The Life of a Soul Warrior: Looking Back

 Welcome to an article by our new guest contributor, Dr. Bina Nangia. Dr. Nangia is a long-time spiritual seeker who works with children. This week she looks at a warrior of the soul who is reviewing her life to date.

Today the warrior looks back.

She has so many times been afraid of going into battle.

She has said ‘yes’ when she wanted to say ‘no’ and at times failed in her spiritual duties. Every warrior of the soul must have suffered for the silliest reasons. At some times must have lied or betrayed someone in the past. The warrior now knows she must have at times even hurt someone she loves; for every warrior must have trodden a path that was not theirs.

But now she looks back and knows that she has been through all this and yet has never lost hope of being better than she is.

At this moment she realizes that all her battles were necessary to help her go across and reach that inner self where only she can enter and knows the truth. All the battles were orchestrated absolutely perfectly and now she can look upon all of those as necessary experiences.

She now realizes the importance of all those situations and circumstances which came her way. 

The soul warrior always listens to the words of certain thinkers such as these by T.H.Huxley:

“The consequences of our actions are the scarecrows of fools and the beacons of wise men”.

The chessboard is the world, the pieces are the gestures of our daily life, and the rules of the games are what we call the laws of nature. The players on the other side are hidden from us, but we know that HIS play is always fair, just and patient. The warrior simply has to accept the challenge.

She knows that God never overlooks a single mistake by those he loves, nor does he allow his favourites to pretend ignorance of the rules of the game.

When life lives through the soul warrior and she experiences the experiences, she realizes the importance of spending time with herself. This time she knows is most important to re-connect, contemplate and reflect, and so even in the midst of battles she manages to meditate.

There is fast movement all around her, things are happening at such a fast pace, that the soul warrior is awestruck but during these times she often sits down, relaxes and lets everything just happen, the way it is happening. She merely witnesses and lovingly surrenders to all movement of life around her.

Earlier what seemed difficult and impossible looks well orchestrated. The soul warrior is glad and offers silent prayers to God and her masters.

The soul warrior has learnt patience over her battles which were difficult and understands their purpose. There has been restlessness, uncertainty, anxiety, but replacing these with courage, she has won many inner battles.

The warrior has realized that the words ‘worrier’ and ‘warrior’ look alike except for the ‘a’. This means the ‘attitudes’ of the warrior. For a soul warrior her attitudes have kept her going, never faltering remaining steadfast calm and composed. She views life with tenderness and determination. Her attitudes coupled with faith, belief and determination will help her ultimately solve the mysteries of life and complete the task of the universe.

She understands that life is beauty and sees a profound awareness in that beauty. The greatest wisdom lies in choosing this awareness wisely.

The soul warrior is so determined that she will never give up. She will continue to sail her boat of actions with God’s breadth upon the sails, directing, nudging, motivating and cajoling her into doing what she is meant to do.

She drifts slowly but surely with steadfastness and determination to carry the soul’s messages to other soul warriors.

There are no resentments, judgements, expectations, attachments only unconditional love and appreciation to one and all. 


 About Dr. Bina Nangia

Dr. Nangia currently works with special kids. This is her calling and she has been working in this field for 20 years.

A grandmother of two boys, Dr. Nangia has been practising yoga since her younger days. Her keen interest in spirituality over many years has got her in touch with many masters. They have contributed to her growth tremendously. She shares her thoughts in magazines and newspaper articles.

Dr. Nangia is the author of Dyslexia Decoded, a handbook for special educators, which was recently published by Penguin and Hayhouse.

She shares her experiences about special education on various social networking sites, and is a trained therapist and family networker.

Dr. Nangia lives in Delhi, India. 


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