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What is Zen?

Understanding Zen Practice

Understanding Zen Teachings

Over the next several weeks I would like to explore deeper and further into Zen and Zen Meditation (Zazen), as I feel the teachings from this school can profoundly impact ones life and greatly help one in their spiritual evolution.  Fortunately Zen teachings have been spread far and wide by many recent Zen Masters and so are now more easily accessible to us all.

The 2 zen masters who I would certainly recommend for those looking to understand what Zen is and how to practice it, are Charlotte Joko Beck and Shunryu Suzuki.  The respective books by each that are excellent sources of Zen teachings are Everyday Zen, Love and Work and the classic, Zen Mind Beginner’s Mind.  On the website itself, there are many articles on Zen teachings and techniques, and you can find them in the following category: Zen Buddhism.

The key to understanding Zen, like all profound spiritual approaches, comes from practicing it for oneself, and the heart of Zen practice is Zen Meditation or Zazen.  You will find video and written instructions on how to practice Zazen in the following 2 articles:

Zen Meditation Technique
How to Meditate By Yourself (Zazen Practice)

For those who are new to Zen and looking for an introduction to what this spiritual path is all about, I would like to share the following excerpt from a talk by Zen Master Sheng-yen.  The full excerpt is available on the Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association website.


Best Spiritual Books

Best Books for Spiritual Growth

List of Best Spiritual Books  

In the article, 3 Simple Tips to Inviting Enlightenment, one of the tips for attracting enlightenment experiences was reading great spiritual books.  Although, these suggestions came from personal experience, comments scattered throughout the blog have confirmed that these techniques have worked for others as well.  Below are examples of such testimonials with regard to enlightenment experiences taking place simply on account of reading great books on spirituality. 


The goal of this article is to compile a list of the best spiritual books out there and this will require your help to do .



Meditation Help & 5 Great New Meditation Tips for Beginners

Meditation Help

Meditation Tips for Beginners

In the 2 previous article, Essential Meditation Tips & Tools for Daily Practice and the Top 5 Mistakes in Establishing a Meditation Practice, I shared many important meditation tips to help you establish a strong meditation practice.  Today I would like to give you some more valuable meditation help.  Today’s article will give you tips which are very practical in nature and should help you deal with common issues that many beginner meditators have.

Meditation Help


Spiritual Test & Spiritual Growth – The Zen Way

Spiritual Growth – The Zen Way

Spiritual Test – The Zen Way

To approach something as complex as life it is important to keep things simple.  Zen Teacher Joko Beck does exactly that in how she describes what Zen considers to be spiritual living, spiritual growth and spiritual tests.

Below you will find an excerpt from her excellent book, Everyday Zen, which I think clearly explains how to gauge and grow your spirituality.

Title:       Everyday Zen – Love & Work

Author:  Charlotte Joko Beck

Pages:   51-52


Zen Definition of Spiritual Enlightenment

Summary: In this series, we will look to deepen our understanding of spiritual enlightenment, by studying the views from various different teachings and philosophies.  In the first article of this series, we will explore the explanation of enlightenment given by the great modern day Zen Buddhist teacher, Charlotte Joko Beck.

Spiritual enlightenment is the greatest mystery and the greatest Truth available to man.  Many explanations, descriptions, views etc., exist for enlightenment and each of these gives us some insight and understanding into what this great phenomenon is.  In this series, I would like to provide these various definitions on enlightenment from various great teachings in order to help you understand better what it is for yourself.


Meditation Techniques, Types and Practice – A Comprehensive Guide

Best Meditation Techniques, Types & Practice

Guide to Meditation Practice & Types of Meditation

There are as many types of meditation techniques as there are wonderful flavors of ice cream.  This allows each person to find a flavor that is delicious to them.  This article is the combined result of the 3 part series “Comprehensive Guide to the World of Meditation Practice”.  I created this one article out of those three to provide a single document which one can refer to for an introduction to all the important meditation techniques and types available.  This article provides this overview of all the significant meditation techniques and hopefully this will help you find the style that is sweetest to you.


Comprehensive Guide to the World of Meditation Practice – Part 2

In part 1 of this series we dove into 2 wonderful flavors of meditation, Insight Meditation Techniques, which use the active power of intelligence and Mantra-Thought-Intention type meditations which use the vibratory power of sound and thoughts to tune into the individual and Universal Electromagnetic field to produce desired results.  In part 2 we will explore the popular category of Concentration and Visualization Meditation Techniques.


Zen Meditation Technique – Practice & Hidded Secret – Free Guided Meditation

Buddha Doing Zen MeditationThe Practice of Zen Meditation – Zazen

The first meditation we will explore in the Free Online Guided Meditation Techniques E-Book is the famous Zen Meditation Technique, also called Zazen or Breath Meditation.  At the end of the meditation script I will reveal the real secret behind this most profound meditation technique.


How Much Time Should You Practice Meditation For Daily?

There is a famous story of a Kundalini Yoga Master who was desperate to increase the amount of time he spent doing his daily meditation practice.  The story says that the Yogi nailed his pony tail to the wall so that when he would start to dose off he would be rudely awakened by his contraption, and that this technique allowed him to successfully meditate for 22 hours daily.  Are you ready for that :-)?  Luckily, 22 hours of daily meditation is not a prerequisite for spiritual growth or enlightenment, but the point of the story is that the ask is not cheap either.  So how long should one meditate for daily?