Meditation Technique for Pain Management

Pain Relief Meditation

Pain Management Technique

What was most amazing about the recent research which showed meditation reduced the intensity of pain by 40% and reduced the unpleasantness associated with pain by almost 60%, was that these benefits were attained with just 4 meditation sessions of 20 minutes each!  That’s really incredible.  Normally much more consistent practice is needed and the benefits of meditation are procured over time, but here we find that after just a few practice session, meditation helped enormously with pain management and pain relief.

This study, on the powers of meditation for pain management, was conducted at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine, NC and published in the Journal of Neuroscience on April 6th.  Even the researchers were amazed at the results.

How Meditation Helps with Pain Management:

Digging deeper into the study one finds that meditation was doing a whole lot of things in the body and brain, all at the same time, to help reduce the impact of pain.  Brain scans were showing that areas of the brain associated with mental focus were more activated, while areas of the brain associated with the region where the pain was being applied were showing much less activity.  So meditation was actually reducing the amount of pain by sensing less of it.

At the same time, those whose "focus areas" of the brain were most active, were reporting the least amount of perceived pain, so meditation was reducing the amount of perceived pain as well.  All in all, it means that meditation was helping you feel less of the pain and at the same time helping you deal with the pain you were feeling better as well.

Meditation Technique for Pain Management:

So for those of you suffering from pain, chronic or otherwise, the question becomes, which meditation technique was giving such marvelous results?  It was good old, simple mindfulness meditation.  This is a meditation where you bring your focus to your breathing and then simply become a passive witness to what is taking place in the mind and body, without analyzing, judging, comparing, evaluation, etc.  Just simply watching what is taking place and allowing it to pass, while maintaining your awareness on your breath or mantra.  You can get details of this meditation technique in the following article:

Zen Meditation Technique

In addition, the following articles also explain more aspects of Mindfulness Meditation and are definitely worth exploring if you find this technique interesting, or want to use for pain management…

Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners

How to Meditate by Yourself – Zazen Practice

Health Benefits of Mediation:

This is just one of the many health benefits that meditation bestows and you can read about other great benefits of meditation in the articles: Health Benefits of Meditation and Top 10 Profound Benefits of Meditation.

What is happening these days is that meditation is speaking to us.  In fact it is shouting at us.  These many benefits are just meditation’s way of telling us that we ought to begin seriously practicing it.  I almost prefer to say that all these benefits are the side affects of meditation, as it’s real purpose is to reveal to us the True Nature of Reality and our True Selves.  But, it does not matter why you meditate in my view, as long as you do.  That is the most important thing.  The rest will happen naturally.

If you meditate you will certainly enjoy all these many benefits, including meditation’s power to help with pain management and pain relief, but most importantly you will move closer to discovering your Divine Nature and discovering the true non-dual nature of reality.  If you don’t meditate, then unfortunately you have wasted your opportunity and your life.  Meditation is that important, so find a way to do it.  It will then take care of everything else that needs taking care of.

If you need help in learning how to meditate, feel free to join the online classes that are offered here on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga.  Links are below.  If you are suffering from pain, I hope you enjoy the same degree of pain relief as those who participated in this experiment did.

Free Online Learn How to Meditate Class

How to Meditate

Complete Learn to Meditate Online Program

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  1. Aybek Izzatov
    Aybek Izzatov says:

