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One of the most popular articles on this blog is the Kundalini Awakening Symptoms article, where you will find hundreds of amazing stories from others who are experiencing some form of Kundalini Shakti (Energy).  These stories are really mind blowing and many of them give glimpses and deep insights into the secrets of how the Universe work.  In fact, these accounts of Kundalini Shakti are probably sufficient to write a whole book on the subject.

Kundalini Shakti is one of the most mysterious phenomenons and it’s existence is one of the greatest blessings for humankind.  Kundalini can be thought of as the energy of awareness, and as such it is responsible for all ordinary and extraordinary existence.  From the point of view of yoga, enlightenment happens when this shakti moves into the highest chakra (energy vortex) that lies on the top of the head, and so the awakening and rising of kundalini is the ultimate goal of mankind, as enlightenment is the ultimate goal of life.

Kundalini Yoga

In this series, I will highlight different contributions from various readers, which help shed light into the world of kundalni and which will help you in your own kundalini awakening journey.  Kundalini awakening can sometimes produce phases which are challenging and the symptoms, due to their unknown nature, can at times be scary, so the first account below I will present will give you some valuable advise in how to deal with such experiences.

Help and Advise with Kundalini Shakti:

Please find below the following advise from Hardik, on how to approach Kundalini Shakti and how to nurture your own awakening, so that you can peacefully extract the great benefits that kundalini awakening bestows.  He writes…


Hey everybody, This is IMPORTANT advice that I’d like to share with everybody, so please read this:

Kundalini is not as big a deal as everybody makes it out to be. There might be episodes of psychological upheavals like depression, schizophrenia etc. and some physical symptoms associated with them like twitching and painful / pleasurable sensations.

But these are not permanent; only a phase- provided that you take care of yourself when you have time.

You must have faith in your intelligence and nurture yourself accordingly!

I too have been dealing with Kundalini while simultaneously drinking excess coffee, smoking cigarettes and working extra hard in college till graduation.  The experience itself was so grim and but with luck and faith I made it through.  After I graduated and went home, I took a couple of months to ground myself and free myself from a lot of these addictions and to establish good routines. I could have established them in college but my ego was in the way, not to mention classes and pointless assignments.

But after the grounding, kundalini energy made a lot more sense and it has been traveling in me ever since- doing all kinds of wonderful things that make me more aware of this universe and myself.

I feel like a completely new person actually and gained a TREMENDOUS amount of wisdom from it –

How we create our own suffering through ignorance and attachment, how we can cease it as individuals by being wise and simple- by using discretion, how ephemeral life really is and how nothing is guaranteed but most importantly- how our natures dictate us- not choices or individuality; meaning that the self really is an illusion and most Humans can’t see that.

The best advice to dealing with Kundalini is to let it happen, quit freaking out and enjoy it! You’ll have to face the truth- but so be it, the truth does comes out eventually.

The truth and Kundalini are both enjoyable and something that can potentially liberate you from old ignorance provided that you take care of yourself with discretion, reflect on yourself with intelligence and surrender into the changes that will happen.

Be very simple and wise during this time – that is all.

Something that helped me find perspective and reflection during this time:

Lie down in shavasana every morning and night for 1 to 1.5 hours.

Completely RELAX and surrender your body, let no tension take hold and breathe with awareness.

The point of shavasana is to help you become aware of a state close to death so that you go beyond your ego, mind and ignorant self- that is the point of shavasana, the most important yoga pose- to overcome death, by overcoming your limited logic and fear of it.

Ask yourself a Zen koan if your thoughts run amok, concentrate on it as well. (Thoughts cause mental tension that manifest in the body and eventually create obstacles to K energy).

Examples of Zen Koans:
What is the sound of one hand clapping?
What would I breathe is there is no breath?
What would I be if I didn’t exist?
Why is the universe so different from me?
What is the cause of stress?

Reflect on all this with intelligence, use WISDOM (not logic) and be simple. Ground yourself during this time by establishing routines with plenty of reflection.

