Don’t Worry – You Are Absolutely Perfect | Realizing Your Perfection through Meditation

It is immensely important to realize that you are perfect. In fact, your life is perfect just the way it is at present. The only reason you fail to realize this right away is because you are made to believe that things are supposed to be a certain way. The key is to discover the eternal perfection of the moment. It is the art of meditation that teaches the futility of chasing ideals that are fictional and cannot be realized.


Don’t Worry – You Are Perfect Video

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Achieving the Truth of Perfection through Meditation

Namaste, my friends!

Welcome to the ongoing yoga and meditation videos here on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga.

Today, I’m really going to try and encourage you to discover your own perfection and discover the perfection of your life just the way it is in this particular instance. It has always been perfect. It is perfect. It will always be perfect. Perfect, immaculate, without comprehension. It is so perfect that it is hard to put into words.

The problem is that you do not recognize this perfection but instead, because your mind has been conditioned to accept an ideal it constantly feels it is insufficient in the way it currently is. You feel you are insufficient. In that, you have been asked to live at a particular ideal – that you must be super rich, you must be super good, you must be super non-violent, you must be non-greedy, you must have a still mind, you must have this particular way to this particular shape, you must look this particular way, you must have this kind of a partner, this kind of an education. It’s endless. How much garbage we have been fed about how our lives and how we ought to be. And because we are bought into all of that, we now feel deficient. That creates this endless seeking that is now underway within us.

We’re seeking materialism, we’re seeking power, seeking fame, seeking partners, seeking to change, always trying to become something. And therefore, this always trying to become something prevents you from seeing things the way they are. The way they are is perfect beyond imagination. My biggest desire for you in this life would be to have that experience, that realization of the incredible perfection of the moment, the eternal perfection of the moment and your perfect nature.

So, how do we get to this realization? How do we get to this state where we no longer are feeling diminished, no longer feeling insufficient, and are no longer constantly chasing? That is the beauty of meditation. That is the beauty of that art, of observation. So, learn meditation, practice meditation, apply meditation, apply your energies for meditation will reveal the futility of chasing and once the mind realizes the futility of chasing, the futility of trying to become something different which is not possible – it is impossible, then the mind will itself collapse. And the underlying perfection will reveal itself to you.

Try it.

Thank you everybody. God bless you all.


The beauty of meditation lies in revealing the perfection of your life. Indeed, it is easy to feel deficient when you fail to conform to certain standards and attain certain ideals put forth by society. This creates a constant urge to seek more and makes your life seem imperfect. However, when you practice and apply meditation it makes you realize the uselessness of trying to achieve that which only exits mentally. You learn that your life is complete and perfect just the way it is. Awakening to this truth brings profound bliss and joy.

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