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A Simple Mind the Key to Meditation

Meditation and Simplicity

Meditation and Non-Attachment

If one looks at all the great meditation masters in the history of man, one sees some very interesting traits that they all had in common.  These traits can give us great insight in their spiritual success and point us in the direction we need to go in order to evolve spiritually as well.  In this article I will look at 2 of these aspects of the great masters.  These are simplicity and the power to stand apart from the world (aloneness).


True Inspirational Stories of God Realization

Real Inspiring Stories

Experiences of God Realization

Previously I provided real life testimonials from readers who were practicing the techniques on the website and making progress towards health, happiness and God Realization, but in this series I will provide some truly inspirational stories of some mind blowing experience readers have written to me about.

One of the great blessings and privileges of running a large spiritual blog is that I get to befriend some truly remarkable people, whose experiences and life stories are not just astonishing, but also incredibly inspiring and enlightening.  With their permission I am honored to share with you the great insights they have acquired and I hope you are as equally encouraged by these testimonials as I am.


How to Be Free | Osho on Krishna, Buddha and You

Osho Quote on Krishna, Buddha and You

How to Be Free 

Today I would like to share with you an excerpt from Mystic Master Osho, in which he urges you to just be yourself, be original and follow your heart’s whispers.  It is always inspiring to visit the teachings of the masters from time to time, as I find the vibrations of their words and insights to often be catalysts for spontaneous and sudden inner transformation.  I hope you find the words below to be equally inspiring, liberating and transforming.

Free Osho on Krishna, Buddha


Mastery of Meditation & Yoga Testimonials | Customer Reviews of Products & Services


Please find below some of what others have had to say about the Mastery of Meditation & Yoga Website, the free online yoga and meditation classes and the great yoga & meditation products I offer to help you live your life at your maximum potential.

Rebecca says,

WOW, this was an excellent reading and intuitively I knew there was greatness within and that is why I am feeling so eager to reach it.  Thanks again for the tools to help me along my path and I am so blessed to have been presented to you as a guide for me, you will always be in my thoughts as a teacher and coach on my path.


How Yoga Helps Still the Mind for Enlightenment

Yoga to Still the Mind

Yoga to Facilitate Mindfulness, Peace & Awareness

In this article I want to explore further the framework which can be most suitable for the pure Witnessing Consciousness to emerge (a.k.a. Enlightenment).  The Witnessing Consciousness, or pure awareness without center or sense of separation, is the Reality that all serious spiritual seekers thirst for eventually.

In this non-dual state, all appears as “I”, or all is just seen as Oneness.  I explained this state in the article, The Miracle of Self-Awareness, I AM ALL, and also discussed it further in the article, Understanding Non-Duality, Hinduism, Buddhism & Enlightenment.


Meditation Techniques, Types and Practice – A Comprehensive Guide

Best Meditation Techniques, Types & Practice

Guide to Meditation Practice & Types of Meditation

There are as many types of meditation techniques as there are wonderful flavors of ice cream.  This allows each person to find a flavor that is delicious to them.  This article is the combined result of the 3 part series “Comprehensive Guide to the World of Meditation Practice”.  I created this one article out of those three to provide a single document which one can refer to for an introduction to all the important meditation techniques and types available.  This article provides this overview of all the significant meditation techniques and hopefully this will help you find the style that is sweetest to you.


Comprehensive Guide to the World of Meditation Practice – Part 1

There are as many types of meditation techniques as there are wonderful flavors of ice cream.  This allow each person to find a flavor that is delicious to them.  In this article series I will provide an overview of many of the different meditation techniques that exist and hopefully this will help you find the style that is sweetest to you.




Silent Mind Yoga & Meditation Center Classes In New Jersey

(This page is for classes offered at the Silent Mind Meditation Center, if you are looking for the FREE ONLINE classes click here:  FREE Online Guided Meditation and Kundalini Yoga Classes.)

 2008 SCHEDULE (January – March)

General Information Regarding all The Yoga and Meditation Classes

  • Please let me know if you are planning to attend.  You can send me email at  Studio location details are below in the class details section.
  • All Classes are suitable for all levels as modifications are offered and students are encouraged to pace themselves.

Enlightenment via “Who Am I” Advaita Vedanta Meditation (Neti Neti)

Enlightenment Experiences:  Advaita Vedanta: Negation Meditation (Neti Neti):

Journal Entry: Jan 09, 2007

Yesterday had been a good day, the unseasonably warm weather not allowing winter to squeeze the joy out of us here in the North Eastern United States.  Connectivity with nature, is connectivity with life and the winter elements, that normally keep us locked down, isolated and disconnected, were missing their bite this year – perhaps global warming was not such a bad thing after all ;-).  Late in the evening after battling with the 3 year old and 3 month old, bruised and weary I finally got to bed.  The time before sleep, has been for years now a time for me to meditate.  I am one who is unable to sleep on his back so in that position, I discovered long ago, I could meditate effectively without falling asleep.  In fact, before I ever began sitting meditation I would only meditate in this posture.