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Daily Inspiration

Spiritual Enlightenment

There is nothing more important than our journey to awakening and enlightenment.  Nothing.  But despite knowing this, feeling this, sensing this many of us still fail to give our full attention and energy to this ultimate purpose of human life.  There are many reasons for this tragedy, not the least of which is the immense strength and depth of our dualistic conditioning, which keeps us incessantly absorbed in worldly pursuits.  Breaking out of this conditioning is no simple matter, but it can be done with the right guidance, passion and inspiration, and today I am hoping to give you a good dose of inspiration to help you stay focused on this path to enlightenment.

Spiritual Inspiration

This dose of daily inspiration comes from the enlightened Advaita Vedanta (non-duality) master Jean Klein, whose explanations are clear, direct, transformative and highly inspiring.

Daily Spiritual Inspiration from Jean Klein – The Ease of Being – Pages ix – x:

The urge to freedom must be tremendous.  But it cannot be learned or acquired.  It comes through self-inquiry.  In self-inquiry there appears a fore-feeling, an intimation of reality, and it is this fore-feeling which brings up a tremendous ardour.  It can make your sleepless!

When you inquire, you may first feel a lack.  You may not know what kind of lack it is and you will go in many directions in the hope of fulfilling it.  As each direction is attained there may be a moment when there’s no longer a lack and the desire it brings.  For a moment you are in peace.  But because you are not aware of this desirelessness, you fixate on the object, the so-called cause of your satisfaction, and of course eventually it loses its charm and once again you are hungry.  You will travel down many of these dead-ends, like a hunting dog who cannot find the scent and runs around frantically.  But these cul-de-sacs of experience bring you to a kind of maturity, because inevitably you will question more deeply all the happenings and their transience.  It’s a process of elimination.  You must inquire, inquire like a scientist, into your life.  Take note that whenever you attain what you want you are in desirelessness itself where the initial object, the supposed cause of your desirelessness, is not present.  See that this desirelessness is really causeless and it is you who are attributing causes to it.

At a certain point of maturity you will suddenly be attracted by the scent of reality and your running around in all directions, your dispersion will cease.  Spontaneously, you will be oriented.  Your whole perspective will change.  The scent lures you and gives you a fore-taste of reality, the fore-feeling, and this brings up the tremendous urge we spoke of.

The fore-feeling comes from what is fore-felt.  It is the reflection of truth.  It is the spontaneous orientation when dispersion becomes one-pointed.  The ego becomes more transparent and in this transparency the energy that was fixed by the ego in objects of dispersion is transferred to orientation.  When the fore-feeling is there, give your whole heart to it.  You must be very alert, very watchful, because the forgetting, which is our conditioning, is very strong.

Daily Spiritual Inspiration Summary:

So if you have felt or sensed reality, got the feeling when you were reading the words of a master that these are your words, felt that the descriptions of liberation are already familiar to you, or had glimpses of non-duality and Oneness, let these experiences inspire you and attend to them completely as they occur.  They are the scent your need to follow. 

For enlightenment, what needs to be done is simply detached moment to moment awareness of your thoughts and feelings.  This silent witnessing is your peaceful, infinite nature and the more you reside as it, the more aware you will become of the workings of the ego and the less entangled you will become in it’s endless pursuits.  This self-knowing then ultimately leads to global awareness and awakened living.

You have to want this very very badly.  You have to want to know the truth of the matter here very very badly.  You have to want to find out if this is possible or not for yourself very very badly.  But since our conditioning to fall back into reactive dualistic thought is very strong we soon forget to remain a witness, so staying inspired is very very important.  So find ways to keep up your inspiration and find ways to remember to always stay aware.  I hope this dose of inspiration helps you in doing so.

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  1. Alex
    Alex says:

    To all the good folks reading this and Anmol/Trupti, i know i’m just an ordinary person who you may not care about, so if you’re really interested, please read this, otherwise, just forget it, i don’t want to waste your time, after all, who wants to help someone like me……thank you.

