Being One with Mother Nature

Technique for Being One with Mother Nature

Reconnecting with Mother Nature

Oneness with Nature 

A very interesting experience transpired today which inspired me to write this article and share with all of you an interesting technique for reconnecting with Mother Nature.

In many articles on Mastery of Meditation & Yoga, including the popular 10 Things to do Daily for a Happy Life, I have indicated the importance of being connected to Mother Nature and feeling a part of this wonderful earth of ours.  In fact, a key aspect of spiritual growth and compassion (see The Secret to Compassion), is to feel that the world is an organic and inseparable part of us.  So to help you towards developing this connection let me relate my experience from this morning.

Finally here in the Northeast spring has arrived and has brought with it terrific weather.  This morning was no exception and the clear blue skies and soft breeze invited me to sit out for a while before jumping in and starting the day.  Now we all know that once the hustle and bustle of the day begins, it can be pretty challenging to tear ourselves away for some quiet time in nature.  So, I grabbed this early opportunity and decided to soak in some sun and nature before society caught up to me.

Being One with Mother Nature

As I sat very still and quiet on the front stairs, I all of a sudden felt a pressure on my right shoulder.  Thinking my wife had snuck up on me, I wondered how I had not heard the door open, when I heard the flapping of wings as the pigeon, who had decided to rest briefly on my shoulder, made her way to the next perch.  I was touched.

The wonderful animals and birds with whom we share our planet have grown quite distrusting of us humans, and really, we can’t blame them for that.  But what I have found is that if you spend time in a certain area of nature quietly, peacefully, gently, then the life that is there, starts to welcome you back in again and allows you to come close to it.  So that is my suggestion to you, in helping you reconnect to nature.

Find a quiet tree or rock out in nature and make it a place for regular visits.  Just make your way there and sit quietly and peacefully.  If you observe that area carefully, I am sure you will be surprised by how much life is flourishing there and as life there gets a little accustomed to you, it will allow you to come closer and closer.  Such intimacy and friendship with nature will then go a long way in making you realize how much a part of life you are, and that you are not just a separate little self-obsessed ego.

The more you feel a part of the world, the more you will realize that the world is just a part of you.  This holistic view will then form the basis of compassion and love, without which life has no life.  I really hope you go out there, reconnect with Mother Nature and experience the wonder and beauty of life.

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11 replies
  1. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi MichelleSmith,

    Great to hear of your experiences with meditation and the affects this would have in your life.

    Thanks a lot for sharing with us.

    All Good Wishes,

  2. MichelleSmith
    MichelleSmith says:

    I am a follower of Swami Yoganand Paramhansa and this was when I used to meditate continously. I used to read spiritual books a lot which till date I do read. But those days when I would read, times were different. I had to travel by train to work and it was like my Gurudev also travelled along with me. If there was any discussion between any ladies on any topics, I too would join on with them but due to the way I used to speak with them then, they would remain enchanted and also comment saying “Oh why has the station come so soon. Come again tomorrow, they would tell me. We love hearing when you talk and I too felt. Maybe it was coz I used to meditate every night. Then I had to submit a report about my practise wherein I would be upgraded and get diksha for kriya yoga but instead I was asked to continue doing the same. This immediately put an end to all stopped my meditations processes. But now I have decided to re-start & start anew.

  3. Kavi
    Kavi says:

    Sitting quietly with nature… and connecting with Goddess…

    I think Anmol when you felt that pigeon and thought for a moment it was your wife, it might have been because Goddess was putting her hand on your shoulder through that pigeon. :)

    I have a favorite place in the woods where I sit on a log felled by a beaver. I just sit and observe… and the story of the forest begins unfolding all around me. Two baby red squirrels will chase each other and frolic through the undergrowth, while a mother woodpecker brings food to her chirping babies high up in a tree. All the while I am breathing pure air filtered by the ancient trees who watch over us all.


  4. La Vonne St Clair
    La Vonne St Clair says:

    Hi Anmol, I couldn’t agree with you more. I live in beautiful northern California where the weather is nice most of the year and I have a good sized back yard. I spend a lot of time out there and my cats all come to relax with me and crows, bluejays, and woodpeckers sit in big trees or on telephone wires and sing. I think the crow had a nest full of babies in the tree! Ladybugs and butterflies are all around and I feel so alive and in tune with nature when I am outside. That pigeon felt very comfortable with you! Thanks for sharing that, La Vonne.

  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    One more jem in the collection of simple,supple way of improving ourselves, hence learn to live collectively.
    I love it and will get out of the four walls and enjoy beauty of the mother nature while we can.

  6. manju
    manju says:

    dear anmol,
    thank you for nice yoga exercises,beautiful stories and
    meditation it possible to find god?please give me guidence. god bless you.


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