    Alternative approaches to treatments of diabetes, gastritis, enterocolitis, diverticulosis, Crohn’s disease, all infections, et
    Turn to medicine. Having experience in both traditional and in alternative medicine, I have formed my own special approach to treatment and prevention of disease. I think that every doctor with experience is forming his own personal approach to various aspects of medicine, but if the experience has limitations and not quite rich, of course, the doctor will not see things the way they really are. Modern medical doctors, for the most part, are earning money in this profession, and therefore, knowledge in medicine, which by the way is not fully complete, is a tool for them to earn and to protect themselves from the associated problems with errors during treatment. Yes, knowledge is regarded as a tool, and there’s nothing bad in this. But if knowledge is incomplete, one will need to fill the depth of understanding of the origins and manifestations of physical and mental states of man. And using only limited knowledge for the benefit of themselves out of greed – will bring us nowhere. Full knowledge of medicine is needed to achieve perfection of body skills to help people seeking the truth to go through difficulties in ascetic practices. Another important purpose of medicine – to save mankind from their ailments. I will try as much as possible in most simple way to express my approach to medicine, applying more or less clear and common examples.
    The first example, gastrointestinal or bowels diseases. There are many diagnostic units of bowels diseases, from various types of gastritis and ulcers of the stomach and intestine to cancer and polyps. Our modern medical scientists are trying to fight against these diseases, performing sophisticated researches and various unsubstantiated theories. As yet how narrow is our awareness. Let’s take a look at one disease and you will understand that the cause of intestinal diseases is only one or rarely two, but not tens of hundreds that are reputed by medical scientists, both in traditional and alternative medicine.
       Consider a duodenal ulcer. Symptoms, pain in hunger, pain after eating often in the right abdomen, rarely on the left. What are to say traditional doctors – a disease originated from the stress of coarse food, caused by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, there is still a lot of aggravating conditions such as smoking, alcohol and heredity. How are they treated? – Antibiotics to kill the bacteria, the tablets which reduces the acidity and medications overlying and protecting the mucous membrane. Note that no one treats the reason, hoping to kill bacteria, because they believe this is the cause of ulcers.
        Non-traditional doctors will tell you that the principle of fire has increased in your body, then we will chill and relax the body by laxatives and astringents, in this case they will add mild food diet. Note that the cause of disease is considered here as the fire that still sounds quite convincingly, but unfortunately this does not work for patients with long-term experience with peptic ulcer disease and patients often get on a surgical table where they remove almost the entire stomach. Here, even ridiculous to get, they say, why look for the reason just remove the entire problem, cut off the stomach.
        Let me tell you a true picture of all the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. As we know, the intestine is divided into several divisions, each division has its own meaning and function in the passage and digestion of chyme. In the middle part of the intestine, namely in the small intestine there is always a constant amount of content, note that a constant quantity, and this amount of content does not change even if is briefly starvation. Ingested food is mixed with the intestinal content and because of this mixture it is digested. Some experts on yoga cleansing techniques may argue, there is a method for cleaning the intestines, which is called Shank Prokshalana when water which one drunk comes out from the gut absolutely clear at the end of this procedure, which suggests an opinion: the intestines are absolutely clean after washing with 7-10 quarts of lightly salted water. But this is absolutely the wrong opinion, because the intestinal contents of which I speak is a greasy texture, so even the salt water do not mix with it. Oil and water do not dissolve in each other. Surgeons, who operates on the intestines, would agree with me. So, this content has its own fixed natural place, and rarely gets out of its borders, but when the constrictions of the whole gastrointestinal tube is not synchronized, then that content is changing its boundaries, which causes all sorts of gastrointestinal diseases. Well, the reason for non-synchronous constrictions of gastrointestinal tract lies in the performance of vagus nerve, when the right vagus nerve’s impulses lagging behind the left vagus nerve’s impulses – the small intestinal contents poured on the right and up to the duodenum and stomach, causing ulcers, pancreatitis, gallstone disease etc… If the left vagus nerve’s impulses behind right vagus nerve’s impulses, there develops a Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and so on. Nature of the disease depends on the consistency of intestinal contents and its bacterial flora. So, in fact, it is easy to cure all intestinal diseases just by the right exposure to certain places on the neck, where the vagus nerves pass. Then sick person immediately feels relief, initially passes a large volume of gases, and then profuse defecation and will soon be free from all those terrible trials and inconveniences. That’s very short, but the true and exact explanation of intestinal diseases.
      Another example is a very common disease: let’s say someone is suffering from diabetes the second type, the doctor prescribes a diet with restriction of sugar and carbohydrates, and also appoints certain tablets, note the cause of diabetes is not eliminated, in basic modern medicine does not have precise information about the cause of diabetes, although it is based on a vague theory about the impairment process in the genes and DNA, and numerous predisposing factors, but the exact mechanism of action of insulin still is not completely clear in modern medicine. We return to the patient. Since the cause is not eliminated, the disease progresses and the patient is gradually switched over to insulin, long-term side effect of which is yet to be explored. But this disease does not give up and the patient finds complications to the eyes, kidneys, blood vessels and nerves. That over time kills the poor sick man, who is not aware what is going on.
      Let’s see how this fits alternative medicine. Overall here is the same. But what the ancient doctors offer? Typically they prescribe symptomatic herbs like cinnamon, bitter melon etc and diet – in the same way. But where is the elimination of the reasons, surely no one offers a more radical treatment. Let’s see my approach to this problem, and it is, I think the surest solution to the problem of diabetics. Firstly, we need to know what insulin is and what a pancreas is by nature. For this is an important basis of metabolism, along with other mechanisms of homeostasis and nutrient utilization.
      When a person receives a dose of insulin, we notice the elimination of dryness of mouth, sweating and a slight chill through whole body. People stop picking their noses, as this part of the body too gets moistened. What does this all can tell us? The taste of insulin and the pancreas is very acrid and unpleasant to smell. Pungency of insulin irritates mucous and increases hydration. So, we should know that moisture of mucous membranes and fascia allows and boosts muscle strength. But the fatty sheath is directly hostile to the water in the body, so we can see that all obese people suffer from kidney and heart disease because of disproportional amount of water in body and other tissues. Adipose tissue “eats” muscle, then it dries up the blood and thinners the blood vessels. Volume of extracellular body fluid decreases, which inhibits the ability of blood sugar to be utilized by body tissues. But sometimes even not quite obese people suffer from this type of diabetes, in this case stress or chronic sleep deprivation causes a rough breathing, which leads to the oppression of moisture membranes of muscles and organs, and so, treatment of these people do not have difficulties. This is the simplest explanation, I hope you understand the true causes of this disease. Treatment of patients with diabetes of the second type and even the first too, is very simple really. In first case with obese people we need to restore the proper sense of thirst and the desire to drink water, then in the second case with not obese people we need to restore the natural hydrating ability of sleep. Perhaps you think that this is unrealistic, but people need to understand the true idea before they make further judgments. Well, my judgments are based on experience that gives me very right to state this truth.
       Let’s take another example, also very common today. Infection or infected wound. Diagnosed well. Modern medicine uses advanced antibiotics. Alternative medicine is almost the same method, only adds a bit of philosophy and bitter and astringent herbs. This is fundamentally the right approach to this problem, because the infection develops and multiplies in the corresponding environment, namely in the mucus of tissues, including blood. Drugs, once in the body, their bitterness and virulence irritate tissues in the body, on the latter, defending, produce a large amount of mucus, which is gradually being depleted and reduced in number, leading to starvation and death of infectious organisms. Moreover, these same drugs act on these micro-organisms are too deadly. But then we see the side effect of this treatment is the depletion of the precious substance that nourishes all the organs, namely: the depletion of life-giving mucus. Although sometimes it becomes an origin for mucus where infection takes place. Therefore there is no absolute guarantee that after this treatment the patient does not pick up any other disease or sow the seeds for the next issue of health. My approach to this kind of ailments will be in strengthening and increasing the quality factor of mucus, due to increase of hormones in a natural way. That will provide not only elevation of mucus, and physical activity of man himself. If you’re interested, we can consider many more examples from medicine


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