Kundalini is not meant to kill you, it is YOU. And psychologists are stupid… Do not trust society or its poisonous medicine- the solution is and always will be in you. Pharmacies, Capitalism and attachment will only make you more addicted and cause more needless suffering, that’s the reason you guys forgot your divine nature and peace in the first place…

Help with Kundalini Shakti Summary:

I will be putting together a comprehensive guide on how to deal with kundalini shakti in the near future.  This will contain important advise on how to manage your kundalini awakening, and how to ground the energy if necessary.  But the above excerpt, contains one of the most important pieces of advise when it comes to dealing with kundalini, and that is to relax.

This is the first step in dealing with kundalini and any challenges it presents.  Don’t get over anxious or over stressed.  Trust the process and learn to go with the flow.  Don’t let you imagination run amok and don’t feed you fear with worries and negative thinking.  Just use the mantra “OM Sakshi Aham”, meaning I am a witness to all that my life is, and just become an observer to the flowering that is taking place.

Use the techniques, Hardik has suggested, specially Shav Asana to help you relax deeply and allow the shakti to do it’s work.  For more information on this pose, you can read the following article: Best Yoga Technique for Relaxation and Stress Relief.

If you have advise on how to deal with Kundalini Shakti or would like to share your experiences with Kundalini Awakening, please feel free to do so in the comments section below.

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11 replies
  1. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    I am a newcomer to this site, I have been having a lot of bother over the past 4 months with what I think is Kundalini effects. I find this experience, scary, irritating and tiring du to the loss of sleep.
    I have stopped doing reiki, meditation, reading spiritual books – the lot. I do find myself coming to terms with the energy and hopefully will stop being afraid. It is great to find this site and read about other peoples experiences. Thank you all. At least I know I am not alone with this.

  2. berta
    berta says:

    I been having lower back pain ,for many years, all starter after my 3th. child birth, I was then 28 years old, . I never associated before with kundalini symptoms, I was not into any meditatcion or chacras, ,the pain was coming and going of course when you are a mother of three children and working, you don’t have time think in yourself. At the age of 42 my life change, I divorce my husband after 27 years, I realize that this relationship was to painful been constantly, ”Mentally abuse, “” I need to Free Myself, I did, and I started, taking many classes, Metaphisical, Self Ralization, w/Paramajansa , Yoga, you name it I did it, all but continuo w/ metidation daily I had many vision , and my Lower back was in constante pain, which last between one to two weeks, no one ever mention to me that it could be a Kundalini Sypmtons. or Awakening even a was take a Dawn Yoga clases they never advice me , even when I was having also at that time many Lower back Pain, Well I was asking the Lord, and Praying constantly, but recently I experience something different, While I was praying and thanks to the Lord, how greatfull I am For all the many things that he provide me I began to cry, was no reason because I am a very happy person, I learn that things are happen in our life for a reason, ,and God has a message for us, The Cry continuo for two weeks, I was apolige to my Lord for this constant crying, ” I SAID WHY I AM CRAING?had no reason,? and after that my LOWER BACK AGAIN START BOTHERING, I could’nt move I did’nt not panic because it happing before, Suddenly Mi Mind was taking to me an I hear Is the Kundalini Sympton , an remember a Long time ago I read about the Awaking of the Kundalini, . Finally after so many years, I got the revelation that I was looking, ”GOD WILL PROVIDE THE INFORMATION WHEN WE ARE READY” I am 75, and some times you think because, of our age, our bones, Arthritis, etc,are the reason, I am not saying that you should ignore those symptmos, But like me I learn to pay attention to my body, The doctors, told me some arthritis, But why only I had the problem in my Lower Back.? I stil in pain and I notice it travels ffrom the Right to the Left an vice a versa, I am following the sugestion keep calm warm bath some streching, But you have some others suggestion please let me know Thank you , for this page, I was reading, and it was very informative

  3. ray
    ray says:

