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How to Sleep

The Right Way to Fall Sleep

Sleep and the nighttime are a very important and interesting part of spiritual evolution and in this two part series I am going to go into some of the more fascinating and unusual suggestions of how to get the most out of sleep time.  This series will be helpful to both, those who are suffering from insomnia or disturbed sleep and those who are interested in maximizing spiritual growth during sleep time.

In previous articles I have revealed that many enlightenment, transcendental and non-dual experiences take place during sleep or nighttime, and I have shared several such personal experiences as well.  Some of these articles are 3 Simple Tips for Inviting Enlightenment, Interpreting Spiritual Dreams and Higher Consciousness and Sheer Bliss).  So I am quite aware of the power of meditation during sleep and it is something I strongly suggest you explore if you are interested in Awakening, or even if you are just interested in having sound sleep and great energy.

For those of you who suffer specifically from insomnia, you will find many yoga and meditation techniques to help you combat that on the website, just search the website for the term insomnia using the search box in the top right corner of the website.  For you convenience I have listed a few of the popular techniques at the end of this article as well.

Advise for Sleeping Correctly

Below is an excerpt from the book, Health and Healing in Yoga, by the Mother (Mirra Alfassa who was a student of Sri Aurobindo), which guides you on how best to approach sleep in order to get the most rest out of this activity.  In the next part of this series, I will provide more wisdom from her on how to sleep in order to merge with Divine Consciousness.

Book: Health and Healing in Yoga

Author: Mother

To sleep well one must learn how to sleep.

If one is physically very tired, it is better not to go to sleep immediately, otherwise one falls into the inconsistent.  It one is very tired, one must stretch out on the bed, relax, loosen all the nerves one after another until one becomes like a rumpled cloth in one’s bed, as though one had neither bones nor muscles.

When one has done that, the same thing must be done in the mind.  Relax, do not concentrate on any ideas or try to solve a problem or ruminate on impressions, sensations or emotions you had during the day.  All that must be allowed to drop off quietly; one gives oneself up, one is indeed like a rag.

When you have succeeded in doing this, there is always a little flame, there – that flame never goes out and you become conscious of it when you have managed this relaxation.  And all of a sudden this little flame rises slowly into an aspiration for the divine life, the truth, the consciousness of the Divine, the union with the inner being, it goes higher and higher, it rises, rises, like that, very gently.  Then everything gathers there, and if at that moment you fall asleep, you have the best sleep you could possible have. 

I guarantee that if you do this carefully, you are sure to sleep, and also sure that instead of falling into a dark hole you will sleep in light, and when you get up in the morning you will be fresh, fit, content, happy and full of energy for the day.

How to Sleep Summary:

The importance of relaxing before sleep really should not be underestimated.  Many techniques help you do this, including the advise to let go completely from the Mother above, but the part of this excerpt that I think one should really explore is the aspect that speaks about finding that flame, that passion in Divinity, and giving it one’s attention prior to sleep.  Finding that flame and riding it into sleep is a key aspect of spiritual evolution and in the next part of the series I will go into that in more detail.

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