Beautiful Words to Change Your Life

3 Beautiful Words that Can Change Your Life

Most Beautiful English Words

Transform Your Life

No, I am not referring to the phrase “I Love You”, although that is perhaps the most beautiful phrase in the English language, I am referring to 3 distinct words, which if you can plan your life around, will turn your life around.  Yes, these 3 words are the most beautiful words that exist and they have the power to transform your life in ways you could never have imagined.

These 3 great words are awareness, courage and yes, love did make the list too.  So how can living these words profoundly change your life?  Let me expand on that below.

Beautiful Words to Change Your Life

3 Most Beautiful Words:

1. Awareness:

This is your true name.  Your name is not Jane, it is not John, it is not Raj, it is not Priya, it is not Vlad, it is not Asad, it is not Mei, it is Awareness.  You are not Hindu, you are not Christian, you are not Muslim, you are not Indian, you are not American, you are not Chinese, you are Awareness.  You are pure Awareness.

You are the energy which lights up all that is and your are the energy which can penetrate the delusion of multiplicity in order to reveal the underlying, unadulterated, unfragmented Oneness.

Keeping the torch of awareness burning bright should be your number one priority.  This is all that is necessary for enlightenment.  Constant vigilance, especially constant awareness of the mind and the thinking process.

Remaining in watching, in witnessing, means residing in your center, in who you are.  As you establish yourself more and more in pure active awareness, the comings and goings of life will have less and less affect on you.

So practically what does this mean.  It means to find time to sit quietly and just watch the mind.  Just watch your thoughts, without judging, analyzing, etc.  And throughout the day, as best as you can, understand the moving mind, understand the hidden and obvious motives of your thoughts.

This leads to self knowledge and it is an ongoing process.  It the way to be truly alive and truly awake.  From this perspective you can define life as a movement in self-knowing.  The key is awareness and the reward is a life free of suffering and rooted in the Truth.

2. Love:

Coming in as the second most beautiful word in the English language is love.  By love here I include the subcategories of affection and compassion.  With regard to love, I would like to emphasize one aspect in particular, and that is devoting your life to doing what you love to do.

For parents this is your primary responsibility, helping the child discover what they really love to do and then helping them do it.  And the same goes for yourself.  You have to figure out what you really love in life, what really interests you and then you have to simply do it.

Don’t think about it endlessly, don’t keep planning and calculating how you are going to model your life in order to do what you love, just start doing it.  You love to do it, so do it.  You were built to do it, nature intended you do it, so begin.  Then let nature figure things out for you.

3. Courage:

Now this is where it starts to get very interesting.  Once awareness and love are in operation your intuitive nature and intuitive thinking will start to emerge.  The question is, will you have the courage to follow it?  Will you be able to go against the grain, against the current of society and follow your heart?

There will be fear, there will be anxiety, there will be apprehension, but that is why you need courage.  Courage does not mean the absence of fear, it means the heart to go forth despite the fear.  So the third most beautiful word is courage.  It is needed to actualize your life.

3 Words to Change Your Life Summary:

So the combination of these three beautiful words will give you a beautiful life.  A life full of grace, composure and joy.  All the great masters had these three words under their command, do you?

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  1. Preeti
    Preeti says:

    Anmol, this a great article and very true to the everyday life we live. This is my take away from it. Awareness-I am me, and I am okay. Love-selfless service to others. Courage-Don’t live by other’s judgement, follow your dreams. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful insights.


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