follow your heart’s whispers.  It is always inspiring to visit the teachings of the masters from time to time, as I find the vibrations of their words and insights to often be catalysts for spontaneous and sudden inner transformation.  I hope you find the words below to be equally inspiring, liberating and transforming.

Free Osho on Krishna, Buddha

Osho Quote on Krishna, Buddha and You:

Book: Courage – The Joy of Living Dangerously

The whole art for the new humanity will consist in the secret of listening to the heart consciously, alertly, attentively.  And follow it, to wherever it takes you.  Yes, sometimes it will take you into dangers – but remember, those dangers are needed to make you ripe.  Sometimes it will take you astray – but remember again, those goings astray are part of growth.  Many times you will fall – rise up again, because this is how one gathers strength, by falling and rising again.  This is how one become integrated.

Never be an imitator, be always original.  Don’t become a carbon copy.  But that’s what is happening all over the world – carbon copied and carbon copies.

Life is really a dance if you are an original – and you are meant to be an original.  Just look how different Krishna is from Buddha.  If Krishna had followed Buddha, we would have missed one of the most beautiful men of this earth.  Or if Buddha had followed Krishna, he would have been just a poor specimen.  Just think of Buddha playing on the flute! – he would have disturbed many peoples sleep, he was not a flute player.  Just think of Buddha dancing; it looks so ridiculous, just absurd.

And the same is the case for Krishna.  Sitting underneath a tree with no flute, with no crown of peacock feathers, with no beautiful clothes – just sitting like a beggar under a tree with closed eyes, nobody dancing around him, nothing of the dance, nothing of the song – and Krishna would look so poor, so impoverished.  A Buddha is a Buddha, a Krishna is a Krishna, and you are you.  And you are not in any way less than anybody else.  Respect yourself, respect your inner voice and follow it.

And remember, I am not guaranteeing you that it will always lead your to the right.  Many times it will take you to the wrong, because to come to the right door one has to knock first on many wrong doors.  That’s how it is.  If you suddenly stumble upon the right door, you will not be able to recognize that it is right.  So remember in the ultimate reckoning no effort is ever wasted; all efforts contribute to the ultimate climax of your growth.

Analysis of Osho Quote on Krishna, Buddha and You:

There are few points I want to highlight from the above excerpt which I think are very helpful to one’s spiritual evolution.

1. Embrace the Unknown:

Hidden in the above message, is the profound guidance that you should be open to life and be willing to go where she wants to take you.  That is what it means to follow your heart.  It means to not always take the safe, secure route, but be willing to try new things and new adventures, despite having no guarantees of success. 

This will allow you to move into the new, and not be imprisoned by the insecurities of the ego.  For the ego is of the past and is ever seeking security and safety.  So to move into the new, is to move into life, is to move into insecurity,  it is to move into the now, it is to move away from the entrapments of the petty self, and ultimately you will discover, that it is to move into love. 

Be open to going with the flow, else you will stagnate and be dead, even while being alive.

2. You are not less:

This is really a remarkable lesson to learn and fully embracing this Truth is liberating and empowering.  Don’t compare or try to be like anyone, you are unique and wonderful, just come into your own.  Just be yourself.  Then everything you do will come from the depths of your being.  You will contribute in your own unique way.  That is the responsibility of those who have tasted the Truth.  To contribute to spreading the light in their own way and in their own words.  As Krishnamurti advises those who are teachers and spiritual guides, “You Speak.”  That is enough.

As Ramana Maharishi points you, feeling incomplete is the essence of the problem and this incompleteness has its roots in comparison.  Comparison between you and the “great ones” and comparisons between “what is” and “what should be”.  This is the root cause of missing the inherent perfection of the here and now.  The answer is to simply let go.

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7 replies
  1. dhruv
    dhruv says:

    Thanks Fiak,
    I am also impressed by you very very thanks to u.
    Om nibh nivh nirah suh(All become fearless jealousless healthy happy(nirbhay nirvair niramay sukhi)

  2. Fiak
    Fiak says:

    Hello Sir,

    I’m 30 married Female from Pakistan. I am sorry for bothering you with my details but please do go through it and guide me as I have no clue whats happening in my life and I badly need spiritual guidance.

    I went through confusions over faith/Religion since childhood that turned out to be a disaster later in my life. I gave up education after high school, stood against my family & people around me for no external reason but surely an inner. All I was wanting to be free but didn’t knew from whom or what!

    All these actions made me a loner & separation from my family & old friends did disturbed me sometimes but on the other side there was something unusual going on (miracles) with me which was hard to relate with at that time, so I ignored the unusual and enjoyed the freedom but still an unknown restlessness haunted me all through and for this reason I never wanted to be alone just to avoid thinking.

