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So Hum Mantra Meditation

Previously, guest author, Richard wrote popular articles about Om Mantra ChantingThe Awakening of Kundalini and Energy Centers and Yoga Pranayama for Beginners.  Today he shares with us his favorite mantra meditation technique. This technique uses the profound mantra, So Hum, and below Richard teaches us how to practice this wonderful meditation and reap its many benefits.  Richard is a meditation teacher and author, and you will find more information on the courses he offers on his website

So Hum Mantra for Meditation – So Energizing, So Relaxing

So Hum Mantra for Meditation 

So Hum is my favorite mantra for meditation.

I can practice it anywhere, anytime.

Nobody knows I’m recharging, refreshing and relaxing. And it’s all happening at the same time! Fast!

So Hum can do the same for you.

The core practice is very simple.

Simple Mantra Meditation Practice

  1. Silently chant “Soooo” as you slowly breathe in.
  2. Silently chant “Hummmm” as you slowly breathe out.

That’s it!

There are easily learned additional techniques that are like add-ons or apps. They expand the practice and bring you even more benefits. We’ll go through these in detail below after you understand what So Hum means and how this marvelous, ancient practice works inside you.

So Hum Meaning

Sooooo is the sound associated with inhaling. Say So silently in your mind as you inhale.

Hummmm is the sound associated with exhaling. Say Hum silently in your mind as you exhale.

So Hum translated into English is “I am that.”

 “That” refers to the Universal Consciousness. When chanting So Hum, you are chanting, “I am Universal Consciousness.”  “I am Universal Consciousness.” “I am Universal Consciousness.”

Try it right now! You’ll understand the meaning if you try it.

What So Hum Mantra Meditation Does

This mantra brings fresh, clean Prana into you on the in breath. You get energized. On the out breath you exhale stale, toxic energy. You get relaxed and peaceful.

As you fill yourself with clean Prana, you may notice your energetic field expanding outward all around you. Ultimately it merges with the Universe.

The final goal of chanting So Hum mantra is to merge with and actually become Universal Consciousness.

You can gain many additional benefits on your way to self realization, depending on which add-ons you chose to use.

Posture for Mantra Meditation

Sit in your usual meditation posture or lay down flat on your back in the Yoga Death Pose. Or simply take a quick break for a few slow repetitions wherever you are.

Mudras for Meditation (hand positions)

Gyan Mudra. Touch the tips of your thumb and index finger together forming a circle. Hold your other three fingers straight. Rest the backs of your hands on your knees if you’re sitting. Beside you if you’re laying on your back.

The Gyan mudra brings grounded, expanded wisdom and is a great aid in realizing Oneness.   

Relaxing mudra. Place your hands palms down on your knees with all fingers extended. If you’re laying down, place your hands palms down beside you.

This position discharges excess or negative energies down into the earth quickly, relieving stress, tension and pain.

Breath During Meditation

Your breath flows. So Hum flows in and out with your breath.

  1. Abdominal Breathing:  Breathe with your diaphragm, not your chest. When you breathe in, your tummy goes out. When you breathe out, your tummy goes in. This will calm your mind and emotions very quickly.
  2. Eliminate Pauses: Allow each breath to flow into the next without stopping between breaths. Your breath flows continuously.
  3. Quiet your breath. Focus on the sound of the mantra inside you.
  4. Smooth your breath so that there is no roughness or jerkiness. Your mind will follow your flowing breath into smooth calmness.

Mantra for Meditation Video

Watch Anmol Mehta’s excellent So Hum video for a demonstration of the above techniques.

Pranic Breath

Prana already infuses the air you’re breathing in. Your convoluted nasal passageways extract this prana and pass it directly into your brain. You can enhance this process by becoming aware of it and actually guiding the transfer of light/energy from the air you’re breathing into your brain.

  1. Breathe in while chanting Soooo silently. Visualize brilliant light coming in with the air.
  2. See the brilliant light infusing your brain, turning your brain into light.
  3. Breathe out while seeing all darkness and negativity going out.

After some practice, when you can see the light clearly, you can sweep the light through your brain and then on down through your whole body on the in breath. On the out breath, the light will settle into your physical body, raising your energy level.

With each breath, brilliant light glows brighter and brighter inside you until you become the light or prana.

As your body becomes full of light, the light expands out into your aura and merges with the same light that permeates the Universe. 

Meditation Practice Length

Any length of time you practice So Hum meditation, it is very beneficial. Just doing 9 slow breaths any time you need a quick pickup will refresh and relax you. Do 9 more if time permits. Or set your alarm for a length of time.

If you use beads, chant one mala (one round of the beads) in the beginning. You can increase this as you feel comfortable with it.

So hum mantra meditation has been practiced for thousands of years with many variations. Please have fun with it. Experiment with the prana exercise. Find your own best practice that suits you.

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Richard Crown teaches Healing and Meditation via Skype. You can find a free download for his Amazon book In the Beginning: How to Meditate & Heal With Love at

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