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Advanced Mind Meditation Videos

In the free meditation videos, How to Do Advanced Gyan Yoga Meditation, I detailed the 7 steps for doing the Silent Mind Meditation, which is an advanced mind meditation technique.  The primary goal of Gyan Yoga, or the Yoga of High Intelligence, is to have the explosion of insight take place, which brings about the ending of the false and the awakening to the true non-dual nature of Reality.  In that article, I mentioned that I was going to continue to discuss this meditation technique in future videos and today I would like to share these videos with you.

The best definition of meditation, at the highest level, is that meditation is the moment to moment comprehension of that which is via direct perception.  This essentially means that you turn your awareness sharply onto the thinking mind, and by this great application understand the story and deception behind every thought as it occurs instantly (or via direct perception).  This is not a gift, talent or psychic power.  This is a natural human potential that some develop, and most don’t.  Development of this power of observation is the path to freedom or moksha.  In my opinion, if you want your life to be meaningful, you must master the Art of Meditation.

Advanced Mind Meditation

Given that this type of meditation might be new to many, and that it is difficult to grasp intellectually, I feel there is great value in discussing it from various different angles, and that is where these additional meditation videos are so instrumental.  Hearing this meditation and process described in different ways, gives you a greater chance to grasp deeply what is being explained, and gives you more opportunities to make this knowledge your own, instead of second hand or borrowed.  What I want most, of course, is for you to see the truth of what is being said for yourself.  The first time you will “see” “what is” directly during meditation, you will realize the enormous difference between understanding intellectually versus understanding completely via direct perception.

For Meditation Certification Program Students:

For those enrolled in the Meditation Teacher’s Training and Certification Program, training in the Silent Mind Meditation Technique begins in week 5, and continues through week 7.  Although I do not expect you to master this technique during that 3 week period, sincere application should give you a great deal more insight into this technique, and certainly provides the opportunity for some life transforming breakthroughs and enlightenment experiences.  Such awakenings would then make you a powerful catalyst for bringing about further change to the collective consciousness of humanity.  That is the greatest purpose in this life.  To discover the Truth/God, and then to help others do the same.

More Free Meditation Videos:

Below please find 2 new videos discussing this advanced meditation technique.  These videos will become part of the Free Meditation Videos for Daily Practice collection and the Free Meditation Techniques multi-media e-book, that we have here on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga.  Those 2 ongoing meditation resources offer other great meditations as well, such as the very popular Zen Meditation Technique, AUM Mantra Meditation for Opening Third Eye Chakra, Tantra Yoga Meditation for Raising Sexual Energy and the Prosperity Mantra Mudra Meditation for Wealth, to name a few.  Many of these meditations are then a part of the Free Online Yoga and Meditation classes, which I encourage you all to try.

Free Advanced Mind Meditation Videos


Silent Mind Meditation Video Discussion Part 1

Silent Mind Meditation Video Discussion Part 2

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  1. Karen Koontz
    Karen Koontz says:

    Dear Amnol: May I say that since I have been practicing meditation with you I find that cleaning up my jewelry box is such a waste of time — (or a bother, so to speak — and I used to LOVE jewelry! Funny — isn’t it? What’s really real and what’s just “stuff” — even though it’s all “real” in the jeweler’s point of view! It’s not so important to me anymore. . . Thank you and God Bless You and Yours!


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