    Just to avoid questions in me, I started reading in my free time. My interest miraculously developed in spiritualism but as it was limited to one religion’s belief which created more confusion. Regardless of what Religious beliefs were imposed on me but I was always a firm believer that God cannot be limited to Just one book or man or s sect. There has to be more truth & all the religions and religious personality makes sense but how….??? I kept on questioning myself which resulted in exploring all religions so I started reading other religions as well which were making complete sense to me but my new friends forced me not fall in the trap of questioning God as it leads to hell. Later, the suppression resulted in denial of my parents religion and social system and from there I started connecting to the real meaning of Freedom & my longing for perfect life & love.

    Still, I was unable to connect because in my culture enlightenment or divinity is only limited to prophets or Sufis. I asked myself again & again what I am running after and I never got an answer. I asked others and they said that I am a good person and God wants me to start praying so He can grant me a palace in heaven. But this was not convincing at all nor I was running after building any palaces in anywhere. I went through every extend & spiritual pain except discipline in search of the inner truth. Instead of confusing or suppressing my thoughts, I confronted each & every thought that aroused which lead to more pain but I faced it and with time got its answers too. On spiritual ground things very sorting rapidly and I don’t know when & How I became child of the universe & started following an inner religion.

    In 2007, I heard about meditation classes being held in Pakistan so I decided to attend. It was a peaceful experience but their list of “donts” & strict discipline became a reason to forget it as a beautiful dream. I was and I am sure that discipline is not the key, its something else and thats something I am already following but I don’t know what is it…?! Some force is making ways for me, I never planned to buy a specific book or meet someone, something just takes me there or the book just drops or unusual incidents are destined to happen in my presence and I only notice them not others…. All I can say is that I am only connecting the dots, just like a game and enjoying it.

    During the last 10 years, I have been through several incidents like meeting sages in jungle, deserts to road but I never took them seriously, infact I wasn’t able to understand what they were conveying to me. They clearly said that they came to guide me, to bless me but I thought its the normal blessing & lectures session they wants to trap me in like all oldies do. But in the last 1 year, things got more intense when I experienced some psychic conversations and met some religious leaders in deep meditative state. I never meditated after that 1 week’s course but for the last one year some force just drags me to such a state where I am not completely sleeping nor awake. It doesnt let me sleep nor Im awake. Its like a force holding my senses tight, says what it wants to and leave when it wants to. I don’t question nor they answer but the silence does it all. A weird experience where you might call me crazy but trust me, silence is the language & understanding. 3 months back I had an unusual experience where I went in the same state and a sage made me cry and later asked me to look in his eyes, as I looked in, my concentration went to his cornea and it was like going through a dark tunnel which opened up so millions of worlds like particles and patterns/symbols floating. I wasnt judging but watching them because the peace I felt there cannot be expressed in words. I felt like a child watching & enjoying those sights but there was a strange sense of belonging, as if I know this place or it belongs to me – I was the center of attraction, everything was revolving around me; it was all love, peace or say a feeling; like my garden. Then I saw myself traveling back through the tunnel and when I opened my eyes, I had actually cried because all my shoulders were wet but I was feeling light and heavy on my shoulders and head at the same time. There was some kind of calmness in me and I was happy & smiling for no reason, even in pain.

    Since I had this experience, First I got excited but later it again raised many questions as I was later unable to relate to those places or symbols or the worlds and patterns. With time the images disappeared from my mind and I tried to ignore it too as for a while I did thought that I am turning psychotic.

    During these I became calmer & I started meeting my family again and now have good relations with them. Though my religious beliefs are still unacceptable to them and people around me and they still ask me to tag with one and denying all others but now I am managing it well with silence & smile.

    For the last 2 months, something has made me sure of what I want. Now, I feel so much at peace that all my life I never traded with God. My prayers never meant that I need a palace in this world or paradise but all I wanted was love and that love was Him. I am very confident of this fact now. I don’t want paradise nor the universe, I don’t want to be a billionaire nor a sage – I simply don’t want to be a label, I want to dissolve all labels, myself completely and be with Him as one! This is not something that started 10 years back but at the age of 4. Its again a miracle that my memory took me to a time when I was a child, my first encounter with God, my initial belief, my chats with God in private behind the tree, I remember all. He never left me. You are again a miracle that happened an hour back. I don’t know what your role is but I thought to try my luck and check if you could help me get to that unseen hand, voice and guardian or tell me if its all psychological…???

    I don’t know what I am going through, where I stand now. is it some divine power or mental problem but its happening. If even its a mental problem, I accept it because the patience & calmness thats growing in me is worth living with. If its not a psychological but spiritual, I feel some closeness to some unseen (as if I am standing outside some invisible door). I need guidance on how to unlock or knock the door and enter in. My inner fight, criticizes, prides seems fading now. I also feel my sense of humor, laughter & confidence leaving me. I am getting lost minded, all I concentrate all day & night is how to reach Him and cry. I love my childish side and I know thats what He loves too. Is there a way to get my inner child as well as get to Him?

    Please guide.

    Thanking you & God Bless You


  3. Debra
    Debra says:

    Thanks Anmol.

    I wasn’t familiar with Master Osho as my spiritual background has been limited to a liberal Christian perspective. I really like insights from other paths and I will now pursue some further investigation of the thoughts of this Master.

    Love and Light,


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