Inspiring Spiritual Quotes of the Week

Each week I’ll be published a short selection of potent and inspiring spiritual quotes to remind us of the deeper realities of life. Each of these quotes points to the deeper nature of life and reminds us of why we practice, and how important our practice is.

It is very easy to read quotes like this and just skim over the words, to nod and agree and think, ‘Yes, I like that, I know this, this makes sense’. However, so often we are just reading with our intellectual brain. Instead, I invite to to drink in these words. Let them permeate the essence of your being so that you’re not trying to understand them with your mind but know them with all that you are.

Let the quotes and the words settle deep into you and allow a deeper understanding to arise from that place. Savour each word, repeat each phrase. Who knows what more may be revealed if you allow yourself to sit with this?

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Spiritual Quote 1

One breath taken with awareness is equal to 10,000 breaths taken without attention. – Buddha

Now that is motivation for staying present and in the moment!

Picture by Urte Lesmana



Spiritual Quote 2

He who knows others is wise; He who knows himself is enlightened. – Lao-tzu

Painting by Donald Zolan


Spiritual Quote 3

A spiritual person is not interested in magic, is not interested in occult powers, is not interested in gold either. A spiritual person is finished with all these things! Hence he is spiritual. His search is for something that is beyond death. His search is for self-remembering. – Osho

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Spiritual Quote 4

If you can figure out how to be in the world, but not of the world, you will find yourself startlingly free of all the suffering caused by greed, jealousy, ambition, comparison, competition, etc. I wish for you all this freedom. – Anmol Mehta

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Spiritual Quote 5

Anything that does not enhance the possibility of life is of no consequence to the creation, or to the creator. – Jaggi Vasudev

Painting by Terry Redlin

Enjoy your weekend everybody :-) ! 

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    Simply beautiful and thought provoking , inspirational quotes .I have enjoyed each one thoroughly ……..THANK YOU


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