    Hello. I have never really considered myself to be a very well grounded person when compared to religious beliefs or views. I do believe that I have been experiencing a lot of these “changes” though and it has been happening for years now. Symptoms have almost exceeded everything you have described on your list. The pressure in between my eyes, the tingling/electric sensation in my spine, neck tension, lower back pain, vibrating in various places on my body, the sense that my legs and arms are restless but I don;t know what to do with them, the sense that I am restless and sometimes empty and don’t know what to do with myself. When I think of the love my partner and I share I always think of us a kindred spirits and immediately feel a sense of euphoria. The attraction can either be sexual or not. Other times I feel a sense of uneasiness and paranoia that is frightening and uncontrollable. I’ll feel smaller than my body and other times feel bigger. The list goes on. I have never heard of any of the Zen Koans but I find myself asking these questions everyday. I find myself feeling more at home in nature and I find myself crying for joy when thinking of the pure love I feel for my partner and others and the pure love others may feel for me. I’m just afraid because of the experience that I lack on this subject. What is next?

  4. NoYurDstny
    NoYurDstny says:

    This is a wonderful, informative site. I stumbled across it over this past weekend, searching for different types of relaxation methods. I have done yoga in the past at my local YMCA and was considering doing it again. I love the peace. I have not had any of the experiences listed here infact i have not had a kundalini awakening of any kind. I am a Christian and I believe in God and whilst I know i am not ready to awake kundalini, yet I would like to be prepared (physically) for the surge of energy, if or whenever it happens… What would you recommend for a beginner to prepare– does it mean that if i begin what you recommend will it induce or force the awakening???

  5. EricaD
    EricaD says:

    Hi. I received shaktipat from Gurumayi about 20 years ago (or more). I have virtually done nothing as far as my spiritual practices go, until I got sober 2 years ago. I’ve had many many things happen lately. A lot of humming in the ears, etc. The other night, I was at the ashram in Oakland meditating in the hall. About 40 mins into my meditation, out of nowhere (or somewhere) a long snakelike energy came up under the skin in my left breast, then went directly behind my nipple, pushing it out. It was very painful, but I was not afraid of it. It was extremely powerful and knowledgeable, I deemed that much. Then I shifted in my seat (due to this pain) and it subsided. What was this and what was it doing? The morning before, I believe I may have seen the Blue Pearl in meditation, it was a bright blue light that floated in and out, with bright blue rays emanating from it. Not sure though. It was beautiful however. I’d appreciate any insight you may have. Thank you!

  6. conel
    conel says:

    hi anmol thank you for sending this email and thank you for this great website.thats really good advice from hardik.I look forward to your guide on how to deal with kundilini energy with great interest thanks again

  7. Farfalla
    Farfalla says:

    Kundalini is not as big a deal as everybody makes it out to be.

    that really depends on who is experiencing it…if people have severe trauma in their histories it can be a very big deal and often gets diagnosed as psychiatric disease. A lot of people have the potential for a very complicated Kundalini awakening, not the majority, but it’s always the minority that gets overlooked in this world.

    It takes people who are not afraid of such manifestations to help those folks. It’s also very important that those folks have places to go and get help and generally there is no where safe to go.

    It’s a longer and rougher ride for some but people do come out the other side and have all the benefits of the more “ordinary” process…with the added benefit of being healed of profound life traumas. If things are mishandled however, people can end up on a life-time of soul stifling psychiatric drugs.

    I really like your site…even if so far I’ve not seen any acknowledgment of such people.

    best to you and thanks for sharing.

  8. Ashley
    Ashley says:

    Hey Anmol, I can tell this post is somewhat of a response to the e-mail I sent (so you didn’t forget!). Thank you for this and thank you, thank you, thank you for this website it is truly a blessing. After 3 months of meditation (mostly zazen and So Hum mantra), I’ve decided I’m probably going to start the SM program tomorrow, January 1st. I don’t know yet what’ll happen. But thank you and I will continue to support this website and refer people here!

    Happy New Year!

    p.s. You and your website have changed my life


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