    Related to the article:

    I know this words very well, some time ago, i deduced this words not completely by myself but, many of them came out from inside of me, i was really inspired and enthusiastic, i obviously gave up on bad habits, and mundane affairs for completely, for me, it was like so obvious, there was no question about following a spiritual or mundane life, it was like i alyaws was looking for that, to get enligthed and nothing else mattered to me, hmph..nothing else…after all at that time i though i was all done for on account of a “ghost” malady, a malady i didn’t even know i, myself, created, and really was affected by it, until this came into my life, i thought myself: “i have nothing to loose anyways”, at that time i was a little confused, spiritual evolution came spontaniously after that, my counssiousness raised and i felt detached from everything and everyone, without exception, even as i kept my daily activities there was bliss all the time, even as i wirte this, just remembering those days makes me feel happy, i was totally fearless, self-contented all the time. Ok that’s the “good” part that by the way, only lasted for a very short time. Now,… i mentioned that when i went through those marvellous eperiences nothing else mattered right?, well, that was the mistake because my detachment was so immense that i wanted to seclude myself so badly, nothing else was in my mind, i wanted this because i was aware of my conciuossness having a falldown, i desperated i didn’t know what to do, where to start, what to practice, how to train myself,…at first i had hoped i would find i teacher for me, uh…i was so wrong, the master never came, my desperation greater, the glipmses in my conciousness were getting away faster, i felt depresion, i started to browse on the internet for material and books on the matter, i found many, including this marvellous place of yours Anmol, but it was too late, i was already totally ruined, even as i write i feel myself lower than dirt itself, i was so weak, that i couldn’t sustain my new conciousness, and little by little it was degrading, i kept reading many books, they inspired me, but not the way they did before, inspiration came and went in a twinkle, little by little i was going back the way i was, fearfull, angry, selfish,….evil habits came into my life once again, specially one i don’t want to speak of because of the shame i feel, but i can tell you it is one of the demons that chases most people and this preciselly is why i feel lower than dirt, i thought i could control everything or every demon inside, so to speak, but how stupid!, it is me who is under control of them now, before i was able to tame them and just with a little effort, now i don’t even now the technique, passion for wordly things also sprouted once again, sometimes i want to go back and even feel like it is okay, but know that there’s still an almost extinguished light inside of me that doesn’t give up for completly, hope, i’m aware of the fact that i’m not able to live an ordinary life and at the same time being a spiritual developer, i thought i could handle the pressure of a cruel stressing world, but not, i am weak, i cannot do that, my only hope is taking seclusion for some years and devote myself to the practices to later proceed to the world hopping to have raised my concioussness by that time, right now i don’t have the will to even read these precious books and follow them, i have almost completelly resignated to my old life for now, no yoga, no meditation, i’m sorry, i feel ashamed to say that, but you don’t know how i feel, guilt and depression are eating me, as the article says, i’m aware of my goal in life and still can’t do somthing to persuit it, i don’t have the required strenght of mind, body and spirit, sometimes i even feel like diying, death…uhhh….may be it’s an option, to start over again, after all, i have spoiled my life and the only chance to enlightment, uhhh…i don’t now, right now i’m resignated but not defeated, no, there’s still hope, i don’t like the way i live and still can’t do something about it, i hate what i do everyday, but i gotta do it for my family, i hope it ends very soon, and when that happens i will commit myself to the practice of yoga and meditation, i just hope the light inside of me doesn’t extinguish for complete by that time. You may say, don’t give up, do it now, come on!, i don’t have the stregth or will to even listen to your words, but believe me, i’m not totally lost, i know i can do it, and will do it but not now, after all, is there somebody who can be good and at the same time bad? i don’t think so, i can’t do it because i don’t want to be hippocrite anymore, not with the people and not with myself, the dark side is stronger, but i don’t mean i’m that bad, i behave neutral not good, not bad, sometimes the bad comes out while the good is repressed and forgotten, i have prayed the gods for protection until i ragain my stregth and take to the practices in change of dedicating my whole life or the rest of my life in service to people once enlighted, i really hope i can do it…..


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